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Cilla Whatcott - Founder of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice

In large part, our respected American healthcare system is no longer respected, nor effective. A century ago, the Robber Barons cartelized every market, under the “kind” dynamic of the “Progressive” era. In particular, John D. Rockefeller funded a medical association collusion to defund and outlaw legacy aspects of physician practices… practices which would not rely on the Robber Baron’s new, “scientific” approach that coincidentally relied on petroleum byproducts sold by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil (now Exxon).

The Rockefeller-birthed pharmaceutical industry exploded, and with it, their new school of “allopathic” medicine. Even if it took some one hundred years, this COVID tyranny that’s threatened and shut down doctors who tried to prescribe effective treatments, rather than Pharma’s dangerous vaccines, is finally awakening the public to the dangers and corruption of “modern” medicine.

Homeopathy, a completely different and proven approach to health and medicine, does not rely on pharmaceutical drugs. Considered an alternative approach to training bodily immunity – including from epidemic diseases such as Malaria and AIDS – published studies with populations in the millions, in some cases, show that Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is just as effective as traditional vaccines.

Why is HP still relatively unknown? Could it be because it is effective, inexpensive to produce, and totally safe?

James Lyons-Weiller, CEO, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge

This is it. This Wednesday, pharma gets its puppets at the Food and Drug Administration to extend the Covid gene therapy injection emergency authorization to kids under 6 and as young as 6 months. That will be followed by the Centers for Disease Control's recommendation to add it to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule, which will ensure the drug companies have continuing immunity from liability. Thus, should politicians defy their pharma overlords and repeal the emergency authorization, pharma could fall back on this other liability shield.

Who cares if a few (thousand) kids get hurt? Obviously not the Biden Administration, who already procured some 10-million doses… even BEFORE it was approved! Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Dr. Jack, as friends are allowed to call Dr. Lyons-Weiler, has proven one of the best scientists for real, honest commentary during the past couple of years’ Covid hysteria. Like a lot of leaders, from the Orwellian corruption tyranny, he has birthed a plan to “fix the science.” He calls it “Plan B”, and it includes an important educational piece he calls IPAK-EDU. Before he talks about that, we’ll discuss the FDA’s threat to kids that’s starting on June 15th.

As Dr. Jack wrote in his popular “substack,” (which is a home for great writers whose truth doesn’t comport with the tender mercies of the Technocrats’ fact-checkers), he divulged the monstrous fraud of pharma’s studies on kids’ shots that the FDA will use to rubber-stamp authorization approval.

Members of Congress have finally joined the pressure to stop the government from remaining a gutless tool of Bio-Tech interests, but we need to come together Wednesday to mourn the atrocity America’s government will commit that day – and brainstorm a plan for moving forward to reclaim scientific integrity and health freedom.

Dr. Paul Marik - Chairman, Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Half a decade ago Dr. Marik nearly eliminated sepsis, a serious infection for which most conventional treatments ended in death, using a protocol that featured a high dose of Vitamin C. Noticing that many Covid patients were nutrient deficient, he used this same “HAT” protocol, added other proven therapies, and saved over 90% of his Covid patients. By the end of 2020, Dr. Marik and over 100 other Frontline Doctors were getting similar outcomes.

When he added Ivermectin to what his team termed the “MATH+” protocol, his hospital refused to allow this long-proven drug to its patients. So, Dr. Marik sued them. Norfolk’s local news reported:

“Marik claims that Sentara's policy may have led to the deaths of four of his patients who were never given the opportunity to learn of or be treated with potentially life-saving medicines. He said these actions are criminal.

"It's not just for me; it's for patients across the whole country. They have the right to choose what treatment they want," Marik said Thursday. "It's an outrage and yet there are other effective treatments available that they are trying to silence. The patients across this country need to know that they have options."

After Norfolk’s Sentara hospital suspended Dr. Marik’s privileges, he resigned from the medical school where he was one of the most popular teachers. By this time, many realized that our government had been captured by special interests. Even Democrats in Virginia’s legislature voted for a bill praising Dr. Marik as a leader in Covid treatment.

