Michelle Holiday sits down with Harley Schlanger of the LaRouche Foundation to discuss the history behind the overt, public, “Get LaRouche” agenda, in which the Deep State targeted LaRouche as a rouge Political Activist for decades until his death at the age of 96. Schangler describes Robert Mueller’s deep involvement in the pursuit of LaRouche, compared with Mueller’s identical treatment of Donald Trump. Among other explosive topics in this interview, Schlanger discusses the present monetary disaster created by the rouge central banks, the murder of JFK, and the danger which the entire planet faces from the control-driven Deep State unless the people recognize it in time to stand-up to it.

Islamophobia is not a thing.

Song History Repeating (Knee Length Mix)
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Song Stranglehold
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How Islam is Destroying America from Within - UNDER PRESSURE FROM CAIR.

A Michigan church canceled a 9/11 event critical of the interfaith movement and Islamic supremacism after complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations and politicians.

Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church was to host a two-day event called “9/11 forgotten? Is Michigan surrendering to Islam?” on Wednesday and Thursday.

A former Muslim who has become a popular speaker, Shahram Hadian, was to speak Wednesday on “How the Interfaith Movement is Sabotaging America and the Church.” And on Thursday, Jim Simpson, a former Office of Management and Budget economist to three presidents and an investigative reporter, was to speak on “How Islam is Destroying America from Within.”

The event was planned by a group called the Detroit Coalition for Freedom.

In response to the cancelation, the organization United West will feature the two speakers in a webinar on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern time that can be viewed online through registration.

‘We don’t hate Muslims’

Last week, the Baptist church’s pastor, Donald McKay, defended the event in an interview with WJBK-TV.

“Islam is a growing threat in the United States of America,” he said. “We don’t hate Muslims, we hate the ideology they are identified with.

Hadian said on his website that his Sept. 11 discussion would “expose the growing deception of interfaith dialogue” and “explain how interfaith ‘dialogue’ is compromising the Gospel & our national security.”

But the Council on American-Islamic Relations along with members of Congress and state representatives pressed the church to cancel the event, and its elders complied.

The executive director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, Dawud Walid, cast the event’s message as “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

“Though we believe that houses of worship have the right to preach their doctrine, we find it incredibly irresponsible for a church to invite someone who has the objective of spewing clear anti-Muslim bigotry,” Walid told the Detroit Free Press.

While CAIR portrays itself as a civil rights group, it’s history illustrates the point of Simpson’s lecture: Movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood are present in the United States — as a Brotherhood document seized by the FBI shows — to “destroy Western Civilization from within.”

CAIR has been shown in court to be a front for the terrorist organization Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was designated by the State Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to fund Hamas. And the United Arab Emirates in 2014 listed CAIR as one of 83 banned terrorist organizations, along with the Taliban, al-Qaida and ISIS.

‘Toxic and bigoted events’

Prior to the Bloomfield church’s cancelation of the event, two member of Congress from Michigan, Democratic Reps. Andy Levin and Debbie Dingell, said in a joint statement there is “no place for hate in Metro Detroit, in Michigan or anywhere in the United States.”

“We implore the Bloomfield Baptist Church to forgo the anti-Muslim events planned for next week and instead recognize America’s rich cultural and religious diversity as we reflect on one of the most painful days in our country’s history and heal from recent acts of white supremacist violence,” Levin and Dingell said.

“As people of faith, we ask Michiganders to unify in peace and celebrate our shared humanity to help prevent future acts of hatred.”

Two Muslim state lawmakers, Reps. Abdullah Hammoud, D-Dearborn, and Mari Manoogian, D-Birmingham, called the event “an attempt to assign blame for 9/11 to the entire Muslim community.”

“Our communities should be outraged by these scheduled toxic and bigoted events,” they said in the statement. “With the rise of mass shootings by white domestic terrorists targeting those they deem ‘other’ we are deeply disturbed that a place of worship would host an event that continues to fan the flames of hate and intolerance. Religious institutions should strive to be welcoming centers for all.”

Remember ANY future Election of any public office.
Liberals bending over taking it up the ass from ISLAM and fucking all of our futures, all future generations of Americans unless we stop them.
#StopVotingLiberal for any public office.

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France slapped the U.S. in the face with its $15 billion Iran bailout offer, which would serve to undo all the progress made by the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Iran. What should the consequences be?

