The Best Kept Secret- The old evil that rules the world

DeCaprio Testifies in Obama Trial

Alvin Bragg's case against Trump crumbles

This Guy Says Supreme Court Ruled Election Was Fraudulent and Trump will be President/
We can hope....

Mexican President on Trump Arrest

Trump slams DC pro-crime bill as "sick and twisted," calls for Congress to block it

Zelensky 1995 Laughs At Troops Killed

Best TWA Flt 800 Documentary
TWA 800 Navy Whistleblower tells what happened-

This month marks 25 years since TWA Flight 800 exploded in the skies off East Moriches, Long Island. Now, the re-assembled wreckage of one of the nation's worst air disasters is being destroyed; CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

Navy Sailor William Teele lll Witnessed The
Navy shoot down TWA.800: Threats on his life were made, He was ordered to hide the evidence.

July 17, 1996, William Teele III was an Operations Specialist (OS) aboard the "Guided Missile Frigate USS"
off the coast of Fire Island doing battle exercises with another Navy vessel when he heard communications that a commercial airliner had been hit. He joins Stew Peters to talk about what really happened on the night that the crash of Flight 800 took the lives of 230 passengers.

Teele recalls, “On the headset…a few minutes into the transmission, there was a little bit of silence…I heard somebody say, ‘Oh no. We hit an airbus.’ And about two minutes later, I heard, ‘Radio silence!’ That means, ‘Everybody be quiet on the net.’

“And the two guys I was standing in between were looking at each other, like, ‘Oh no! This is a horrible mistake! Something really bad just happened. We couldn’t just hit an airbus!’
“And I asked him, ‘What is an airbus?’ and he said, ‘That’s a commercial aircraft.’ And I said, ‘You mean we hit a commercial aircraft?’ and he told me, ‘Be quiet. Just be quiet.’
“And then a radio went off from the ship that actually fired and they called our captain. Our captain came up to CIC
[Combat Information Center]
and walked in and got on the red phone and had a conversation.
I could hear in the background the conversation of him saying, ‘These have got to be the most dumbest idiots in the world to not recognize a white missile and a blue missile. How are you on the bridge wing and not see that we’re not supposed to fire? You’re supposed to see a blue training missile come up on the rail!’
“And they went back and forth about the conversation and the captain left…At that time, we stopped the drill and we were told were going to go into a high speed evasive maneuver…we was told ‘Go back down to the berth. Don’t say nothing at all.’

“We get into Bermuda about a day later and that’s when we were told that, ‘No one’s allowed to leave the ship, There’ll be no communications,’ and that, ‘Some people are coming onboard and they’ll be taking care of some some things that need to be done.’
“They brought all the OSes and everybody else involved inside CIC and…that’s when they instructed us then, that what happened didn’t happen and that we are not to discuss it and that some people were coming onboard and we need to stay out of combat.

“So I was told, right when we were getting evacuated to leave the space, my OS1 told us,
“I need you to grab all the log books, close ’em all up, tape ’em up, initial ’em…place everything in this box. Someone’s coming to collect it.
“After they came onboard with the items, we went back to the CIC, my OS1 was sitting in a chair and he’s explaining to me clearly that, if I open my mouth about what had happened, the government will ruin my life, based on my Social Security Number…

“We left Bermuda a few hours later, we went back out to sea to go back to Norfolk, Virginia.

Witness montage TWA Flt 800

TWA Flight 800 Whistle Blowers say it was a Missile that took down the plane (Jun 19, 2013)

Ferrat Mohamed Samir

Confirmed US Navy Shot Down TWA-800, Families File Suit
Jack Cahill Interview

This video is possibly the missile fired off Long Island

I'm guessing this is the video Jack Cashill writes about. If I am not mistaken (and if this is indeed the video Jack is referring to), it was taken off Long Island, 5 days before TWA shoot down, proving that there was indeed missile testing going on in the area (despite the Navy claiming that no missiles had been tested for over 5 years in the area).

Mike saw the missiles shoot off. His testimony was used in the animation- he says the CIA and FBI lied about what he stated.

St Petersburg 10/2022

Zelensky in heals

Robert Steele CIA Children Ritual Abuse
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Gets Trumped at the Airport lol

Looks like he did this as a joke but anyone following the entertainment industry for any time, know who they serve.

Weinergate - NYPD Forces FBI Comey to Open Clinton Investigation - Breitbart Eric Prince Interview--Prince states his contacts in the NYPD told him horrific evidence on the laptop. Grown men wept.
There was a string of suicides that followed shortly after. I am sure not all were related to this but I'd like to know if any of these officers were involved with the Weiner investigation.
We owe it to them!

Things that make you go 🤔Weiner Laptop, Clinton, NYPD Suicides


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