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MIT Professor of Meteorology confirming there is little evidence of man-made climate change.

Ice ages have come and gone throughout history from millions of years ago. At one point the poles were covered in Lush Green Rainforest! That means it was HOT on the North and South Poles at one point, LONG before cars or humans or plastic straws!

In this episode of Monster Quest, professors and scientists confirm though advanced techniques, that ICE MELTED 14000 YEARS AGO (allowing "Nessie" to swim into Loch Ness") point is that the FUCKING ICE MELTED ALL ON IT'S OWN!


(video should start at 19:35. If not, please FF to that point where they start talking about the ice melting 14,000 years ago.

Climate change (formerly known as GLOBAL WARMING) is a hoax.
PANDEMIC was a hoax too -- https://www.bitchute.com/video/7gyHodraLHYT/

ANYTHING to scare people into taking the experimental shots so they can be tracked, traced, even killed by the 5G towers was necessary.
Fear, then solution has been their game.

I posted about this before but now we have a commentary with it and I thought it was worth re-posting. Canada is stepping up funding into its Military by billions over the next years. Where will it come from? All the migrants wants free this and free that

2) Migrants were asked if they would "fight for their country" NOT ONE said yes! They were all like "ooooh, mi goodnis gracius! I am not from this country!"

Ya but you're living here for free!

Japanese Professor Delivers Stunning Message Everyone Needs to Hear

“The pandemic was used as a false pretext by the WHO to drive vaccinations of all peoples in the world.”

He says the fraudulent use of “experimental gene therapy to healthy people” was not only an “extreme violation of human rights,” but “the result was the induction of the terrible drug-induced injury that has never [been] seen in human history.”

- Prof Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School.

and NOBODY knows about this! They are pushing things though their Kangaroo Kourt without any public knowledge, consultation, nothing. This is a DICTATORSHIP! EVERYTHING they are doing is about CONTROLLING YOU and I!

UN taking over (aka WEF) keep in mind UN is controlled by Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Publishing)
Ya man. These entities are completely 100% SATANIC!
Seems like it's all coming together for the Satanists. I can imagine the meetings between Trudeau and the Satanists. They paint the picture of what the world will look like after 2030 and they simply say "What side do you want to be on?" Easy decision for him, since he's been indoctrinated since birth.

Same products different ingredients. Why!?

Eat one, they put you under a spell to make you keep eating more.

John Todd Ex-Illuminati talking how big record label companies use mainstream music to cast spells on people.

Just want to clarify something here, when he is speaking about "master" he is actually referring to master recording, which is actually the original recording of a song.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano exposes Pizzagate and names Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and former editor of The Recount, Slade Sohmer, who was recently arrested for child porn.

He also discusses how Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail operation on his island and collected evidence of well-known people committing heinous ritual crimes against children.

Hope this is real and not a deep fake.

Klaus Schwab says the world will no longer be run by superpowers like America… it will be run by the World Economic Forum stakeholders, such as BlackRock and Bill Gates.

Maybe he will call it Schwabbieland

Klaus Schwab sagt, dass die Welt nicht länger von Supermächten wie Amerika regiert wird, sondern von Interessenvertretern des Weltwirtschaftsforums wie BlackRock und Bill Gates.

Vielleicht wird er es Schwabbieland nennen

Doesn't take much to control people's brains. They've been honing this skill since at least WWII if not before...

Sure, it's all just for fun right? No, this was deliberate predictive programming, necessary for the Satanists to exonerate themselves from any "wrongdoing" they have to "tell people" this is what will happen in future, thereby avoiding any karmatic blow back on themselves.

They were showing how they'd get rid of any "Toxic Masculinity" back then. The fact that they use an "electric chair" is like they are killing the "macho man" turning him into a woman.

You have to understand where this all started, where it all came from, you have to READ THE BOOK!!!!!


PRO TIP: Buy a physical copy of this book for your library! It's really a must have!

Here is the translation for you...
is this "coincidence" as well?

Disney was obsessed with freezing his body thinking it could be brought back to life. Apparently he was FROZEN years ago.

This video points out that the movie Frozen was made to stop any searches from finding his body because when you search "FROZEN + DiSNEY" all you get is this movie. It's a brilliant way of hiding the truth.

I get these vids from all over the net, put them up here for your benefit. Many of them are recorded vertically. Of course vertical rectangle will not fit in the horizontal video player so I do my best to shrink them but as you can see there is space on both sides of the video. Its really frustrating.

The human eye naturally wants to see horizontally but since fucking "cell phones" started having cameras, it seems people are too lazy to turn the fucking camera on its side to make a proper, horizontal video.

And people still use annoying TickTock which is nothing more than a Commie Chineses data harvesting program! Why would anyone support that!? Same with faggotbook, messenger, google, gmail, instabook, linkedin, they are all cut from the same cloth! Let's stop giving them what they want!

Laws were made up to open the doors to abortion.

Imagine what this will mean for future generations.
They already don't know if they are boys or girls
In future they won't even know who's human or not

McCarthy has an autistic child. She's been against vaccines for many years since making this connection.

A random dude "scans people" using nothing more than a fucking LINT BRUSH to prove how gullible people are. They do what he says. Monkey puts his arms up, other monkeys do the same. Monkey see, monkey do.

They don't question ANYTHING!