Listen to Clarion’s National Security Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro discuss this on I24 News as well as the latest reports that Hezbollah has now moved its precision missiles intended for Israel into civilian areas.

The LEFT are ISLAMs Whore. Thank you Macron, Thank you France.

Israel’s response to the Iranian and Hezbollah missile build up in Syria and Lebanon is now being publicly defended by Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Amid the missile build ups by Iran and Hezbollah have come the disclosure by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran performed experiments of nuclear weapons at a previously undisclosed site.

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The Unholy Alliance between The LEFT and ISLAM.
When asked about a Media Matters video showing Glenn saying that she wants to 'destroy America,' Ilhan Omar responded by calling him an 'idiot.' But nothing Glenn said was factually incorrect...so here are his questions for Congresswoman Omar -- from her antisemitism and connection to pro-Palestinian group Miftah to her alleged affair and apparently marrying her brother...can/will she answer?!
When asked about a Media Matters video showing Glenn saying that she wants to 'destroy America,' Ilhan Omar responded by calling him an 'idiot.' But nothing Glenn said was factually incorrect...so here are his questions for Congresswoman Omar -- from her anti semitism and connection to pro-Palestinian group Miftah to her alleged affair and apparently marrying her brother...can/will she answer?!
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We are in a War but refuse to admit that we are.
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"This is my old, private blog that is now sadly neglected since I have launched Oath Keepers, which has truly taken off like a rocket, leaving me no time for personal blogging - not that I'm complaining. the Oath Keepers mission is very important and worth the time and effort.

Go here: www.oathkeepers.org

However, if you want to see what prompted me to finally launch Oath Keepers, there are several posts on this blog that show my thinking.

Back in 2006, I wrote several scathing criticisms of the Bush Administration's absurd and dangerous claims of nearly unlimited executive "war" powers. Those articles built on my research at Yale Law School (where I won the Miller Prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights).

One of the most common refrains I get from Obama supporters is "where were you when Bush was violating the Constitution." Well, I was right here. Read this:"

OATH KEEPERS is a non-partisan association of Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT just follow orders, will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic, so help us, God. Our motto is:

"Not on Our Watch!"


1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants or to subject them to military tribunal.

4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a state of emergency on a state.

5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to keep the peace or to maintain control.

9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

10. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

Read the full declaration at http://oathkeepers.org

SAN FRANCISCO, September 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The CEO of StemExpress admitted in court Thursday that her biotech company supplies beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers.

She also admitted at the preliminary hearing of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress that the baby’s head could be procured attached to the baby’s body or “could be torn away.”

“That is an especially gruesome admission, but it begs the question: how did they get these fully intact human children?” says Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, which is representing Daleiden at the hearing.

“If you have a fetus with an intact head and an intact body, and intact extremities, that is something that would indicate that child was born alive, and then had their organs cut out of them, or that that child was the victim of an illegal partial-birth abortion,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“Both of these are gruesome and violent acts.”

CMP’s Daleiden and Merritt are charged with 15 felony counts of the illegal taping of confidential information in connection with undercover videos they released in 2015 after a three-year covert investigation into the buying and selling of baby body parts, which is a felony.

The covertly recorded videos exposed StemExpress as the go-to in California for Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in baby body parts, and the biotech company cut its ties with Planned Parenthood shortly after these were released.

CMP’s legal team is arguing in the preliminary hearing that the law does not consider conversations that can be overheard confidential and that covert recording is allowed when done to investigate violent crimes.

On Thursday, the court saw video clips of the StemExpress CEO, identified as Doe 12, meeting on May 2015 with Daleiden and Merritt, who were posing as owners of a biotech company.

Doe 12 says in the video there’s a great demand for “raw fetal tissue,” and that the “insanely fragile” neural or brain tissue is best shipped in a “whole calvarium,” or head, whereupon Daleiden says, “Just make sure the eyes are closed.”

“Yeah,” laughs Doe 12, “Tell the lab techs it is coming…it’s almost like they don’t want to know what it is.”

Doe 12 was far less forthcoming in her testimony Thursday, as Breen noted.

“One thing we’ve observed throughout these proceedings is that these witnesses were much more candid when they spoke to David and Susan on the undercover video than they are on the stand,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“However, we have been able to establish certain facts that are important through their testimony, and when they deviate from the video, we’ve been able to use the video to show that they’re not telling the truth on the stand,” Breen said.

