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This week on the show, Gareth speaks to investigative journalist James Roguski who updates us on the WHO Pandemic Treaty. Next up, Gareth chats to presenter Caroline Chang and discusses her grassroots movement to challenge school and workplace vaccine mandates, inspired by a 2011 Supreme Court ruling. Also on the show, transformative mindset coach Kaine Stromberg shares his mission to reignite the fire and love for life within us all.

Tune in for an engaging episode of Gareth Icke Tonight to help people take their power back and what it means to be you to the fullest.

"Can you differentiate between your own voice and that voice? When the Sasquatch spoke, it was choppy, but the ET spoke with sophistication."

Despite their evolved culture, Sasquatch are misunderstood due to their appearance.

Tune in as Richard is joined by Kewaunee Lapseritis as they discuss this and more tonight at 7pm (GMT) on Classified with Richard Willett! 📺

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🔎 Coming up on File #0047 of Classified with Richard Willett,

This week, Richard speaks with Kewaunee Lapseritis, author of "The Sasquatch People," diving into the enigmatic stories of particle accelerators and hybrid beings in New Mexico's mysterious Dulce base.

Tune in Wednesday at 7 pm (GMT), as Richard continues his quest to unravel the mysterious secrets of interdimensional Sasquatch and their connection to the depths of our world. Don't miss it! 🌌📚

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🔍 This week on The Dot Connector, David & Jaymie Icke reunite in the Ickonic Studios to delve into the UK's missile failure amid Russia war talks. They question if Russia's alignment with the World Economic Forum's AI agenda is an illusion. Plus, 'Ofcom' probes a controversial GB News show, COVID-19 deceptions by TV doctors, and the silencing of dissent. Why the dominance of uninformed opinions?

Join David & Jaymie Icke as they unravel these illusions and Question Everything. For the full episode, head over to Ickonic.com at 7pm tonight. #QuestionEverything 🌐

Join us on Classified with Richard Willett tomorrow at 7PM (GMT) on Ickonic.com as Stewart Swerdlow uncovers the secrets of the Earth's #underground. From #Chabad tunnels in Brooklyn to underground facilities in New Mexico, discover the global network shaping the future.

Classified With Richard Willett out tomorrow at 7PM (GMT)


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On The Dot Connector this week, David & Jaymie Icke delve into the highlights of David's highly anticipated interview with Alex Jones from last week. They explore the implications of their discussion and what it means for our understanding of current events.

Additionally, they examine the British Labour Party and its global ramifications. The suspension of party members for their criticisms of Israel raises questions about the influence of global powers and the future leadership under Keir Starmer.

But it's not just politics; they also confront the controversy surrounding the :syringe:. From Nigel Farage's call for an inquiry into its effects to the inconsistencies in political narratives, they unravel the complexities surrounding this issue.

Join us as we navigate through these topics and more, shedding light on the narratives shaping our world today.

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Streaming tonight from 7 pm (UK) on Gareth Icke Tonight:

Gareth Icke speaks with Dutch Lawyer Marie-Louise Genet regarding a woke supermarket selling sex toys within the children's department. Next up, Gareth chats to the Offguardian editor Kit Knightly about the Tucker Carlson and Putin interview and whether we are heading for World War 3 or not. Also on the show, New York Times best-selling author James Arthur Ray and his intuitive healer wife Bersabeh Ray talk about creating the life we want and how to manifest it. Political commentator and columnist Adrian Norman is also on the show shedding light on the crisis on the southern border.

Head over to Ickonic.com for an engaging episode of Gareth Icke Tonight as we cover a range of topics to help awaken people to what’s happening within the world with our guests which makes us realise tough times make tough people.

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The Mexico-US border is at the heart of one of today's most contentious geopolitical debates. Under the Biden administration, the border has become a free-for-all, reshaping the nation from within. But beneath the surface lies a disturbing reality: since 1990, over 170 tunnels have been discovered under this border, primarily leading into California for assumed drug trafficking. However, a deeper investigation reveals a more sinister truth - over 152,000 children went missing in 2022 alone, likely trafficked across or under this border.