Another part of the state government, though, the Department of Health, ignored the clamor for truth and piled onto Dr. Marik’s plight, initiating an investigation into his support for effective treatments. Dr. Meryl Nass, whose license was suspended by Maine’s medical board for prescribing effective treatments, said the contradiction of the simultaneous commendation and investigation of Marik demonstrates that government administrations have “gone rogue … to stifle doctor and patient choice and autonomy.”

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has never recommended effective early treatments for Covid, a crime that Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch blames as the cause for most of the million Covid deaths. For the FDA’s negligence, Dr. Marik and other Frontline Doctors have sued the agency.

The larger question out of the Covid hysteria is this: Are we going to allow this criminal and deadly approach to treating Americans to continue? Or are we going to join together to revamp the system; reward independent healers.. honor patient rights… and stop the regulatory capture by the special interests?

Mary Talley Bowden - Owner, BreatheMD

Crimping on doctor flexibility already was creating buyer’s remorse among specialists who sacrificed independence for hospital employment. While many sought escape from the institutional smothering, they lacked business know-how… or doubted that enough patients would seek out an independent practice. Today, top-notch cash appointment consultants are coaching healers on how to list real prices and work with employers to get a steady supply of patients. – something Covid, as people began looking for more independent docs, helped expedite.

COVID was in large part responsible for expediting this, as these hospital systems exploited the COVID corruption to double down on limits on the already low-common-denominator “standards” of care; even threatening doctors who followed the Hippocratic Oath to provide early, efficacious treatments. When their gene therapy vaccine was rushed through in the FDA’s corrupt, emergency authorization process, most medical leaders-imposed peer pressure on the nurses and staff to join this ritual.

Many health professionals, though, resisted, leading some hospitals in late 2020 to offer bribes for jab compliance. The significant percentage who faced the vitriol and declined to participate in what we now know is a dangerous experiment were fired…or lost hospital privileges – like Dr. Bowden.

Having formed a “direct specialty” practice before COVID, Dr. Bowden was able to maximize the flexibility of such independent ventures by offering those effective treatments like Ivermectin which were prohibited in the corrupt hospitals. Never willing to let superior competition exist without punishment, the medical special interests are goading the state Medical Board to harass early prescribers like Dr. Bowden.
But this Hippocratic Oath-honoring behavior of Dr. Bowden shows the critical need for independent specialists. For many patients, it’s a matter of life and death.

Relying on cash payments and competitive marketing to increase their appeal and visibility, direct specialists offer patients more time and a broader array of treatments. And happy docs and happy patients make for a better health marketplace.

Grace Torres-Hodges, DPM, MBA, FACPM, FASPS - Owner/Founder Torres Hodges Podiatry

Patients and employers increasingly know of the benefits of a relationship with their physician in a subscription-based, Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. There is no pressure to rush the appointment or over-utilize drugs or treatments or inflate reimbursements. DPC gives doctors a chance to expand their own training, and offer more integrated services to meet customer demands. The result: Both parties achieve happiness.

But what about specialists? Is there room in this free market system for specialists to develop direct relationships with patients and develop broader practices and happier parties in the process?

Dr. Grace Torres-Hodges, a board-certified podiatrist and foot surgeon, is a Direct Specialty Care (DSC) physician. She has proven the concept works and is now advising other doctors on how to join the free market solution. Just as DPCs expand what “primary care” can entail, DSCs allow specialists to thrive in direct care relationships with their patients.

So, how can direct specialists solve larger health system problems, like overutilization, patient bankruptcy, or physician burnout? Dr. Grace reviews these issues and more.

Gayle Brekke - Director, Concerned Actuaries Group

COVID’s fear scared too many families from visiting their primary care doctors for illnesses and accidents. Many patients instead tried telemedicine first, to avoid in-person contact during a pandemic. Employer benefit advisors are happy that workers are now going back to see doctors because experts are hoping a new type of primary doctor can help with uncontrolled costs and unhappy patients.