“That’s important to show that the attorney general is using witnesses who are willing to stretch the truth, and our side is exposing that truth.”

Breen told the court that StemExpress was mentioned in connection with Stanford University studies where Langendorff perfusion was used, a technique that “requires a beating heart.”

“Does StemExpress supply fetal hearts to Stanford?” he asked Doe 12.

She hesitated to answer because, she said, “there’s so much targeting of researchers.”
#StopVotingLiberal for any public office
However, Judge Christopher Hite told her the question was relevant.

“Yes, we have provided heart tissue to Stanford,” Doe 12 said.

She also admitted that CMP photos are accurate and that sometimes a baby’s intact calvarium is attached to the baby’s body and sometimes it is not.

In another key exchange, Doe 12 testified that her company requests that parties sign a nondisclosure agreement or NDA before discussing business.

But while Doe 12 met with Daleiden and Merritt in late May, the NDA for the meeting was signed in late June, according to an email from StemExpress to CMP that Breen produced in court.

“After talking about how important an NDA is, the only evidence in the record is that the NDA was not sent out until a month after this supposedly highly confidential meeting,” Breen told LifeSiteNews.

“So that was a really significant point. That’s why there was so much argument on it,” he said.

“At the same time, the statute is clear: if there is a reasonable expectation that the conversation can be overhead, then it doesn’t count as a confidential conversation,” he said.

“So our contention is, if you’re sitting there at a restaurant with wait staff around you and coming and going as they please, you can be overheard, that’s a clear exception to the statute.”

Breen also quizzed Doe 12 about the Planned Parenthood consent form that StemExpress used in 2015.

Former StemExpress technician Holly O’Donnell supplied the PP consent form to CMP. She also is featured in two CMP videos describing in graphic detail the process of sorting through dismembered arms and legs of aborted babies.

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If You Don't Do It This Year, You'll Be One Year Older When You Do
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I am a Real American performed by Rick Derringer, Full Version
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Learn How To Combat Leftist Policies From Collapsing Civilization
Infowars is documenting the downward decline of its home base in Austin, Texas as Democrat politicians push the city into the abyss.

Beginning in July, the city of Austin changed its public camping policies, now allowing individuals to set up tents in public spaces, even in front of businesses and homes. Don't California my Texas fucking Liberal Retards.

Within days of the new policy, Infowars’ Adan Salazar published an article showing homeless people drying clothes and setting up mattresses in front of businesses, cooking on a brand new grill on a highway overpass, lounging on a couch in a parking lot and sleeping on the sidewalk in front of an upscale house.

Since then, Infowars has highlighted multiple incidents, such as one homeless man who was caught on camera shooting up drugs while defecating in front of a local gun shop, or another vagabond seen masturbating in front of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Infowars host Owen Shroyer recently posted video of a man doing a creepy dance while wearing a mask resembling those worn in “The Purge” film franchise.

The current status of Austin, Texas. pic.twitter.com/tqXnEcUdZ9

— J Owen Shroyer (@allidoisowen) September 5, 2019

In the following video report, Shroyer went into a wooded area just yards away from a major road to expose the filthy conditions of just one of the city’s many homeless camps.

Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer and Savanah Hernandez made local news after criticizing the Austin City Council and Mayor Steve Adler at a recent public forum on the issue.

Don’t be afraid to stand up to elected officials.

If we really want a change we need to stand up and fight for our city together.

Don’t California my Texas. #ATX pic.twitter.com/K4e5RResR6

— Savanah H (@sav_says_) September 5, 2019

On Tuesday, Shroyer held a “tent city cookout” across the street from the Austin City Hall to protest the city ordinance and bring more attention to the problem.

Tent City Cookout 2019! Austin Texas, Mayor Adlerville https://t.co/BtSDCxtDww

— J Owen Shroyer (@allidoisowen) September 3, 2019

While the city spends millions of dollars on construction projects that take years to finish, they are having trouble keeping up with the filth created by the ever-growing number of shantytowns popping up.

On Tuesday, Fox 7 Austin reported that a notice from the city was placed in one densely populated homeless area, saying they will be cleaning it out this week.

However, it appears city officials only cleaned up the garbage around the areas, which will only return to their disgusting state within a matter of days.

Photographs taken by Infowars’ Harrison Smith in just a few hours on Thursday show the camps are still at-large and continue to spread garbage around the areas they are located, many of which are tourist hot spots.

