Biotoxin Journey

Although the 3D cone scan did not show any notable signs of cavitations, the sites above the extracted teeth along with the tuberosity behind both upper wisdom teeth had infected pockets of jawbone.

Do it yourself installation of a hydronic heating system

Applying 8 gamma medical grade ozone to nasal cavity and sinuses.

UV Light Tube construction.

Nasal Antifungal Spray

Treat mold and Lyme MARCoNS using nebulized PVP-Iodine.

Drain tile around the footing and for rainwater directs water away from the concrete foundation.

Bypass the GI tract with this potent form of Vitamin C to greatly diminish symptoms and duration of a multitude of illnesses ranging from colds to injuries to infections. Dramatically helped Chronic Fatigue body aches and malaise from Biotoxin Illness.

Pumper truck is used to easily place a 4" thick bed of 3/4" washed stone before concrete slab is poured.

How to take a deep nasal swab for MARCoNS. People that suffer from Biotoxin Illness and other chronic inflammatory illnesses should test for this antibiotic resistant staph infection.

What a central apnea, hypopnea, and RERA looks like along with normal flow rate.

USA Mold Spore Maps - Fast Playback

BEG spray is the preferred method for knocking out this antibiotic resistant nasal staph infection common in Biotoxin Illness. Here are a few alternative options.

How to create a sleeping space free of mold mycotoxins and what sleep aids have helped.

How to use quaternary ammonia (QUAT) and a simple sprayer setup to clean air conditioning and heater cores.

Overview of Mold Spore Trap Analysis Using a Microscope

Explanation of how a mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber, air compressor, and oxygen concentrator work together to create a session (dive).

What a mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session (dive) is like including precautions and operation.

How to properly flash a window to the building wrap.

USA Mold Spore Maps - Slow Playback

Obstructions at various points along the upper airway makes trying to breath at night equivalent to trying to breath through a small straw. Being mildly suffocated during sleep is very damaging to health. Using a mic under the nose and infrared video helped convince me of the importance of getting a sleep study.

How PAP therapy improves flow rate curves.

Disable Alarm
1. Install jumper across 2-pin connector on Ford alarm box
2. Remove all other plugs into Ford alarm box

Alarm Button
1. Press button to turn off active siren
2. Press and hold 5 sec. to disable alarm for a single start

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) silicone mask with non-latex reservoir bag.

Concrete foundation footings and waterproofing details.


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Biotoxin Illness (CIRS) and one man's journey back to health.