Most will just go roll up their arms and let someone they don't know inject them with some substance they don't know anything about for a "virus" that they were told, on tv, would certainly kill everyone on earth unless they took the Bill Gates new and improved Experimental Injections.
BUT WAIT KIDS! If you get your injections today, you get this FREE ICECREAM with it! Completely FREE! Yeah!

This is how communism works.
socialism is only another word for communism.

Pedophilla is running rampant. Fucking government promotes, allows it in schools, has your children taught by men dressing as women reading them books about how to give head and how Johnny can fuck George if he wants. Im not making this shit up. The TRUTH is hard to handle!

Zuckarman of "Faggotbook" once put out a poll ASKING people how they felt about pedophillia! These faggots live in their own world and think there's nothing wrong with it. They are completely void of any morals or decent teachings like the bible.

In Satanism there is no right vs wrong, only "steps toward enlightenment"! If that means killing or harming someone (even children) so be it! But they DO believe in Karma, which is why they have to be able to say "I TOLD YOU SO" even if in encrypted messages. This supposedly exonerates them from any wrongdoing and the karma will not blow back on them. This is what they believe. They do things like show to your face "Mickey Mouse is just a fun little cartoon character" but in reality he / Disney are grooming children for pedophillia and to make them question their own gender enough that they create a weak minded society which is easier to control. They use slogans like "Toxic Masculinity" as if masculinity is all of a sudden "Toxic". In Canada they are pushing a LAW which would make it illegal to quote Christian Scripture! Ending in JAIL! They have already thrown Christian Priests in jail, fined them, taken their churches while over 100 Christian Churches burned across Canada in the last few years! Media was silent. Had they been mosques or synagogues or temples, we'd never hear the end of this! There would have been arrests, fines, jail but no, NOTHING!

Meanwhile they teach pedophillia to children in schools, have drag queens read to them, have after hours Satan Classes, build bronze statues of Drug Dealers and the Baphomet Creature while pulling down statues of our Founding Fathers, those who laid the foundation for our Nations!

Then we have the pedophiles hunting children online! It starts with we the people teaching our children to be vigilant, to realise when something's wrong.

The Pedhophiles are now trying to ride the coattails of the LGTBQRST movement. They don't want to be called Pedophiles anymore! They feel that's "offensive" to them! Now they want to be known as "Minor Attracted Persons" (MAPS) for short and they want those letters added to the "new alphabet"...

Funny how Google's parent company is called "Alphabet" isn't it!?

Wanna know some more "funny things"? Adreno is the name google uses for their processors;


Here you can see how Adreno is used in all the Android Phones and Gaming systems.... https://developer.qualcomm.com/software/adreno-gpu-sdk/gpu

and of course CHROME is Google's web browser.

AdreoChrome is the drug taken from adrenaline. Adrenaline from young, virgin children!

What?! He wants to make life more expensive for those who don’t sign up for his WEF vision of the future!

As if the country formerly known as 'Canada' is not expensive enough to live in now. He/she wants to bankrupt everyone, make them reliant on UBI (Universal Basic Income) which the young and the daft will flock to, thinking it's free money but the UBI will be in the form of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) which will be programmable and tied to your CCSCS (Commie Chinese Social Credit Score) so they control how much money you can have at any given time, where and what you can spend it on.

If you're a bad citizen, you get a lower CCSCS which affects what you can spend your CBDC on.

If you are in proximity of someone else that has a low CCSCS that too will affect your score.

If you buy bugs and meal worms, you might get a few extra points.

Did you see my prior videos about how this WEF Faggot is prepared to use Military force against unarmed citizens?

See how this is shaping up?

In communism the oligarchs always live large while their peasants are starving on the streets.

And how it's going is that all those who were actually producing something in Canada are LEAVING! Leaving it up to the migrants who are only coming for free stuff like free housing, free healthcare, free money. So who will produce things and pay taxes? NO ONE!

And do you think for a second that the migrants will fight for Canada or US should it come to war? HELL NO! They will make like the Great Russian Runner Alexander Fuckenov!

Peter Polivere won't be any better. He's already talkin support Ukraine, like like the Queen.

Good luck Canada!

In 1948 Albert Einstein along with 28 other prominent Jewish leaders wrote a letter to the New York Times…

It stated that the Israeli political party resembled the Nazi Party in its ideology and methods.

Einstein went on to say that he opposed the state of Israel and it was against the religion of Judaism

500 million GST on the Carbon tax! That's what Canadians will be paying, 500 million dollars GST (Goods and Service TAX) on the Carbon TAX! Paying Taxes ON Taxes!
And guess what? They call it "GLOBAL warming" right? Like, supposedly it's WORLD wide right? But ONLY CANADA charges The CARBON TAX! Like Canada is the only place on earth responsible for Carbon?
3) There's no evidence that CARBON makes any difference to the temperature of the planet! The temperature of the planet has been going up and down many millions of years before humans arrived and the first gas cars were only 100 years ago! The polar ice caps were once lush green rainforests and they froze over all on their own! With no help from man! (or woman!)
Notice now they call it "CLimate Change" so that they can blame you and I EITHER way! Whether it's too HOT or too COLD! It's STILL YOUR AND MY FAULT because YOU use plastic straws! lolololo! Does trudeau not know that the cap on the drinks is ALSO plastic! but he only banns the straws! Then he flies off in his feet of private jets to catch the next GAY PRIDE parade wherever they are in the world.


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