#Q #QAnon #POTUS45

Why are we seeing mass shootings in our schools, churches and public places? Why do our "experts" have so few answers? And the "gun-control lobby" -- almost seems they WANT mass shootings to "justify" infringements of the Second Amendment and to promote the Globalist Agenda.

Scholars tell us that Governments have killed over 262 million of their own citizens in just the past century. Given this, is the reason we "keep and bear arms" really for target practice and duck hunting?

Scientific American says 1 in 6 Americans are on "psych" drugs. If so, is there a connection between Big Pharma's product and mass shootings -- or do we just have too many guns in America?
If you missed the Premiere -- order the DVD at www.MoviePubs.net.

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS -- a Matrix Production in association with OATH KEEPERS -- completes a Second Amendment Trilogy which includes MIDNIGHT RIDE and MOLON LABE.


-- Official Website www.Good-Guys.us --
-- DVD Distributed by MOVIE PUBS (www.MoviePubs.net) --
-- Watch at HOME VIDEO NETWORK (www.HomeVideo.net) --
-- Marketing Donations accepted at www.Good-Guys.us/donate --

CNN has itself a douche problem. I suspect whoever is in charge of hiring employees has some form of douche Stockholm syndrome. Here’s Don Lemon basically defending Jussie Smollett who is, not even allegedly, a piece of shit.

[email protected] doesn't think it's @JussieSmollett's fault he's already lost in the "court of public opinion." Thinks maybe he got bad advice. He also says @RobinRoberts did a "terrific" job interviewing Smollett.

I wish, I wish to God, I was making this up. pic.twitter.com/wgPe6sXQyL

— David Rutz (@DavidRutz) February 21, 2019

For clarification, Jussie Smollett lost in the court of public opinion because Jussie Smollett lied to the public. Hence the unfavorable opinion. Generally speaking, the public isn’t keen on being lied to and told it’s part of the reason someone was attacked. Especially by a smug, arrogant, little-known actor looking to score some publicity by saying Trump-supporters committed a hate crime against him. When, in fact, Jussie pulled the entire scam right out of his poop hole. Related Dear Jussie Smollett: You’re a Bigoted, Racist, Attention-Seeking Piece of Sh!t

But how nice for Jussie that Don Lemon is there sticking by his man. Not sure if it’s a gay thing or just a piece of shit thing. At some point, we’ll need to study the cohesive properties of shitty people.

Former president Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his farewell address, warned that public policy could become the captive of a scientific technological elite. It has now become a reality.

The NRA has fiercely criticized the San Francisco decision, tweeting out videos and statements ripping the leftist California city for its extreme measures.

This stunt is an effort to distract from the problems facing #SanFrancisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and petty crime, to name a few. Their wasting taxpayer dollars to declare 5M law-abiding Americans domestic terrorists, and it’s shameful.https://t.co/Wn6JccpO2H

— NRA (@NRA) September 4, 2019

The NRA is including a hashtag, #IAmTheNRA, in several of them too:

[email protected] is a veteran, a wife, and an @NRA member. She is upset with the San Fran elitists who declared NRA a "terrorist org."

Start focusing on real issues. "Like the homelessness, the drug problem, and the human feces that you have infecting your streets." #IAmTheNRA pic.twitter.com/Rw0DP2ZusX

— NRA (@NRA) September 4, 2019

A caller to The Alex Jones Show questions the possibility of Hurricane Dorian being manipulated by modern weather weapons.
#Q #QAnon #POTUS45 #AlexJones #GeoEngineering #Weaponized

Celebrities like Bette Midler, Kacey Musgraves, and Josh Gad, Chelsea Handler, Stephen King, George Takeo and more were quick to blame the NRA and Republicans for the recent Odessa shooting. Politicians - like Beto, and Biden - did the same. But Glenn breaks down what you REALLY need to know about the tragedy...like, did you know the gunman FAILED the Texas gun purchase background check?
#Q #QAnon #POTUS45 #AlexJones

Liberals push to openly attack Conservatives

The Interview : Alex Jones And Count Dankula

#Q #QAnon #POTUS45 #AlexJones
Remarks from April 27, 2016 in Washington, D.C.
President Trump: I will not surrender U.S. to the false song of globalism.
#Register #Vote #2020 #MAGA

Liberal Retards must never be voted into any public office.
#StopVotingLiberal for any public office.


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