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In Pt. 2 of this fascinating two-part series of conversations with an husband and wife team, this time with Annaliese Reid, energy worker, writer and editor, who woke up one day with a deadly auto-immune disease that threatened her life if she did not do something about it, as she shares her journey to discovering healing using intention.

This is but the surface of this fascinating subject I hope to delve deeper into when her book is finished, and Annaliese generously shares the overall experience with me, opening up a promising avenue of future study on the power of intention to heal.

Annaliese is offering a DNA Re-programming course at the end of the month.
DNA Reprogramming Course

Tapping your inner Superpower for Healing


In Episode One of the Superpower ten-part docuseries, I shared part of my life story, including how I used the scientific DNA research of biophysicist Dr. Glen Rein to help heal a medically “incurable” disease. Many people have requested more in-depth information about using this energy protocol for healing and as a result, the DNA Reprogramming Course was born.

If you would like to have Superpower become part of your film library, here is the link:

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I am pleased that you are interested in learning about the Course. Here are some of the topics we will explore:

Learn how illness does not start at the physical level
Discover the primary underlying causes of illness
Release blockages and reclaim your personal power
Learn how to develop a relationship with your cells
Enhance your intuition so it becomes your guide
Learn the DNA Reprogramming protocol, based on the research of Dr. Glen Rein
Apply conscious intention to create the life you choose

Each session will take place on Zoom and will occur on a weekly basis. They will be interactive, lasting approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The first session will be on May 26th at 5 p.m. U.K. time. The expected length of the Course will be approximately six weeks. There are participants from many time zones, and if you are not able to join the live session, a replay will be provided.

The Introductory Course registration fee is $69.00. (Future Course fees will be $99.00)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to register for the Course:

[email protected]

I hope you will join us in this innovative learning experience to enhance your well-being and your life!

With warmest wishes,

Annaliese Reid

Part 1 of a two-part series with husband and wife guests John Stuart Reid, of Britain (and wife, Annaliese, who healed herself using intention) in Pt. 2) who has worked for many years to create a modern Cymatics imaging device which will show the geometric pattern created from any sound source. He has now developed the Cymascope, which is described in detail at
This is a fascinating and deep conversation about the mechanics of sound and its affects on our DNA and the cellular structures of our bodies.
This is KEY information moving forward in the field of healing, groundbreaking discoveries using live blood experiment confirm the efficaciousness of using sound for healing.

John Stuart Reid
Acoustic Physics Research

John invites you:
"Regarding our DNA Voice Signature product, please give your followers this preferential voucher code: DNAVS99 and of course the address of our shop:

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All purchases from our store help support our ongoing research, particularly the next series of our in-vivo music-blood experiments that we are currently planning, and I would be very grateful for any support that your followers can lend."

Research Links:

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Its always a pleasure to converse with 'Dr. Andy' - we discuss 'the lockdown' and where we are today; introduce SOVI (Statement on Virus Isolation by Drs. Kaufman and Cown, and Sally Fallon Morell, MA.
We discuss the VX and its relationship to sperm motility and fertility.

SOVI link:

Drs. Kaufman and Cown are offering a special event on Saturday May 15, on COVID-19 Myths, and you can access it here:

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Claudia and I finally got to sit down for a good long chat, and we covered everything that is important to both of us, reflecting on today's world.
Claudia's Mom and siblings are still in Germany, and they talk everyday so we get the low down, and what her mom, who was born in 1935, remembers of Nazi Germany, as a child. Plus, we go into how this current culture is targeting children and setting up a system that separates families, and children from parents, specifically, over medical tyranny and coercian.
Are we living in 2021 Redux of Nazi Germany?
Or, did that war ever really end?

