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Film producer traveling around the world, exploring different cultures. Lets take a tour! This time we explore AKIHABARA. Also exploring Bic Camera; one of the biggest most popular tech stores. Akihabara is full of electronics, games, music, action figures and card collectibles.

Exploring the city of Akhabara Tokyo, with games, some of the best food, Anime, action figures & Tech.

A Briefly exploring Nagoya City and Station in Japan

Exploring the underrated City: Nagoya

Exploring Lake Kawaguchiko on Mt. Fuji, Japanese Buses, Tolls, & Rest Stops.

Preview of Exploring Lake Kawaguchiko on Mt. Fuji

Exploring Fujinomiya's Famous Sengen Shrine, and some history.

Exploring the famous Sengen Shrine in Fujinomia Japan. (Preview)

Exploring Different Cultures all around the world starting with Japan

Day 1 in Japan. Shizuoka. Exploring Japan.


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Traveling, while Exploring different cultures all around the world. Big things are coming, so don’t be fooled by the first 10-20 episodes.

Much more variety is coming, with exclusive interviews, guest, and more.