On this special post-rally episode of The Roper Report, Billy reveals a surprise guest, a longtime White Nationalist activist who is now the newest member of the ShieldWall Network Phalanx. In this show they discuss the truth behind the recent NSM controversy, the New Zealand mosque shooting, Morris Dees' firing by the SPLC, and the ShieldWall Network rally at the Arkansas state capitol followed by the George Lincoln Rockwell birthday celebration. Can YOU guess who his surprise guest is?

In '6,000,000 Lampshades of Light', Billy discusses the upcoming ShieldWall Network 'Life and Liberty' rally March 9th, Red Flag laws, climate change, Trump's pro-gay global agenda, the arrest of Christopher Hasson, and the targeted doxxing of Grandpa Lampshade, who is our special guest for this podcast.

In 'Over There, A Report From Europe', Billy has an in-depth conversation with a European Nationalist about the truth behind the Yellow Vest protests, immigration problems in Germany, and Nationalist politics and parties from Eastern Europe to the U.K..

Billy is joined by the ShieldWall Network Chief of Staff to discuss how he got started in the movement, his experiences and activism so far, and the activities of the SWN Phalax.

Billy takes an episode of The Roper Report to explain in detail what the future goals and mission of the ShieldWall Network are, and the impact it can have on our people's future with your help.

On the "Get Back To Where You Once Belonged" episode of The Roper Report, Billy discusses a return to traditional values, skills, and roles with Charles Martel, North Arkansas Regional Coordinator of The ShieldWall Network.


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