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Here is the newest episode of Sleazy Pictures After Dark. A Halloween Special featuring Balsac The Jaws of DEATH!! Get ready for the Canadian master- uh - piece! ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE!

Sleazy P. Martini is back to save the world!

Stephen King. Joe "Hidin" Biden. Nancy Piglosi Pelosi. President Trump. GWAR. The secrets the the universe?

Your favorite Crack Dealer is back

Sleazy dives in to this Blackspoitation Masterpiece ripping off the 6 million dollar man. Originally called The 6 Thousand Dollar N*****.

GWAR has their own channel on ROKU. Head over to to learn more.

Did you know North Korea made their own Godzilla knockoff? They even kidnapped some people to do it. Sleazy knows all about it....

Sleazy brings his show to a live audience at a brewery in Richmond, VA. This movie was made before PETA stepped in to hollywood to protect animals during filming. If you don't want to see hundreds (possibly thousands) of snakes killed violently, don't watch this movie. If you don't care and want to see some snake-fu and some of the craziest stuff ever put into a snake movie - Check out Calamity of Snakes!

SHOCKING FOOTAGE OF CHILD WITH A GUN GOING BERSERK! The film maker was lucky to get out alive!


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