Zeta Reticuli



Joe and Ronnie go flying.

H501SS Test flight quickie.

How to perform a quick and proper compass calibration on a H501S-S drone.

Watching the sunset.

Maiden of my new H501s-s with antenna externalizations.

I show you that my station is working and next, a range test will be the order of the day..

My FPV Ground Station

Drone Ground Station

Rolliwitz was the director of Southwest Research Institute from it's birth in1947, to 1959 I also have an extensive, museum quality, collection of new old stock semiconductors with some prototypes from the early 50's, early Integrated circuits and rare, tip top black can transistors. Message me. If enough interest, I will put these items up as well.


Pickin Upside Down.

Started cutting out at about 200feet. It fell into some trees 6ft high , on a sliver of property between 2 lots, about 2 blocks away. Found it with the video receiver. Used it like a direction finder. When I got close (best video signal), I turned my transmitter off and, the quad began to chatter, due to all the WiFi in the area. I followed the sounds, and about 20 feet away, there it was, hanging within arm's reach, in a tree. Another successful flight. This Quad is indestructible.

First flight with mishaps and royalty free music.


A curious roadrunner notices a python on the porch.

Only works on during day. Does not work on during night
Both outputs are the same..

Just storage for my RC/FPV obsession.

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

LX F-22 Project

A few friendly moments with some old friends.


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