A discussion about moral obligation and the duty of White men and women. In this we ask; how does one fulfill their moral obligation? What is a moral obligation in the context of a nation and how does that nation uphold it?

We all start from somewhere. In this episode, we have a discussion on becoming redpilled and the chains that must be broken in order to free ourselves from intellectual slavery.

A discussion about the need to be both mentally and physically prepared for what's to come, the release of the 2020 census, the new domestic terror threat advisory, the importance of confrontation and more.

Jessica Revis joins Mary Jane to discuss the immense government and corporate overreach we are currently witnessing, the removal of monuments in Charlottesville, the current state of South Africa as a future for America and much more.

To celebrate the occupation of a once independent state, we discuss a brief overview of the history between Israel and the United States.

On the grand finale of The Radical Flank program, Billy and Mary Jane review the ShieldWall Network message and mission focus for listeners one last time before SWN goes offline and dark.

In the semifinal episode of The Radical Flank, Billy and Mary Jane discuss IRL meetings and networking, whether the January 6th capitol event was an FBI gay op, the limits of unity, being proactive vs. being reactive, and more!

Mary Jane joins Jessica Revis and Jeff to host a special juneteenth episode by discussing the jewish roots of the transatlantic slave trade, Hitler's demise and much more.

On the 'Critical Race Theory' episode of The Radical Flank program, Billy and Mary Jane discuss the titular subject, as well as the new Oven Hour program, movement individualism, and things to do offline once SWN goes dark.

Azzy joins Mary Jane to discuss the unnatural decline of a fighting race and how we can fight to get it back.

Within the last month of scheduled TRF broadcasts, Billy and Mary Jane discuss finding one's reason for living, the left eating their own, Antifa targeting Target over Billy Roper's books, the most recent Hammer Stream, and three upcoming SWN meetings in different regions of the country!

Billy stops by the HAMMERSTREAM once again. The Shield Wall coordinator covers several topics concerning Balkanization.

Jessica Revis and Mary Jane dive deep into open source intelligence and how our enemies use it against us.

On The Radical Flank: 'What your daddy shoulda told ya', Billy and Mary Jane discuss the collapse of traditional nuclear families, the effect of bastardization, the Eastern Oregon secessionist movement, and how to talk to girls.

On The Radical Flank: 'Biting The Hand That Feeds', Billy and Mary Jane talk about the China/Israel push and pull, their recent appearance on The Hammer Show, HIPPA rules and OSHA guidelines changing for the vaxx, a new operational approach coming soon for SWN, and much more!

Billy and Mary Jane discuss the ShieldWall Network, balkanization, racial hygiene, the movement away from the internet, and much more on the new Hammer Stream!

On The Radical Flank: Don't Miss The Boat, Billy and Mary Jane discuss Jewish investment in China, the devaluation of the dollar, the Israeli conflict, Ted Kaczynski and Walther Darre, the arrest of Tom Sewell, and more.

Eva and Mary Jane speak with special guest Daisy about the ongoing inflation our country faces, as well as what we need to do to prepare for the long road ahead.

Eva and Mary Jane speak with special guest, Jessica Reavis, grapple the ongoing inflation hikes and possible long term effects. Jessica provides detail into her case fighting against antifa and the ZOG backed Police Incorporated. Evil Eva offers an olive branch to haters for the sake of unity.

In The Radical Flank's 'Don't Shed on Me' show, Billy and Mary Jane take on the Covid Vaxx protein shedding danger, the cyber attack on the gas pipeline, the effectiveness of ethnically targeted bioweapons, and more!

Eva and Mary Jane discuss the forgotten health crisis disproportionately affecting White people, the lasting effects of musical influence on society and who is considered redeemable when it comes to saving the White race.

On The Radical Flank's 'Ask Us Anything', Billy and Mary Jane answer questions from listeners and other White Nationalists interested in the ShieldWall Network. Also: Music and Culture, the European MayDay riots, vaxx revolt updates, and more!

On the new The Radical Flank program, Billy and Mary Jane discuss the Ukrainian/Russian crisis, the Chauvin trial fallout, Looming Hyperinflation, and more!

On The Radical Flank's "BLM Ammo Thefts", Mary Jane and Billy discuss the mostly peaceful Minnesota riots, Tucker's dilemma, and a SWN exclusive expose of BLM mass ammunition thefts in preparation for civil war.

Mary Jane and Daisy discuss the life of a pro White activist; what it takes to never give up and what we can do to always continue moving forward.


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