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Originally Published Wed, 17 Aug 2022

In another 1:1 with Todd, he shares his perspectives on the importance of healthy parenting. He shares memories and appreciation for the values taught by his mother and the spiritual guidance provided by his late father.

Through these experiences, Todd reflects on various memories relevant to his parents and how they shaped his life. This episode is dedicated to the memory and teachings of Todd's late father, Franklin Delano Murat. May he rest in peace.

Originally Published on Wed, 10 Aug 2022

In this episode, Todd talks with Aaron about his life, struggles, and optimism for the future. Aaron has a story to share about having it all, losing it, and getting back up to overcome the challenges before him. Aaron discusses his life in the Baja Racing scene, his interest and talent as a photographer, and the circumstances that led to him being incarcerated for having a bunch of Fentanyl in his vehicle that wasn't even his, to begin with.

During his time in jail, Aaron recounted the mistakes in his life and vows to walk tall in a new direction of success. His sharing is inspirational and revealing for anyone struggling with addiction, criminality, or other poor choices.

Originally Published Wed, 03 Aug 2022

In today's episode, we are joined by Anita in Phoenix, Arizona. A 72-year-old woman with a calling to be of service to others her entire life. She reflects on everything from being involved in the first New Times publications, the first St. Mary's Food Bank, working to help people in society through the Urban League and CETA, as well as the memories of coming to Arizona with her late father, a Southern Baptist Minister. They traveled across the country, feeling called by God to Phoenix, Arizona back in the 1960s.

Anita has a fascinating and rich history of working with treating methadone patients, working with incarcerated and former offenders to rehabilitate and find jobs, as well as serving as the director of Social Services in the Phoenix area where she helped endless people find and maintain employment.

Throughout her life, Anita has enjoyed a career and lifestyle built around helping others in various ways. Whether it be a food box, her last dollar, or simply watching the neighbor's pets while they are away - she has always been and continues to be a person with love in her heart for others. With her sense of selflessness and living in the light of her Faith in Jesus, she strives to be sin free and maintain an attitude of gratitude and loving-kindness towards others.

Of the many changes in society in her lifetime, Anita feels that cell phone technology is a major example of change in society. She believes in walking a path of grace and mercy as Jesus would loving and appreciating her neighbors, the less fortunate, and being kind to everyone. She urges young people to save their money! Don't buy guns on the street, and love your enemies and those who would harm you.

Anita often asks herself What Would Jesus Do? And then does her best to walk the walk according to her Faith and Biblical learnings. Finally, she shares that she feels younger inside than her 72 years of age would indicate. As we age, she reminds us we are still the same people inside - just older and a little more worn out. Her message is overwhelmingly positive and the perspectives and lessons shared in this podcast are a gem of wisdom and life experience anyone can glean from.

Originally Published Wed, 27 Jul 2022

Host Todd Murat calls Aunz in Orlando, Florida, and discusses various topics including living in Baltimore, MD, navigating life changes, and how he set his goals and made the move to Orlando to start his new life. He also shares stories of his late Grandmother and the wonderful influence she is in his life with music and life lessons. Aunz is a music artist and discusses recording, turning down a record deal, and how he goes about creating music. He discusses overcoming challenges, how to focus Spiritually to achieve success, why you can't have negative people in your life, and other life lessons learned in his transformation from a prisoner in his own life to Practitioner of Faith in the life Aunz has carefully created for himself.

Originally Published Wed, 20 Jul 2022

Host Todd Murat speaks with Sara Jane in Nashville Tennessee about life, Spirituality, manifestation, kindness, past lives, turning tragedy into triumph, and much more. Sara shares her perspectives and beliefs in a way that many will relate to and benefit from. In this candid, free-flowing conversation Sara and Todd explore some of life's most important questions and paradigms. Don't miss this special episode, there's something for everyone in this call, and hope you find value in the conversation.

Originally Published Wed, 13 Jul 2022

Host Todd Murat shares his thoughts about the pandemic and activism in our current society. He discusses impacts and things to consider to stay safe. This is a special 1:1 episode with you, the listener. The normal call format "talk with strangers" coming up in the next episode.

Originally Published Thu, 07 Jul 2022

In his debut episode, Todd Murat shares a special 1:1 message with listeners about the background, purpose, and intent of the ToddCast Show. He discusses his work with the Census Bureau, social experiences, lifelong struggle with depression, estrangement from family, and the fact that we all have something to share. The world has become divided and Todd believes that we share more in common than the small things that divide us.

Todd strives to share a heartfelt interaction with strangers and share for others to learn from. He seeks to respect people where they are and understand their viewpoints on matters that we share in common. People seem to want to disengage from truthful conversations, which is eating away at the fabric of society. The US is an amazing place with amazing people, as do other countries in the world. But in this country, we share unwritten social responsibilities that help keep us together as a community in society. There's a lot going on and we need to talk more about things outside of politics and things that divide us. We need to get back to wholesome interactions and genuine communication.

Over the decades, society has changed dramatically and in modern times has posed a challenge to unity among people in the USA. Common values and experiences unite us. Experiencing people in the Census gave Todd a view of people who were all similar, yet different. It took 2 years for Todd to finally release the ToddCast Show due to depression and procrastination.

The show aims to find many common denominators among common strangers and will deliver hope, healing, curiosity, and satisfaction from learning something. To learn how to deal with challenging family members and people, as well as learn to develop better communication methods. By sharing our experiences, we can all learn something special together.


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Join host Todd Murat as he calls random strangers to help bring people together through storytelling and reduce loneliness and isolation. The ToddCast Show seeks to explore the human condition and make a positive change in the world. One stranger at a time...

Todd seeks to take one step towards building relationships with others and focusing on the moments, stories, and feelings that connect us all. If you'd like to be a guest on the ToddCast Show, please visit for details and to submit a request. The only rule on the show is that we do NOT discuss politics. Guests are welcome to promote your business, cause, etc at no cost during their interview.


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