Bye Barr. Thanks for nothing.

I’m back! Never give up and KEEP WINNING!

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Source track: Billy Squier - The Stroke
Chopped and Remixed by me.

Wait for it... wait for it...

If there is one thing that the Democrats are good at, it’s projection.

“Accuse your opponent of doing that which you are doing while you are doing it to cause confusion.” -Some Commie

Donald Trump don’t trust China! China is Asshoe!

This is the original ‘China is Asshoe! (Gangnam Mix) music video. I released it first and only on BitChute. Highest quality version right here. Thanks for watching! Shoutout to r/The_Donald for the sticky!


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Thanks Avi! He actually reached out to ask if I was okay with him reloading it. Of course! If it wasn’t for him it wouldn’t exist.

No Agenda PodCast -
(Listen around the 2:55:00 mark)
Thanks Adam! Correction: I made this meme and I don’t work for Rebel Media. I’m just an American that’s fed up with commie crap and other bullshit and I enjoy mocking the clowns in Clownworld.

Comment if you heard it or saw it somewhere else! I’m really curious to see how far this thing has spread. I gotta admit I was kinda hoping to see Alex Jones dancing with a fidget spinner to this... or did I miss it?

Original Based Hong Kong Man Clip: Avi Yemini of Rebel Media

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Original Instrumental Track: Psy - Gangnam Style

Do you ever feel like you are watching a sitcom without a laugh track when Democrats speak?

Throw whatever you want at him. Nothing sticks.

The walls are closing in, Jeffrey.

She’s coming for you, Andy!

NSFW: Language

The Barr has been raised.

UPDATE: (looks at watch) Well... I guess I got this one wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Little Pencil Neck Adumb Schitt is upset about Muh Russia.

Didn’t y’all vote for a wall in the past?

Rent Free for D.T.



The Mainstream Media gobble up some anonymous sources and discuss their official narrative.

Alex Jones is INFO THOR and he’s burning down the New World Order! They don’t want you to hear what he has to say... so go listen at

Bob is in a race... against peace in the peninsula.

Bob attempts to make something out of nothing.

(Song ‘Everybody Wants Some’ by the mighty Van Halen)


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