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Today Mango covers the fresh new tyranny from Biden's handlers pushing for a CV-19 vaccine mandate for employers with over 100 employees, and the California governor recall election of subsidiary dictator and all-around slime-ball bureaucrat Gavin Newsom... Cheers.

recorded 9/13/2021

Today Mango describes the solution to the problem of rampant Cultural Marxism, indoctrination in Critical Theory in the education system, and all the horrors that run downstream of that fountain of delusion... Cheers.

recorded 8/24/2021

Today Mango covers the sickly hilarious geopolitical news that the Taliban has retaken Afghanistan, after decades of military training and trillions of dollars spent, in only eight hours... Clown World Order, in full effect. Cheers.

recorded 8/16/2021

For the crime of blasphemy against the holy doctrine of CDC / WHO COVID-19 narrative, YouTube obliterated our channel only to reinstate it upon appeal. We are still restricted from uploading videos for another nine days and will be permanently deleted if we break the narrative again, with two strikes still on the record.

Today Mango provides updates on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the current censorship environment -- and the ultimate challenge and opportunity of exorcising the demonic mind-virus that is self-censorship imposed by the totalitarian whims of Silicon Valley technocrats and petty tyrants around the world.

Today Mango risks the annihilation of the channel by speaking candidly about the "D⍷lta V⍺riant" surge currently yanking nations around the world back into the clutches of Bio-Medical Fascism as advocated by Tony Faúci and the CⱰC... Cheers.

recorded 8/2/2021

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CⱰC Seems To Tacitly Admit PÇR Tests Can’t Differentiate Between CÓVID And The Flu

recorded 7/20/2021

Mango discusses the costs and benefits of having a family as a young(er) person versus waiting till later in life for the sake of other priorities such as a career or general hedonic impulses -- solo travel, casual intoxication, and a libertine lifestyle. Also an update on the project to establish a farm and homestead on acreage in El Dorado County, CA.

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recorded 3/30/2021


A 'fictional' account of what is to come...

recorded 3/23/2021


recorded 2/25/2021


recorded 2/16/2021


recorded 1/21/2021


Once upon a time, interpreting the words "American Patriots" having a "GREAT VOICE" as violent insurrectionaries plotting a political coup against democracy would have been considered clinical Schizophrenia. Now it is the established narrative of every mainstream media network and politician. Welcome my friend, to Orwell's 1984.

recorded on 1/12/2021


recorded 1/4/2021



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