Even before the Pandemic, doctors, and patients were finding each other – not via a fee-for-service transaction, but rather with – in some instances – unlimited visits for a modest monthly subscription. It’s called “Direct Primary Care”, and users are surprised to learn that 70% or more of health episodes can be resolved without having to get referred to a specialist.

This high-resolution rate comes about because DPC doctors can spend more time with patients. No incentive exists to rush the appointment, and there’s no extra cost if the patient needs a follow-up call or visit. Doctors in such arrangements know the best places to go if a referral is needed - who offers the best care, which testing center won’t overcharge, and so on.

Some DPCs even have ancillary healers on staff or have an integrative background themselves and can coach families on diet, stress reduction, or natural therapies. Some physicians are partnering with telemedicine operations to grant 24/7 connections, for continuity of care. By cutting down on specialist referrals, DPCs also save employers a ton of money. They also do a better job of keeping patients healthier and happier.

Ms. Brekke has a deep background as an actuary, underwriter, and now, a doctoral candidate in Health Policy and Management at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Elliott Gorog - Owner, Health Matching Account Services

Advisors are worried free-market reformers are too dependent on the popular, tax-advantaged Health Savings Account as a tool both to empower patient shopping and allow cheaper plans due to higher deductibles. Too many HSA holders are blue-collar workers not sufficiently funding them to elude the bankruptcy risk that stems from insurers’ high Out of Pocket exposure. Wealthy entrepreneurs are thriving with HSAs because they represent a tax shelter even more powerful than IRAs - to build $100,000 or more to make a nice nest egg.

How do we, then, help regular Americans for whom HSAs are not living up to their potential? The late Don Levitt on LinkedIn argued for years with HSA defenders on his coming invention, and now the HMA represents the fastest growing tool among licensed health agents. Why?

The genius of the HMA - stems from the brightest actuarial minds at the famous Milliman firm. Using the traditional 80-20 rule, where 80% of users will use only 20% of funds, Milliman analyzed the “pooling” of risk and the frequency of claims to devise a system of increasing benefits - resulting in a prepaid VISA that doubles one's contributions over 3 years. $40 over 3 years, for example, doubles to a $2500 prepaid Visa for Out of Pocket. $140 over that same time period doubles to $10K. Higher monthly amounts double to $40K or even more.

What level you purchase depends on your expected Out of Pocket exposure. Those with higher needs need bigger HMAs. Many will want a modest HMA just for cavities, urgent care, the odd prescription or test, and unexpected hospitalizations.

Doubling means Out of Pocket becomes effectively halved, making the HMA a godsend for chronic patients and families expecting a baby, needing braces, or for anyone expecting a surgery (or wanting one, what’s called “elective”). What healthy people don’t realize, though, is that a $5,000 health expense hits everyone every 5 years, on average. And very few families can afford more than $1,000 for any given episode.

With several years of experience under HMA’s belt, they are about to release a rider for long-term care, solving finally the biggest worry on every retiree’s mind. Speaking of seniors, Forbes Magazine just characterized the HMA as the best “supplement” for Medicare’s gaps. They also have a money-doubling pre-paid VISA for pets.

But Innovators Must Be Ethical, Selling the Right Way or We’ll Just Replace One Health Care Mess with Another

Robert Steele - Superbowl Champion, Marketing Specialist for TruthMD, & Founder, Steele Center for Professional Selling, University of North Alabama
[email protected]

Closing hundreds of millions in contract value, Mr. Steele has not taken on every health care entrepreneur who has sought advice. This is not about money or fees. This is about credibility, character, and compliance for those we serve. Our motto has always been “Service above Self”. The Art, Science, and Psychology of Sales is a professional calling. Few choose this road. Actually, most travel this road begrudgingly. Life is about abundance. Abundance in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Health care took a seventh of the US economy not from serving the greater good but serving the pockets of the carpetbaggers that came to raid the public trough. Greed kills more than infection. Health reform is about changing the way we purchase healthcare and how we purchase health insurance. The Affordable Care Act NEVER addressed these two things. In fact, they totally ignored them in pursuit of Greed.

