Sexual harassment is still better than being convicted for murdering thousands of senior citizens while trying to cover it up.

TCM hosts will examine Psycho for its alleged portrayal of gender identity and the way it supposedly equates transgenderism with mental illness and violence.

The Hitchcock classic, which was first released in 1960, stars Anthony Perkins as a motel manager whose split personality involves dressing up as his deceased mother to carry out a murder.

Biden tells Indian-American aerospace engineer Swati Mohan that immigrants from the subcontinent are “taking over” the US.

Welcome to the Biden Era.


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Ben Stein: "A word of warning, my fellow Americans. I had the Covid Moderna booster four or five days ago and I'm still feeling wild side effects from it, like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking, it has just been devastating."

Must see video! Pfizer is asking for military bases and sovereign assets as guarantee for vaccines.


Tsunami warnings after three powerful earthquakes hit off north-east coast of New Zealand.

We all know them: Brainwashed sheep who trust the media. There's never going to be a shortage.

When they start calling you names, ask them simple questions. This video will help you.

They will go nuts. 100% guaranteed!

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British newspaper The Guardian accidentally confirmed the suspicions of a lot of "conspiracy theorists" with an article suggesting a global lockdown every two years was needed to meet Paris climate goals. The title was quickly changed.

A large storm system could emerge from the western U.S. and strengthen over the central states mid to late next week, potentially leading to a multiple days of severe weather.

If you need your faith in humanity restored, make sure you watch this video!

"Sadly journalism has changed a lot since I first stepped into a newsroom and I'll be honest: I don't like the direction it's going."

"I no longer want to do this job anymore."

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This will probably offend the Bitchute snowflakes again.



But this is deepfake. Frightening, isn't it? Imagine the possibilities.

This technology could start WWIII.

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Dolly Parton got a taste of her own medicine when she received the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which was researched and developed partially with funding from a $1 million donation she made last year.

"I just wanna say to all of you cowards out there, don't be such a chicken squat. Get out there and get shot."

There goes my respect for Dolly.

Alex Jones made the following comments in 2019 while filming a propaganda film called “You Can’t Watch This.”

Gov. Greg Abbott was joined by small business and community leaders for a statewide announcement from a Lubbock Mexican restaurant.

Abbott will allow businesses to operate at 100% and lift the Texas mask mandate on March 10.

The Los Angeles school district says it’s ready to launch a Microsoft-supported “Daily Pass” app when campuses reopen.

The app is the first comprehensive system in the nation that coordinates health checks, COVID-19 tests and vaccinations in one online tool.

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Still nothing about the nursing home murders.

Israel has unveiled a coronavirus-tracking bracelet as an alternative to a two-week quarantine for incoming travelers, sparking privacy concerns.

Ordan Trabelsi, the CEO of SuperCom, the company behind the bracelet, said:

"Nobody is forced to do it, but for those who are interested, it gives them another option: more flexibility. We call it a ‘freedom bracelet’ because we are not locking anybody up, but rather giving them the opportunity to go home."

The Georgia Senate approved a bill requiring more identification for absentee voting, the first elections measure to clear either legislative chamber as lawmakers consider new voting rules after last year’s heated presidential race.

Voters would have to provide a driver’s license number, state ID number or a copy of photo ID when requesting absentee ballots, according to Senate Bill 67. Currently, absentee ballots are verified based on voters’ signatures and registration information rather than an ID.

Subjects covered:

1. Required global airlines "Covid Passports" coming in March.
2. Examination of Sleepy Joe's first month in office.
3. The Left admits the election was stolen.
4. Beijing Biden cancels Trump's "Operation Talon" targeting immigrant sex offenders.
5. U.S. debt now at $28 TRILLION, substantial inflation coming in 2021.
6. Bill Gates is now the biggest owner of farmland in America.

Former President Barack Obama believes reparations are “justified” and suggests one of the reasons he couldn’t get it through during his tenure was due to “white resentment".

Obama made the racially divisive remarks during a podcast with musician Bruce Springsteen.


The White House is “going to start acting now” to address reparations to African Americans, a White House senior adviser said in a new interview.

A joyful alphabet book of LGBTQ+ vocabulary for kids of all ages.

How is Biden's America working out for you so far?


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Trump was epic last night at CPAC (minus vaccine endorsement). He spoke like a true leader.

Biden is frail and often suffers mental lapses. A record 81 million people voted for him.

Yeah right...

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Whack-the-Seniors-to-Reduce-Pension-Payments Program in action.

State University of New York at Geneseo suspended Owen Stevens from required teaching programs after he addressed biological sex in an Instagram video, where he said, “A man is a man, a woman is a woman. A man is not a woman, and a woman is not a man."

In order to resume his field of experiences and mandatory degree programs, Stevens will be required to complete a "remediation plan," which includes taking down his videos on Instagram, becoming less involved on social media, and attending school-sanctioned training.

Owen Stevens said that he will not take part in any "reeducation training".


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