Compilation of Videos that were removed for no apparent reason. Features Biden receiving a fake shot and a Cardinal comes out against the Pope's endorsement of the vaccines!

As the alternative media struggles to get the messages of others out, I felt a need to compile films that are very relevant to our Health Safety. View this 1 Hour 35 Minute video to get the full story about Vaccine safety. I also address the inherent problems of lockdowns and excessive mask wearing. We also hear the expert testimonials from reknown doctors and scientists who object to Vaccines. This information is so important, your life may depend on it!

The Rigged Election is epic! These tweets are emblematic of the Covid times we live in!

Warnings From a former FEMA Employee warns of the Coming Deadly Vaccines that alter your DNA! Many people are shocked at the World's over reaction to Covid19. Lockdowns are hurting all our economies. But, maybe that is the plan.

This is Information that relates to people's personal knowledge of the Covid19 Crisis. It is not intended to be facts. Use your own discretion in determining its relevance to you.

A Compilation of thought-provoking tweets for this time.

This is a collection of Tweets that took up too much space on my Browser! You will enjoy most of them, and will find them thought-provoking.

This is a day dedicated to technology. David addresses the dangers of the 5G Networks that are being forced upon us.
Details of its capabilities, as well as Directed Energy Weapons(DEW), are discussed. Join the evolving discussion about what is needed in technology, vs what someone wants to force upon us.

From a former democrat of 30 years, I assure you, these new Dems are too far left. I started ATP 12 years ago as a Centrist Party and it still is. Today we discussed the Covid19 real stats that the CDC released They showed only 9210 Deaths in the US! This reveals the NWO hand at play in rigging the statistics to push the vaccination agenda. I try to help people unwind from the fear factor, by looking at the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The show included more Masonic theater with the staged BLM rioters supported by Soros and the Muslim brotherhood. Biden is as incompetent as ever. Eclipsed only by Trump in perversions. We feature daily news items from alternative perspectives. We are Anti VAX, Anti War, Anti-NWO, Anti-human exploitation.I am the originator of the "Defund the Police unless Sensitivity training" program, and I defend its merits. America's Third Party(ATP) is uniting America under the Bill of Rights, while being open to fixing our environment. Less taxes, More freedom!


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