Fr makes the distinction between proximate and remotes occasions of sin.

This sermon was given 3-12-2023. It was a series of sermons on the nature of temptation according to Fr Remmler's book.

Fr. Bitzer was invited to an interfaith meeting, and he gives the reason why he cannot go.

This is a series of sermons on temptations based on the book by Fr Remmler.

There are two types, Internal and External temptations.

The nature of temptations in general.

This audio is, for the most part, suppressed on many websites/media platforms. I have converted this audio cassette tape for your information and listening pleasure. Dr. Horowitz was warning of the vaccine cabal in the 1990's.

A series of sermons based on the book by Fr. Remmler

A series of sermons based on the book by the late Fr Remmler.

Beware of recalling your past sins, the devil can use this against you.

A series of sermons based on Fr Remmler.

A series of sermons based on the book by Fr Remmler.

A series of sermons based on Fr Remmler.

A series of sermons based on Fr Remmler.

A series of sermons on sin/temptation

A series of sermons on sin/temptation

This is the late Kokomo "Joe" from Kokomo, Indiana. Requiescat in Pace.

The late Joe V from Kokomo, Indiana. He was a lifelong traditional Catholic.

Hugh Owen gave this talk at the Spirit of Chartres Conference, 2013, Carrollton, VA.

Dr Matatics gave this two-part lecture circa 1990's.

In this two-part talk the Catholic convert, Dr Gerry Matatics, gives an explanation of Mary from Holy Scripture. The picture is of the Black Madonna in Poland; it is the oldest painting of Our Lady in the world, painted by the Evangelist St. Luke. Her eyes follow you from side to side. I have seen the painting up close.


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