It is real; so we should be real as well. Freely distributable combo pack of two documentaries for 4 hours of amazement and incredible and so well presented proof.

Both producers have agreed to free (and encouraged) distribution as long as they are packaged together in this one video for the sake of the value of the information itself to all our global neighbors.

Be prepared to be jettisoned by this special combination video into the future that is already the present.

May this be the extra special film that you wish to see again with all your friends rapidly swelling and forming a massive reprogrammed friendship network all over the whole populated world to then give birth to a better civilization than the current ultra creepy reality we now have above that has metastasized in secrecy and already materialized over all our heads; no matter where you may be on the planet, or moon for that matter...

You will now see... prepared to jettisoned into the present... how will you feel?

It made me feel that we all need to stop fighting with each other, instead we need a world revival of sanity, and a renaissance in global tourism with today's, hidden until now, incredible transportation technology. May We Bless God ! ! ! - Lance, Mauree, Michael, Corey, David, Justin and many others already... Do Share...

The freely downloadable full 4 hour documentary containing much more accurate information and exciting scenes can be downloaded from this forum thread:
or directly from MediaFire: (.98GB MP4 video) ( somebody else can upload the 4 hour video file, our upload connection is too slow). This video is a teaser from the much longer video, that contains 2 full documentaries on the secret illuminati Space Force origins and power over us today)

Oh, here is a free download copy of his ebook (pdf - 7mb):


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