Katakis is horizontally scrolling shoot'em up by German company Factor 5. It was published by German company Rainbow Arts in Europe, and under the title Denaris in Span (by ERBE), North America (by Gold Disk under their HardWired label) and the rest of the world (by U.S. Gold under their GO! label). There is a C64 release of Katakis, but it has different levels than the Amiga version. Both versions were heavily influenced by R-Type, which led to Activision, who had the rights to publish R-Type in Europe, threatened to take legal measure against Rainbow Arts. This was avoided by Factor 5 agreeing the Acitivision's offer to developed the Amiga port of R-Type. This was the second time after Great Giana Sisters that Rainbow Arts got into trouble for a game being too similar to another.

For a description, see part 1.

Pai is still missing. She has lost her memory and has somehow found her way to Japan, so we travel back to Tokyo.

The Serpent's Star is an illustrated text-adventure written and published by Ultrasoft. It was later re-released by Broderbund and also came out for Apple II and Atari 8-bit.

You play an archaeologist called Mac Steel who travels Tibet in search of a legendary gem called The Serpent's Star. To find it, you need to study various ancient scrolls which unfortunately had been taken from you by a rival.

For a description, see part 1.

Pai is still missing and we travel to Fuzhou in search for her.

Spring Time is a puzzle game developed by Italian company Trecision. It was released as a shareware game.

You control a clown who has to rotate parts of a 3D labyrinth to place a spring on a marked field. You rotate a segment by walking into one of its walls. It will then rotate 90 degrees into the direction you are walking. You have got a time limit. If the time runs out or the spring drops out of the labyrinth, you lose a life. Over the course of the game, various special fields are introduced. For example, fields with cracks will disappear once you leave them, and pink field with round edges will slide downwards into a different position if they are turned the right way.

We travel deeper into china in search of Pai.
I guess Yakumo was Groundhog Day before it was cool.

For a description, see part 1.

A 320 is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by French company Loriciels. You play the pilot of an Airbus 320 which gets hijacked during the flight. The game incorporates a "simulator light"sequence where you operate the plane.

Daytona USA - Championship Circuit Edition is a racing game and an extend edition of Daytona USA.It was developed by Sega CS and published by Sega as part of the Sega Sports series. This update was also developed due to the rushed port of the original Daytona USA. This version does not have an arcade counterpart. It supports the Saturn 3D Pad.

Might & Magic II - Gates to Another World is a dungeon-crawling RPG developed and published by New World Computing. It was also released for Amiga, Atari ST, Apple II, PC, SNES, MSX, FM-7, Sharp X1, Sharp X68000, Mega Drive / Genesi, NEC PC.88 and NEC PC-98.

For a description, see part 1.

While the others are partying, there's more trouble for Yakumo and Pai. Now Yakuhi has been kidnapped.

Block Shock - The Last Chance is a puzzle game by German developer Newcomer. It was released by German company Kingsoft and later release under the title "Shock Wave- The Last Chance" by German companies Intersoft and Schatztruhe.
The game is a clone of Konami's Quarth. It can be played alone or with two players simultaneously.

Final episode of the game. Now we see what has been behind our various recent missions.

Cleanman is a point-and-click adventure by German developer Rauser Advertainment. It an advertising game for 3M's label Scotch and promotes their cleaning VCR cassettes. A demo version was given out for free, while the full version needed to be bought. It was only released in German language, afaik.

Breach is strategy game developed by Treco. It was planned to be released by Sammy, but got cancelled for unknown reasons. It is based on the Breach games by Omnitrend Software. Judging from the names of the missions and the title screen, the game is an adaption of Breach 2, which was released for Amiga, Atari ST and PC, but I don't know if more was changed apart from the graphics.

The game has a sci-fi scenario shared by various other titles from Omnitrend. It is a squad-based tactical game. Gameplay is turn-based, with every action requiring a certain amount of movement points (which are, of course, limited per turn). This includes reloading, opening doors, using weapons, etc. There are various missions with different objectives, like freeing prisoners or simply passing a river.

Episode 7. We find a giant, mysterious ship which is about to land right on a colony.

Jelly Boy is a platformer which was developed by British company Probe Software and scheduled to be released by Electronic Arts and British company Ocean Software. While the game came out for the Game Boy and the SNES. The Mega Drive/ Genesis version was cancelled.