You can find Claudia's CABINTALK in Bitchute, Odysee, Telegram, and YouTube (though that only directs you to her full episodes anymore).
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Shylo reads the 2021 Vermont Declaration of Rights and Resolves, and we discuss basic rights, what our struggle as Vermonters is right now, and how important it is to support and preserve small farming by creating communities around living sustainably and syntropically on the earth.
Shylo Bourdeau is a third generation Vermonter, and like many here, doesn't like to be told how to live, and feels she's a thinking, responsible, service oriented adult, who is looking at the big picture. And, she's not asking permission.
We could all take a page from her book, and grow our own, and take back our lives starting with not asking permission, but just doing it.
Vermonters are ripe for this - we've a chance of turning this into lemonade - if we use common sense and regain our wits again. And manage to retain our freedoms.

You can contact Shylo at: [email protected]

Vermonter and former UPS Store owner Micheal Desautels speaks with me about why the VT AG TJ Donovan filed a complaint against him for his employee not wearing a mask, the same employee who has a medical exemption he did not feel right asking about.
The judge ruled against him on the 12th.
Mike is not giving up.
Listen to his story.

The links below will lead you to the legal documents, and to the fund raiser for the legal fees for this ongoing battle.
Listen up friends... this man is standing up for YOU! and YOUR rights.
This is a Vermont hero.

Mike's Go Fund me:

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I'm delighted that Sacha Stone joins me to dig into why Vermont is in lockstep with the Gates: Fauci: Scott trifecta, and what is at stake through capitulation, no holds barred.

Links to Sacha's work:

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Prof. Olle Johansson, is a neuroscientist from the Karolinka Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, who sounded the alarm at least 20 years ago, that we are facing a serious health crisis from over exposure to electricity and EMFs. This is a wide ranging conversation, and you may do the research yourselves by reading his papers. He contributed to the 2007 edition of the BIOINITIATIVE REPORT, which is THE report (updated in 2012) to go to to start looking into what the current risks and data are.

Prof. Johansson's links:

To support Olle's research, go here:


Join us for a conversation about pyramids and their potential healing amplifcation properties, as well as protection from EMFs and other harmful radiation, is crucial and fundamental knowledge, some would say, is being reclaimed rather than discovered.
Charles Ziese got interested in Russian Geometry pyramids several years ago while watching David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” series featuring Russian pyramids. Finding none available for purchase, he set out to make some for his own use. Before long, however, his hobby had become an all-consuming passion and occupation.

If you are interested in participating in ongoing research, contact Charlie with your interests, here: [email protected]
In addition, if you enter the CODE "Vermonters10%" you will receive 10% Off all Pyramid products

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Lisa Richards:
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BANNED ON YT: Dr. Carrie Madej has studied vaccines for most of her medical career, and has been sounding a warning to anyone who will listen.
I've been listening, and hope you will join me to answer:
What is so dangerous about the vaccines? What are vaccines supposed to do and why don't they?
Who benefits?
Did you know the DOD is in charge of our health care now?
What does DARPA have to do with vaccines?
Who benefits? Always, always ask: Qui bono?

Her website, THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY, can be found here:


Heartmath Institute:

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Lovely conversation with Dr. Robert O. Young whose path to healing through not just food but a lifestyle change, has helped athletes like Tom Brady living a healthy active life longer.
Dr. Young ties it all together: Its a lifestyle change that starts within by choice.

His peer reviewed white papers can be found on his website:

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LInks for Dr. Young:

Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner, Commissioner International Tribunal of Natural Justice - - scientific blog - 3000 articles - 1000's of videos to watch - non-invasive medical - alkalizing - treatment - World premier documentary - Mammograms - The War on Womens Breasts starring Dr. Galina Migalko - Books by Dr. Robert O Young - instagram - linkedin - twitter - FacebookSetting up an appointment for a consultation -

Seminal discussion between two truth speaking medical health professionals, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, discuss the health profession, dissect how we got here, and share really insightful views on how we reclaim our health sovereignty. A wide range of topics are covered, from the social engineering and propaganda that led people to blindly comply with regulations, to what viruses are and if they have been isolated and the process to do so, to how this has led to a spiritual awakening for many simply by seeking the truth behind all of this. The vaccine is also covered, along with natural remedies for flu and colds, and the toxic load of our bodies that invites parasites killed with common cures for flu. Who knew?