For those of us who desire to serve the greater good and be compensated because a worker is worthy of their wages. This talk will give you insights on how to delight your clients and prospects and have them coming back for more each and every year.

It is all about the WHY:
1. Why we do what we do;
2. Why consumers are so confused when it comes to healthcare;
3. Why this mission is so critical;
4. Why our sales approach is really not a sale at all: and
5. Why buy.

Health care presents one of the best markets for well-meaning innovators to add value, making money, and creating goodwill in the process. There’s a RIGHT way to proceed!

Michael Wiggington, Coalition Director, Americans for Prosperity - Virginia

While California defeated “Single Payer” on top of Vermont’s refusal to implement the same due to taxes needed to pay for it, Americans remain dissatisfied with the cartel that makes a mockery of anyone calling our health system a “free market”. Republicans, take note!
Mr. Wiggington’s organization, funded by the Koch oil interest, found in quality polling, a package of reforms that has support not just among conservatives, but also independents and a MAJORITY of Democrats! It’s rare to achieve such bipartisan support.

These common-sense reforms, if passed federally and in the 50 states, would reduce costs, improve access, and empower patient choice. The Personal Option synthesizes these reforms - using key messaging to build consensus - thus offering a legitimate alternative to a still possible government takeover.

John Troutman - National Marketing & Biz Development, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services

For Cove by Feelmore Labs, OnePoll just found 63% of respondents said Covid had exploded their stress to “an all-time high”. They’re so burned out that they struggle to focus and find a good balance between work and life. Worse, despite awareness of coping habits like yoga that are beneficial, many in this poll have fallen into poor sleeping and eating habits when stressed, while others engage in a little too much “retail therapy”. The good news is most in this poll are open to discussing this problem and have already sought some form of therapy. What about a systemic approach?

Ingraining consistent, effective counseling is something Mr. Troutman has sought to implement, in the world of health benefits. But such benefits escape where most workers find themselves - in small businesses. And for too long counseling benefits have fallen short of what families truly need. So how is John bringing effective benefits to where families actually work?

Mr. Troutman has found systematization cannot be standardized. Every client needs a different suite of counseling benefits - and the options are so much BIGGER than buyers realize. There are needs around eldercare, business coaching, depression, or personal finances. The list is endless, but so are his company’s offerings.

Fortunately, “Life Care”, as some clients of his call it, is more affordable than one thinks, and its results actually will save the owner money. It’s a win-win proposition.

Tom Acklin, MD - Founder and CEO at Conversations With Cancer
[email protected]

A couple of years ago Dr. Acklin presented on Freedom Hub the “gut-brain-fascia” complex. There’s a massive connection between fascia, the nervous system, gut health, the gut-brain relationship, and hormones.

“Gut health”, unfortunately, appears somewhat taboo in allopathic (“mainstream”) medicine. Asian medicine respects the field, recognizing the abdomen as the “seat of the soul”. The rise in gastro-intestinal issues should make enough reason for the West to broaden its curiosity about cures in this area.

The human gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells—it’s practically a brain unto itself. From evolution, some say the gut “invented” us. From its point of view, the gut is still the boss and tells the brain what to do. But the brain is a problem child, always getting into fixes of its own making. The gut withholds serotonin and only gives it up as a reward when our brains treat it right.

A practitioner at Georgetown University’s Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Dr. Acklin is taking his leadership in this new field of cancer. Given the failure of allopathy to stop the fact that most Americans now suffer unending chronic symptoms, patients need to search for practitioners with knowledge of the gut biome.

Nicholas Tarazi - Founder, MedCallPro

Because of Covid fear telemedicine exploded in the last couple years - from single digits up to a third of all primary care consultations.

Previous to the hysteria, telemedicine already was rising in importance, as families learned a quick call or Skype to a virtual doctor could get them the advice or prescription that would take otherwise several hours of travel and a Waiting Room - just to get the same advice or prescription.

