Raw POV footage with GPS overlay, this footage is also part of a bigger edit that I will upload soon to BitChute. This is located outside of Kelowna, BC, Canada.

A beautiful sky, above Garbage Hill.

Back when the Find Hills app was still free, I had spotted these hills in Northern Manitoba that I wanted to skate, but until recently didn't have anyone willing to drive 4 hours to go check out. This year that dream finally came true, and the hills didn't disappoint! This was one of many hills in the Asessippi Valley, but I believe this is the fastest one we have found so far! Keep in mind we hardly even pushed into this, and I was hanging onto Tanner who had smaller wheels for half the run, so I think I could have gone a fair bit faster had I taken a full push into this hill. Guess it just means I'll have to come back to break my own record at a later date!
Huge shout out to Scam Skate for making such a stable board! I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Who doesn't like a good crash? I had been sliding earlier in practice runs, but decided to follow the line of the guy in front of me for this run. He crashed, then I crashed, and same with the guy behind me.


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The Longboard Hive is an effort to build a new home for the online longboarding community. My plan is to pave the way for fellow skaters by first doing it myself, then bringing the larger community onboard. I see so many great content creators in the longboarding world, yet so few of them are making anything for their hard work.
I also run a local longboarding community in my home city, so you'll see some videos from that as well.