You can find Dr. Northrup here:

And Dr. Kaufman here:

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Pam Popper returns to discuss her book, COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What's Next.
We discuss, in depth with some surprises, the insidious connections of and who the major players are, as well as taking a brief look at the chronology, some of the questions along the way that were raised and never answered, and what is the real agenda with this operation.

Pam's websites:
Book on Amazon:

Research: Hegelian Dialectic:

Three Vermonters have filed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Scott, Dr. Mark Levine of the Dept of Health Services, and the State AG, TJ Donovan, in federal court as of Dec. 23, 2020, seeking an end to the lockdown, legislation changes that prevent future lockdowns over 30 days in duration, and minor recompense for damages caused by the mandates.

Civil rights attorney, Sandra Baird, joins us to clarify the legal perspective underlying this lawsuit. Pro se plaintiffs Sally Collopy and Emily Peyton, two of the three plaintiffs, are determined to see this through so that all of our lives can get back in alignment with the original intents of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Please join us in this conversation about why this lawsuit is necessary, why pro se, and what the hoped for outcome will be. The process is also discussed in detail.

Unalienable Rights Commission

Rob and I talk about how to go about changing your lifestyle, one step at a time, towards a more sustainable way of living on the earth, and in community. He outlines his process, solutions, and some of the challenges moving forward that we still need to solve, and how we might.

Rob is an honorary Vermonter from the midwest, having spent time here back in 2012-13, when I met him while he was still 'in the capitalist world.' He's come a long way since then, and its been a fascinating journey which you can follow on his websites, links below.

Rob "embarks on extreme projects to bring attention to important global issues and inspire positive change. His work has been covered by media worldwide including National Geographic and he’s been named “The Robin Hood of Modern Times” by France 2 TV. Rob’s life is an embodiment of Gandhi’s philosophy, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” "He believes that our actions really do matter and that as individuals, and communities we have the power to improve the world around us. Rob donates 100% of his media earnings to grassroots nonprofits and has committed to living simply and responsibly for life."

Rob's site:

Resources from Rob's site:
Free seed project packs link:

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Wonderful discussion on cellular oxygenation processes and diseases including cancer, under 5G millimeter waves. Dr. Heroux is one of the few if not only researchers to see what happens to cancer in the presence of millimeter waves. Clue: Its not good. We talk about engineers engineering our health, and ask them to do better.

Paul Heroux PhD, Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism, McGill University of Medicine, is a scientist with experience in physics (BSc, MSc and PhD), engi-neering (15 years), and the health sciences (30 years). He is Professor, Occupational Health Program Director and Medical Scientist in the Dept. of Surgery at McGill University.
Contact: [email protected]

Resources: Dr. Heroux's bio page:

5G Health Effects Dr. Paul Heroux of McGill University As always, do your own research.

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We discuss 'contagion,' exosomes and germ theory, and what causes disease, why the PCR test isn't testing for a virus, and the effects of pulsed millimeter waves on the water in our bodies, and the role of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs on our body's ability to detox.

Banned by the evil empire, you can still get the book here:

Dr. Cowan's websites:

As always, do your own research, and verify everything to your own satisfaction. Don't take my word, or anyone else's, about anything.
Truth must be SOUGHT.

Souvereign of Souvereign Sharing, discusses the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate within it, and ask, is it possible to change our language towards reflecting our true relationship with and within Nature? How does Syntropy relate to an understanding of agroforestry?

Link to Souvereign Sharing:

About Souvereign:

As an expert on the Syntropic Nature of Life, Souvereign shares extensively on his comprehensions on the essence of Human Nature and how our intrinsic love based Human Ecology is foundationally bound on the same living principles that all of Life (Nature) effortlessly operates on.

Souvereign shares how to be in relationship with all our relationships from a place of fearlessness, yet with an openhearted place of being through connecting again with our feeling based nature.

