Sounds like some kind of B Movie Horror Show doesn't it?

Remember how we said the python doesn't want it's victim to struggle. Python just want's it to die without a fuss, so it takes it's time, giving it some air (new normal) then tightens a bit more, now THIS is the new normal, and so forth until the prey cannot get any more air and simply gives up. This is what NWO wants. They don't want to get people too upset because they don't want to the retaliation. Retaliation could turn out BAD for THEM!
Anyway here they are coming back with more mandates, more drugs etc
They have to keep everyone in fear. Without fear, they cannot control the masses.

They were talking nicely. The kids are not sick. It's been TWO YEARS! Please don't do it.. They did it. It's irreversible. Thanks mom and dad for shortening their lives, sterilizing them.

Executive Director of Oxfam International* Speaking at Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum says "COVID has been the most profitable product ever". Every 30 hrs a new BILLIONAIRE made in the Pharmaceutical industry due to the "Pandemic"

Oxfam International* is a "help the needy" association. The ED, says a new billionaire was made every 30 hrs, so why don't they use that money to feed the needy? You know why? because there's NO MONEY in feeding the needy! That's why!

Notice the guy 2nd from the right.. He's the only one without his legs crossed! He is not following the script! HE is a REBEL and must be DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY! Have you EVERY seen Klaus Schwab sitting without his legs crossed? Of course not! So GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

If these 5G towers are supposed to be so much better, so much more advanced then why do they need to be positioned every 50 ft!? In cities? In populated areas? Now they are building "short towers" that are right down at human level! A $25.00 CB radio or those "family radios" can reach 2-5 miles (they claim 50 miles but thats bs) but if something so simple and cheap can transmit and receive over 2 miles for sure, why are all these towers positioned in every city? on top of every apartment building so close together!? Its bullshit and its for more nefarious reasons! If you don't believe the so called "government" which is APPOINTED NOT ELECTED is telling the truth, watch this!

Does anyone live in the Toronto Canada area? At the foot of Liverpool Rd in Pickering, just east of Toronto, used to be a beautiful waterfront area with giant windmill and wide boardwalk where people would walk in the summers. Well the people still go but now they removed the windmill, removed the boardwalk and right there now is one of these new SHORT towers, only about 20ft tall. Why do they now all of sudden need a thing like this in a populated area, so close to people!?

have a look here... https://bit.ly/3OWkEhe

incase you didn't know the ONCE CONSERVATIVE Provincial Government of Ontario has been FIRING Conservatives and HIRED an Executive from the Huawei Company, the Chinese company (which is BANNED in the US) He was hired onto the Ontario Government! Why? Because they needed someone who knew about these towers, where to put them and to be politically involved to push through any legislation needed to stick these towers right up the asses of people.

Of the millions of other qualified people out of work, they had to get an executive from the Communist Chinese Huawei Company, a key player in the New World Order plan.

Note) It says it's not suitable for children yet this is what they are teaching children in our schools!

this is not just UK, this is world wide! As the documentary notes, it is brought on by "WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM"

Make no mistake! These "organizations" are nothing more than the Satanic Secret Societies that JFK tried to warn us about in the 60s and was KILLED over! Now they hide in plain sight with "nice names" like they are her to help us.

Just think of how World Health Organization or World Economic Forum would be accepted if they were called "Spectre" or "Skull & Bones Society" (yes there is such a thing) See how words can change influence us? Deceive us?

A bombshell documentary released on Wednesday describes the left’s systemic grooming campaign against children in woke schools using lgbt indoctrination material.

“Groomed: How Schools Sexualize Your Children,” produced by Reclaim The Media, exposes how the politically ideological left-wing are embedding critical gender and race theory into school curricula across the U.S. [ Article ]

*NOTICE: The following film contains distressing imagery and discussions of a sexual nature regarding the education of children.

It is intended as a resource for parents.

It is not suitable for children.

spread this and forward it as much as possible, because we gotta fight back

They want to get RID of the word MOTHER and replace it with "BIRTHING PERSON"

They want to get RID of Alpha males because they don't listen to BULLSHIT!

This is why they push the gay agenda and teach children that they are neither male more female like the Baphomet

assuming one wants to come back to the country formerly known as "Canada"

this video is from Chris Sky.

also see this about Common Law, you will see how they tie together.


