My thoughts on Destiny 2's newest expansion.

Today we Play "Shadow of the Colossus" the remake in all it's HD glory.

Today on RetroTime we play area 51 by Midway

We Play Metal arms Glitch in the System on the Original Xbox.

My review of Control and a glimpse into the universe of Alan Wake.

My Impressions of Control a video game available on Epic Games store for Windows,
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

This is my full review of Elex on the PlayStation 4.

My Final Review of God of War 2018

Back to 2001 with Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on PlayStation 2.

My impressions of Oninaki a game by Tokyo RPG Factory and SquareEnix
Coming to Windows PC
PlayStation 4

Today on RetroTime we play this blast from the past, Forgotten Realms, Demon Stone.
Available on
PlayStation 2

My review of Alan Wake by Remedy Entertainment.
Available on
Windows PC
Xbox 360 and Xbox One

((((Please watch updated video))))
Elex is an open world action Role Playing Game, see why this is an underrated gem.

We Play Assassin's Creed Odyssey on PlayStation 4, is Odyssey worthy of the name?
Available on Steam for Windows and SteamPlay
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

Today we play X-Men Origins Wolverine (PC versions)
Also Available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Another version on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii

Seven The Days Long Gone available on
Steam & GOG On Windows PC
Steam Linux W/Steam Play

My impressions of Assassins creed Odyssey

Finally my review of "Days Gone" a PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Today I play the first on my newly acquired Xbox Original, Dungeons & Dragons heroes.

A Chinese developer is working on the ultimate Triple A experience, let's hope he succeeds.

Is streaming really a viable replacement for video games? or is the cloud just catchy corporate double speak?

I will periodically be showing PS2 games on RetroTime.

My impressions of "Days Gone"


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