Sharing on how to reclaim Freedom and restore Self Sovereignty from within can give people tremendous insight into “how to navigate” these times that seem to be filled with crisis, breakdown and chaos by making use of its function.
“the Work” I do/
What I “teach” and share

– Syntropic Agroforestry (online course)
– Feeling Based Relating (talks, circles)
– How to use and apply Language to restore Self Sovereignty
– How to heal Collective Trauma
– How to recognise Cultural Trauma Based Mindcontrol/ cultprogramming
– How to invert MkUltra programming
– How to know truth from fiction through reconnecting to innerknowing/ feeling
– Resolving/Dissolving Archons/entity ‘possession’/ hijacking
– Intergenerational Community Resilience Templating/Design
– Everything on the need for a return to Radical Human Ecology -based on Syntropy
– Everything that is relevant about the Archetypal Nature of the human Journey Experience
– Roadmaps and Legends to navigating the Internal Landscape of the Human Form.


Contact Souvereign and to join his course:
[email protected]

Let me know if you would like further conversations with Souvereign specific to Vermont to discuss Syntropy and Agroforesetry more deeply:
[email protected]

Early in the summer of 2020, Dr. Andrew Kaufman created a video disputing the existence of 'viruses' as villians, and taught us about exosomes. Since then, Dr. Kaufman has appeared on hundreds of podcasts. vlogs and video channels debunking the prevailing mitigations measures as useless against what is, essentially, a nothing burger.
We talk about this nothing burger, and how treating a nothing burger with 'a thing' may create more harm than good, and that PPEs are specifically engineered for specific hazards, and that this 'nothing burger' is not one of them - and therefore, they are symbolic and not in any way efficacious at preventing disease. In fact, do more harm than good.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman's website is here:

And his bio, here:

The Big Virus Hoax:

Book mentioned: The Contagion Myth, by Dr. Thomas Cowan and Susan Fallon Morell

Send Descriptions and Surveys to:

Email: [email protected]

Snail Mail: Mask Survey, P.O. Box 55, Marshfield, VT 05658

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Cece Doucette is an educator and activist, founder of Massachusetts for Safe Technology, and has been instrumental in helping states around the country tackle 5G technology being installed in our schools, libraries, hospitals and public places without regard or consideration for well documented health effects to humans and the birds and the birds, and all life on the planet.
This report is seminal in its observations and recommendations, and serves as a tool for all states to bring to local and state and national leaders, to enact safety measures that keep all of us safe.

Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
Technology Safety Educator
Director, Massachusetts for Safe Technology
Founder, Understanding EMFs
Education Services Director, Wireless Education
HiBR Conference @ NIH
Expert Forum on Wi-fi in Schools
Municipal Presentation on 5G & EMFs
Additional YouTube EMF Talks
Generation Zapped Award-Winning Film
EMF Conference for Health Practitioners

Massachusetts for Safe Technology

FinalReportoftheCommission to StudyThe Environmental and Health Effects ofEvolving 5G Technology(HB 522, Chapter 260, Laws of 2019, RSA12-K:12–14)

Links for education and further research:



Captured Agency:



BIO 2019 EMF Conference:




From domestic abuse to free speech, Attorney Sandy Baird has led the way to preserve our liberties, and expresses concerns that we are losing them without a whimper.
We talk about the consequences of having our liberties taken away, and what we will need to do to keep them.
We talk about the origins of capitalism and its effect on the laws and their effect on the Constitution. And our compliance that enables incursions on our liberties and our fear of death.
Snitch culture and killjoys.

I talk with Vermonter Mark Alexander, with 40 years work history in and with Silicon Valley, about the inherent dangers of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites, covering his Oct. 5 op-ed written in response to a Sept. 3 Starlink supportive op-ed by telecomm insider Jock Gill, published a month earlier, in VTDigger.
What is remarkable is that Mark's rebuttal op-ed is that it was published at all, given the past history of refusal to publish dissenting viewpoints from the established Vermont narrative.

This is well worth listening to as we take a bit of a dive into Starlink dangers to Vermonters and why we should, perhaps, not be rushing to accept this technology that is primarily intended to be used for military objectives, not civilian, under the heading of 'full spectrum dominance.'