They tie together in the sense that Government Agents are trained how to ask you questions to trick you into doing things you didn't need to do. The boarder patrol DO NOT need your home address or phone number. All they need is your passport. They can't ask you medical history either. They are not doctors and you are not under arrest.

If you watch the Common Law video you will see that YOU are not really Your Name. Your name is the strawman/avatar invented by the government to control you by, YOU are a HUMAN LIVING BREATHING ENTITY. You may or may not act on behalf of your strawman/avatar.

This is why so many willingly took the jib jab because they felt they had to. They felt they had no choice but yes you have a choice. Or some feared the fake virus which can't even be proven to exist so much that they took the Experimental Drugs thinking that would save them from the killer non-existent virus. Either way they were FEARED into doing so, not acting on their own common sense.

Luciferase - "Lucifer Race" or "LucifeR Ass" either way, it sucks.
Dr Carrie was recently in a plane crash. She will live but it seems suspicious.

If someone lies to you, you become reluctant to believe them the next time right? So what's the difference when you catch the Government Cartels in a lie? Why would you believe them the 2nd time? I'm just sayin, "DON'T BE NAIVE. QUESTION EVERYTHING".

I won't spoil it for you. Just watch and listen.

Watch this a few times!

Learn about contract law and how to remove yourself from your strawman*. (*your legal fiction)

You act ON BEHALF of your strawman.

If you are charged, stopped by cops etc, stick to the script;

* I do not consent
* I do not answer questions
* I do not wish to contract with you

Everything other than common law is a Contract

However common law says you must not cause harm, loss or injury to another so if you do, you have broken common law. If you break common law, that means you have created a victim.

watch in this video https://www.bitchute.com/video/rsYnFOmYmwoG/ how Chris Sky says to just not give boarder security things like where you live or your phone number. They don't need that. All they need is your passport which only has your name on it. See how these two videos are related, in that the government agents are trained to trick you into doing things, like so many took the jib jab thinking "they had to" no you DON'T HAVE to! Many just caved or they feared the fake virus, which cannot even be proven to exist, so they took the Experimental Drugs. Good luck with that. Be sure to check our "Memorial Board" post if you haven't already; https://iwantthetruth.ca/memorial-board

While you're at it, have a look at this! Pfizer tells the Federal Judge that THEY OWN the Federal Government and therefore are immune to liability and prosecution! Now from the above video you will have learned that in Common Law "cause no harm".

Here you see the two lovers discussing how they will roll out the new "DRUG PLAN" ACROSS CANADA. Fentanyl which is so deadly its one of the top killers of people around the world (only 2nd to "the Jib Jab") will be legalized, Crystal Meth will be legalized, Crack, Coke and Heroin too.

(of course as long as you buy it from the Government of Canada Drug Cartel and no one else)

Why wouldn't they want to legalize all drugs? Their end goal is to reduce the population as much as possible right? So if they can make more money at the same time killing people off, why wouldn't they? The people who do the above drugs, do so of their own free will! It's perfect for the Satanists!

See with the Jib jab thats also killing people, only some take it on their own free will but many will not. Many had to be coerced, while some won't even be coerced, so other drugs like deadly Fentanyl would be a great compliment to the jib jab, right?

Guess what's coming next? my prediction: LEGALIZED PEDOPHILIA! Prime Minister Trudeau already lowered the legal age to have anal sex to 16 with some exceptions of even younger;
https://justice.gc.ca/eng/rp-pr/other-autre/clp/faq.html so "legal pedophilia" is next.

The first speaker in the video is Jackmymeat n' Sing, leader of the NDP party in Canada. He was a lawyer who gave free legal services to the Mastermind of the "Air Indian Bombing" in 1985, killing all 329 onboard; https://simpleflying.com/air-india-flight-182-bombing-anniversary/

He even had to change his name to be disconnected from his past. His real name was Jimmy" Dhaliwal"

Trudeau of course is a commie pedophile indoctrinate of the Klaus Schwab school of Dictatorship

Then of course we have the 2nd in command to Canada, Krista "Freeland" also a Klaus Schwab graduate and she's ALSO a Nazi just like Schwab! Freeland's Grandfather was a Nazi as was Schwab's father. This is what the country formerly known as "Canada" is being run by. (now know as a Sector of the New World Order)

In fact look around, most of the world is now being run by Satanic/ Commie/ Nazi/ Pedophiles. In fact the only areas that are not (at the moment) are the states of Florida and Texas in United States. Even Russia seems like a better bet at this point. Putin is a straight shooter.

he is helpinghorsesheal2.0 on TikTok look him up. Got lots of good videos.