Your character is an anthropomorphic jelly bean who can shift his shape if you collect certain items. For example, you can turn into a hammer to smash blocks in your way or into a pogo stick to jump higher. Every form is maintained for a limited time, and you lose it immediately on touching an enemy. You also collect notes which give you extra lives (for collecting 100) and serve as your health. If you touch an enemy and do not have enough notes left, you loose a life. In your normal shape, you can form a fist from your body to hit enemies. Various items which look like normal bonus point items also have an effect. For example, lemons and oranges give you extra time, avocados will make you invincible for a few seconds.

For a description, see part 1.

We finally rescue Meixing's brother and head on to the boss hidden in the hotel.

1483 - Anno Domini is a mixture between dungeon-crawler and adventure game. It was developed and published by German company Jumping Bird Press and released as shareware. It was only released in German language afaik.

The story takes place in Britain in the year 1483. King Edward IV. has died, leaving the throne to his 12-year old son, Edward V. Not before long, young Edward gets usurped and thrown into the Tower of London. Historically, Edward probably died in the Tower the same year (he was never seen again), but the game has an alternate scenario in which your can rescue Edward. You play a knight who is asked to infiltrate the Tower and free the prisoner.

The game is played from a first-person perspective with fieldwise movement and 90-degree turns. You have four commands to interact with your environment: talk, look, take/use and fight. NPCs are displayed via digitized photos and do not move on their own. NPCs usually do not attack you, but you can start a fight with many of them, if you want. Some NPCs must be fought as they either block your way or hold certain important items.
Fighting takes place on a dedicated screen. You can attack and block on three different sides. When you attack, you first gather power and then strike. The longer you wait, the more damage is done by your attack, but you give your enemy also more time to block your attack.
Health can be replenished by consuming food. You do not have experience points and levels, but you can find protective equipment and better weapons.

Episode 6. Kirk, Scotty and Chekov get get trapped in a museum during a terrorist attack.

For a description, see part 1.

Lots of grinding. At least, we got the elevator key.

Episode 5. The Enterprise is sent to investigate a mysterious rift where all expeditions, who wanted to map it, have disappeared without a trace. What could possibly go wrong?

Alive ... Behind the Moon! (also released as Moon 2037) is a mix between adventure game and survival simulator. It was developed by the French "Dialogo Team" and released by French company CPIO Multimedia, and distributed by German company Nova Media Verlag. I don't know if a French or English language version was ever released.
The game is a remake of Alive, which was released in 1991 for the Amstrad CPC by French company Lankhor.

Something weird is going on on the dark side of the moon. Something strange is polluting it. Various sects are interpreting this as a sign and propagate panic. The resulting uproar is a threat to an industrial cartel, so they they decide to send someone to the moon to find out what's going on. The cartel bribes a spaceship off the army and hires two people to fly to the moon, promising them one million dollars reward if they get back. You play one of these men, a former astronaut called James Butterfield. Unfortunately, something goes wrong on the flight, and the ship crash-lands on the dark side of the moon. It turns out there is a breathable atmosphere, vegetation and water there. But that's the only good news, as your ship is broken and your partner Sven is severely injured. So you need to take care of Sven and then find a way to get home.

The game is played from a first person perspective. You move around similar to games like Myst: the environment consists of pre-rendered still shots, and you move or turn around in steps with your cursor. You have a compass and a detector for lifeforms at your disposal. The detector is important, since enemies like wolves move in realtime. You can get into fights with hostile creatures, where you have to click on moving hit zones in real-time. Naturally, you also got a health meter. Apart from that, you also have a hunger, a thirst and a fatigue meter, so you need to eat, drink and sleep enough.

Botsoccer is a futuristic arcade soccer game by German company CAPS Softwaredesign ULM and published by NBG and Expert Software. You play a team of robots which participates in a galaxy-wide tournament of Botsoccer, which is basically soccer with less than 11 players, a can instead of a ball, and no fouls or penalties. You can change your tactics during half-time and upgrade your team if you have enough money. The game has some similarities to Speedball, only Speedball is rather based on Handball.

For a description, see part 1.

Fighting our way through the various floors of a monster ridden hotel. A very large hotel.

On to the fourth episode. We look after a strange distress call from an almost barren world.


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