I reviewed Mr. Alexander's CV and verified, according to his CV, that he does indeed have a long history in technology interfaces.

Link to VTDigger Op-Ed:

Jock Gill's op-ed:




Emily Peyton and I discuss our Vermont Constitution and why its time for the citizens to take back our indubitable, inalienable and indefeasible rights...listen in as we go over the highlights of our Constitution upon which our freedoms rest, but only if we are willing to defend them, and take them back.


"The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the
form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void and
ineffective for any purpose, since its unconstitutionality dates from the
time of its enactment... In legal contemplation, it is as inoperative as if it
had never been passed... Since an unconstitutional law is void, the
general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no right,
creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no
protection and justifies no acts performed under it... A void act cannot
be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot
operate to supersede any existing law. Indeed insofar as a statute runs
counter to the fundamental law of the land, (the Constitution) it is
superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law
and no courts are bound to enforce it." Bonnett v. Vallier, 116 N.W.
885, 136 Wis. 193 (1908); NORTON v. SHELBY COUNTY, 118 U.S.
425 (1886)

Emily Peyton's site:

Vermont Governor's Emergency Powers

Vermont Consitution

Dr. Rauch and I make the vital connections between our fear, thoughts, and our health and the role of neurology to discern these connections.

Dr. Rauch is in his 40th year of practice. He started Stowe Chiropractic in 1992. He has held numerous positions in both the New York Chiropractic Council and the Vermont Chiropractic Association. He taught chiropractic technique at New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Rauch has traveled the world teaching chiropractic principles of health and healing in Israel, Russia, England, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Haiti and Mexico. A passion of his is running and volunteering on chiropractic humanitarian missions trips in third world countries. Nine days after the earthquake in Haiti, Dr. Rauch was part of a team that traveled to Port-au-Prince to render much needed health care. As a result of that experience, he was co-founder of an orphanage in Haiti which has housed, clothed, fed and educated hundreds of children over the past 9 years.

Dr. Rauch's website:

Dr. Sukhi Muker:

Dr. Sukhi Muker TED talk:

Dr. Brene Brown TED talk:

Scott Carney's Investigation of Wim Hof:

Dr. Candace Pert:

Week long workshop and retreat in Tepoztlan and Oaxaca Mexico February 20-27 with Drs. Bradley Rauch and Sukhi Muker. "Unleashing Your Human Potential" is our signature experiential workshop. Spend 7 days and nights in the mountains and beaches of Mexico discovering cutting edge technology designed to remove interference to you becoming your true authentic self. World class presenters including Sabrina Gibson teaching daily NIA classes ( ) and daily yoga sessions with Dr. Steven Weiss ( ). As an integral part of the workshop are 3 days of Dr. Sukhi Muker's "Neural Activation Seminar" ( ). Along with amazing doctors and educators covering the topics of "Technology and Human Potential", "Success in Business and Life" and a focus on teaching daily strategies leading to optimal health.

Included in your workshop fee:

4 nights hotel in the mountains of Tepoztlan, Mexico at the top boutique hotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico (
3 nights hotel on the beach in Mazunte, Mexico at a first class direct oceanfront boutique hotel. ( ).
Round trip flights from Mexico City to Oaxaco, Mexico.
All workshop activities and seminars.
Most meals throughout the week.
Workshop and retreat fee: $2495.
Workshop and retreat limited to 20 participants to enable us to focus on personal one on one interaction with every person.
For further information contact: Dr. Bradley Rauch at 802 355-0078 or [email protected]


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"Legacy conversations with timeless information."

I have conversations with Vermonters and beyond, about subjects that are not being covered elsewhere, and talk about what Vermonters want to, or should know and can't find elsewhere.

Each of our points of view is important for the greater conversation. Its going to take all of us, in all our diversity, self-reliance and resiliant compassion for one another. We do this by listening, and telling others our Truths.

Giving voice to the voiceless, and discomfiting the loud and belligerent, the path to Truth is our own to discover and walk.

Maybe you'll find some inspiration here.

Questions, guest suggestions, please,
[email protected]

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