16 year old George Floyd on Judge Judy

He pushes her to the ground, jacks the lady's, crashes the car, is caught, convicted, doesn't believe he's liable for damages to the car (if not assault charges as well)

This is the American hero that BLM tore the country down for. 16 years old! He got a good start on life.

why did 10,000 cattle just drop dead?
why did 1000s of sheep drop dead?
why are 1000s of birds falling out of the sky?

IRS Agents admitting there is NO LAW stating we have to pay income tax.
Income tax is NOT used to fix our roads and fund our schools! Listen to this.

gets a nice reception with bagpipes


Ever wonder why demons speak backwards in horror films? It's because EVERYTHING is backwards in Satanism;
-Satan is opposite of Jesus. In Satanism
-Up is Down, Down is Up (see baphomet)
-Black is White, White is Black
-Light is Dark, Dark is the Light
-the Bible says "go forth and procreate" Satanism wants to depopulate the world
over 30 Christian churches were burned in Canada recently while Satanism is allowed in Schools, the new acronym made up by the queer left "SOGI" is now a thing being taught in PUBLIC schools (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification) to CHILDREN.
-Satanists call themselves "atheists" meaning they don't believe in God yet they believe Satan is "their god". See how fucked up they are?
Now does it make sense to you why schools are teaching boys that the are girls and girls are boys?

Here are some links for further info;






this is long but psychologist Mattias Desmet is spot on. He mentions about 25 min how a mother in Iran reported her own son to the government and even put the rope around her son's neck before he was hung and she then justified herself as being a heroin. This is 100% brainwashed. If a mother can do this to her son, you can see how the left and right cannot see how divided the rest of people could be. https://www.thedemocracyfund.ca/a_crisis_of_meaning_making_and_the_importance_of_maintaining_the_principles_of_humanity_in_a_dehumanizing_world
@30min, Mattias says its possible to win.


I just thank my God that I know I'm sane and not subject to the satanic psyops taking over the world. We can win if we wake enough people up.

brain dead puppet should be in a long term care home. Destroyed America, the once strongest nation on earth in the first 6 months. Same as TrueDoughBoy in Canada.

Great points! so much hypocrisy. Hunter Biden gets a PASS! Secret Service covers it up. NOTHING in MSM about this! Imagine if that was Trump's sons?

Control, Control, Control

Does it take a rocket scientist?

1) Bill Gates (a computer geek) is now the largest agricultural land owner in US
2) 15 years ago, he and his NWO buddies invested in development of the seed depository in the bering sea
3) they sterilize the plants and disguise bee killer as "Roundup Weed Killer" because, well we can't have bees pollinating plants now can we.
4) food manufacturing plants are being torched, blown up etc
5) 10,000 cattle "dropped dead" in Kansas the other day (only cattle, not deer, not birds not any other animals but only cattle
6) today (June 19 2020) 100s of sheep now dead. What kind of disease or weapon could effect only one species like that!?
7) they PAY farmers to destroy their crops!
8) they even "predict" food shortages. These are not predictions. They are doing it deliberately. "He who controls the food, controls the people"

Be as independent as possible. Grow your own food is possible. Make your own energy.

Don't do ANYTHING the Satanists want you to, like use cell phones, use facebook, whatsap, google, gmail, youtube and any other leftist things.

STOP giving them what they want!!!

If you let your child be injected by Big Pharma, you are what is called: “brainwashed” and under “mind control.”

The only shots I ever got in my life were polio, which was an actual vaccine, which had some of the virus in it, to boost your immune system. This was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME shot. Then I fell off a roof and needed a tetanus shot. Thats all the shots I ever got. When we were in public school, they used to send a bunch of kids to the office in groups to get further shots. Me an my homies would go outside for a smoke, then come back holding our arms say "oh that really hurt". We didn't take SHIT!

Here you can see the poor boy getting 5 injections of God knows what all at one time and you have idot adults who stand in -20C weather to be tht first to get COVID and OMNICRONS and DETACRONS and MONKEYCRONS shots, like 4-5 shots in under a year!? WTF MAN!?

AND there NO END TO IT EITHER! You will see that they will keep trying to inject the population over and over until they reach their goal of only 500 million left on earth which was WRITTEN IN STONE in 1979.


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