Connecting the dots, we uncover the proximity of this border to Texas and New Mexico, with the latter hosting various black budget and military facilities, including notorious sites like Dulce Base and Epstein's Zorro Ranch, rumored to have underground facilities and tunnel systems.

Recent images from the Texas-Mexico border, including a peculiar "Z" spray-painted on a metal grate, raise questions. Could this symbol, reminiscent of Epstein's nearby property, be a signal? We delve into this mystery with former Marine and founder of Veterans for Child Rescue, Craig Sawyer, whose documentary "Contraland" exposes the dark world of child trafficking, now the second-largest industry globally.

Join us as we investigate why this border remains porous and where these thousands of missing children may be going. Tune in tomorrow night for an eye-opening discussion you won't want to miss!

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📣 David Icke's The Secret Tour 2023 is out SATURDAY 24TH FEBRUARY!
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Tonight on The Dot Connector! David & Jaymie Icke's discussions range from King Charles' cancer diagnosis to the uproar over Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin, they delve into the wild world of alternative media and climate change controversies. Plus, buckle up for discussions on countryside racism claims and the quirky realm of men advertising women's clothing and much more...

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David Icke on the Alex Jones show live at 6pm UK today on Elon Musk and the alternative media hijack



Gareth Icke Tonight we discuss global conflicts with Warren Thornton, astrology insights with Gregory Paul Martin, and stifled creativity in universities with David R. Barnhizer.

For the full episode, tune in from 7 pm (UK) every Thursday exclusively on Ickonic.com

In Wednesday's episode of Classified, Richard engages in a compelling conversation with Nancy Thames, who shares her early and lifelong encounters with #extraterrestrial beings known as the "greys."

Nancy recalls her earliest conscious memories at the age of two or three, where she describes feeling the presence of these greys in her room. These encounters were not dreams or out-of-body experiences but tangible, conscious, and physical events. Nancy vividly explains the sensation of her covers being lifted, undergoing a unique vibrational scan, and her body levitating off her bed.

As she grew older, these interactions remained playful, with the greys adapting to Nancy's thoughts and imagination. However, Nancy had to keep these experiences a secret due to the disbelief and dismissal she faced from her family, who attributed them to mere dreams.

Classified with Richard Willett - Wednesday 7pm (UK) exclusively on Ickonic.com

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Join us tonight at 7pm(GMT) on The Dot-Connector for a mindblowing show, only on ICKONIC.COM

Tonight join David and Jaymie as they discuss:

🧠 Elon Musk's Neuralink chip in a human brain – what's the future impact?
💥 US base attack in Jordan – false flag or real threat?
🤐 Lawrence Fox's libel case and its implications.
🌍 Immigration's cultural impact.
👮‍♂️ Police behavior under scrutiny.

Join us tonight at 7pm (GMT) on ICKONIC.COM! 📢

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This week on the show, we delve into pressing issues ranging from the future of London to the delicate balance of freedoms in our society.

Starting, we focus on the erosion of freedoms, particularly freedom of speech and the press, epitomized by the case of Julian Assange. Filmmaker Kym Staton joins us to discuss his powerful documentary "The Trust Falls," which exposes the plight of Assange, imprisoned for revealing US war crimes while the perpetrators walk free. We'll also get a glimpse of the documentary's trailer.

We hear from London Mayor candidate Shyam Batra, who shares his vision for revitalising the UK's capital city. With London facing challenges on multiple fronts, Shyam outlines his plans to restore its former glory if elected.

Lastly, we are joined by, journalist Jacqui Deevoy. Jacqui provides an update on the controversial end-of-life drug midazolam, which gained notoriety during the COVID-19 pandemic. She explores why the NHS has quietly removed it from its protocols, shedding light on the implications of this decision.

Join us as we tackle these vital issues and strive to understand the complexities of our modern world.

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🚨 Premiering on ICKONIC.COM this Saturday, February 3rd - In the Shadow of Flexner 🚨
Unveiling a century of concealed truths, "In the Shadow of Flexner" is a profound documentary by Justin Smith @justin_smith. The film delves deep into the #FlexnerReport, a pivotal 1910 publication that reshaped #healthcare by systematically dismantling natural medicine's credibility in academia.

