Only We the People can issue edicts since We are the highest authorities Politicians are servants. They can not issue edicts. Attorneys are enemy combatnats and they have no say in the matter.

YOU own the United States. Please embrace that attitude and assert yourselves as the Owners.

All those who are allowed to gain publicity are granted that privilege by our enemies who own all media.

YOU are being robbed by the bribed liars who you elect to Congress. WTFU!!!

All people who are allowed to gain fame will not tell you to unite and fire the damn government. Pay no attention to these scumbags.

I'm the Whistleblower. I'm the highest authority.

All democrats, republicans and attorneys are enemy combatants. We the People are the authorities.

Everything presented to you by TV, Democrats, Republicans and Attorneys is a lie. Ask questions if you're stupid enough to believe any of their bullshit.

This is a country of rank imbeciles. You CAN become smarter.

Fuck Joe Biden. We the People are the authorities.

Trump now has the supreme power of We the People and is not required to obey any laws that We the People made for our servants.

We the People are the authorities.

The Seditious Conspiracy "law" violates the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and is thus void.

Stew Peters is your enemy. He's a controlled opposition liar who doesn't want you to learn how to solve the problems. The Declaration of Independence is the solution.

We the People are the highest authorities. We have the power to fire the whole damn government.

All attorneys are enemies of we the people. The FBI is run by an enemey attorney.

Use common sense. See all of the lies about a great humanitarian who defeated the Rothschild Banksters.

Watch one of his shows, see his rank idiocy.

This is how we take back our freedom.

"NH state & local election officials are your trusted source of election information. If you have questions about voting ask them. "
Why would anyone trust terrorists who allow enemy attorneys on the ballots?
The NH Secretary of State won't answer that question.

Use common sense. See the usurpation of everything by enemy attorneys.

Please become smarter. You own this country (the USA).

We the People are the highest authorities and we can do anything we feel like doing. Please wake up and embrace that attitude.

Unite. Fire the government.

All democrats and republicans suck equally. Anyone who supports either party is either a liar or an idiot. Please wake up.


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