During a time when mainstream medicine faced scrutiny, the Flexner Report emerged as a strategic tool, wielded by industrial magnates and orthodox medical practitioners to consolidate their hold over the medical industry. This alliance sought to marginalize holistic and natural treatments, promoting a drug and surgery-centric healthcare model, driven more by profit than by patient well-being.

The film features insights from medical experts like Dr. Jessica Braid, Dr. Suneel Dhand, Dr. Jenny Goodman, Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, Dr. Sarah Myhill, and Dr. David Unwin, offering a multi-perspective narrative on this transformative era in medicine.

Crafted with dedication, the documentary is written, produced, and directed by Justin Smith and presented by Obhi Chatterjee.

Stay tuned and #QuestionEverything with #InTheShadowOfFlexner on #Ickonic! 🎥✨

Coming up tonight on CLASSIFIED with Richard Willett unveiling the secrets beneath New Mexico with Nario Hayakawa!

From Epstein's Zorro Ranch to Dulce Base, we're diving deep into the Trinity Site, Los Alamos, Manzano Military Facility, and more.

What is really hidden beneath the mainstream narrative?

Tune into Ickonic.com TONIGHT at 7 PM (UK) for a journey into the unknown you wouldn't want to miss.

At what point do we say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'?

How much money is enough? and how many deaths are enough in the name of profit?

Director Justin Smith has masterfully created the film, In The Shadow Of Flexner, which exposes the Pharmaceutical sector and their greed.

Be sure not to miss the premiere of this mind-blowing film at 12pm on the 3rd of February - http://Ickonic.com

Join now for only £1.99 for your first month 👇

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What do dimensions entail, and how can we visualise them?

Explaining this is challenging as it hinges on the observer's perspective. The fourth dimension encompasses the collective thoughts and imaginations of humanity. Does the fifth dimension exist beyond the confines of the matrix?

David Icke shares his vision about all of this in the film 'The Dream with David Icke' - Streaming now on Ickonic.com ▶️🟪

Politics, where the illusion of choice is the real crime. After centuries, we are still surrendering to individual power. Time for a wake-up call!

Dive into more mind-bending revelations only on Ickonic.com

This week on the show... Director Justin Smith engages in a conversation with Gareth about his upcoming film, "In The Shadow Of Flexner," set to release on Ickonic on February 3rd, 2024. A groundbreaking documentary by Justin, the film delves into a century-old corruption that has permanently altered the course of healthcare.

Joining us is author and researcher Dr. Niall McCrae, who sheds light on his latest book, "Green in Tooth and Claw: The Misanthropic Mission of Climate Alarm."

We also have Ken Drysdale from the National Citizens Inquiry on the line, calling in from Canada to share insights into their investigation regarding the actions of Trudeau's government during the Covid era.

For the full episode, tune into 'Gareth Icke Tonight' - Thursday at 7 pm (UK) only on Ickonic.com ▶️🟪

In the battle of beliefs, some just play at it. The recent attack on British cartoonist Bob Moran highlights the blurry line between freedom of expression and selective outrage. Is it about defending free speech, or is it about exploiting market gaps for personal gain? Dive into the controversy as Moran faces calls for arrest over a cartoon depicting Benjamin Netanyahu. The clash reveals the complex dynamics of free speech advocates, challenging the notion of consistency in defending expression.

For the full story, tune into 'Gareth Icke Tonight' - Thursday at 7 pm (UK) only on Ickonic.com ▶️🟪

🏥 In the Shadow of Flexner Out 3RD FEBRUARY On http://ICKONIC.COM!

💡Discover the shocking story of 'In the Shadow of Flexner,' a documentary by Justin Smith
that uncovers a century-old #healthcare #scandal.

💡Explore how the #Flexner Report of 1910 was used to sideline natural medicine, favoring #profit-driven practices. Learn about the dark side of a medical industry awash with funds but struggling to address rising chronic conditions. This thought-provoking documentary challenges the ethics of our healthcare system and calls for a reevaluation of priorities.

Join us on http://Ickonic.com on SATURDAY 3RD FEB.

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