It’s a little-known fact that 70% of all urgent care and emergency room visits are unnecessary. If those patients had access to a doctor over the phone, more than 95% of those patients would have their health issues resolved on the first call. If the patient needed to call back, he or she would most likely have 100% healthcare resolution.
Why? Most illnesses are really about preventive care. For example, if one has a fever, what should they take? Or, if one has a sore throat, chest congestion, or rash, what should he or she do? Many questions are from parents trying to help their children.

Indeed, with MedCallPro, a family doesn’t even need insurance. Just a simple membership grants that family 24/7 access to care, regardless of location.

That said, health care is a cartel, and anytime a disruptive force challenges the status quo, politics steps in to protect the status quo. States grudgingly allowed during the Declared Emergency out-of-state doctors to offer telemedicine services in another state. The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity is lobbying to make permanent this expansion of virtual medicine.

The maturity of telemedicine has led to market-based improvements as well - namely more specialists offering remote treatments unless in-person visits are needed. Some of us hope telemedicine will offer more integrated (natural) options. Others use nurses, and some seek a seamless “Direct Primary Care” like a continuation-of-care model. MedCallPro sees an advantage in using emergency-trained personnel as the first-line triage when getting a call from a patient. It’s exciting to see the diversity as telemedicine scales to a larger aspect of the total health market. Mr. Tarazi will offer lessons learned on state-of-the-art telemedicine.

Roy Ramthun - President & Founder, HSA Consulting Services

In the early 1990s when President Clinton’s wife Hillary was trying to cram Americans into Health Maintenance Organizations rationed by Medicare price controls, a group of insurers and scholars countered with what has become the most important part of a health plan for uncovered expenses: the Health Savings Account (HSA). 30 million families now use them, and not only for Out-of-Pocket expenses - but also as a vehicle to build $100,000 by retirement (when folks REALLY need help with long-term care expenses).

Tax time makes a good opportunity for businesses to consider adding an HSA because owners will get asked by their CPA: “did you max out your HSA”? That is, did you as an individual shelter $3,650 in the account, or as a family, $7,300? These annual contributions reduce taxable income. Balances roll over every year and are investable, and tax-free. Withdrawals for IRS-approved medical expenses aren’t taxed. The accounts have more tax advantages than an IRA or a 401(k).

But HSAs artificially are limited, by the government and even by health insurance agents. The Government won’t allow retirees to fund HSAs, a crime when stories abound of the multi-hundred thousand dollar exposure they face with long-term care and Medicare gaps. HSAs could attract so much more funding, if not politically limited - thus enabling more of the panacea of price-sensitive competition. Agents, too, seem ambivalent on HSAs, at least with larger employers with blue-collar workforces.

These agents see worker HSAs as insufficiently funded or utilized, allowing Democrats to scapegoat HSAs for delayed care or bankruptcies that tragically plague many who HAVE insurance. HSAs need more political support, in order to do their job in helping patients and upgrading the health system.

Mr. Ramthun has been an influential professional in HSA politics and business for decades. He knows their advantages as well as how government handcuffs their potential. None of us are satisfied with the status quo in health care. Cash patients via HSAs need to play a larger part in the future of medicine.

David Martin, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer M-CAM International Fellow, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia

With insurers reporting deaths last year 50% higher than normal, the French courts ruling that those who died after the experimental jabs were technically “suicides,” and Wall Street slamming the stock values of pharmaceutical companies – what will it take for the health bureaucrats to be called out for their complicity in what has clearly become an unimaginable crime against humanity? For at least a year, attorney David Martin has done the research and is helping to bring forward the legal cases and cage these perpetrators.

“Follow the patents”, Martin famously said early during the Covid hysteria. Cui bono? Or “who benefits?” In this case, David has named names – and names he will share on Wednesday. From the universities weaponizing both the virus and treatments under the guise of “it’s for science,” to the billions made by the world oligarchs as they push forward their ‘Great Reset’ – or what the World Economic Forum calls the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ the cost to humanity has been quite high. It’s the cost of life, itself.

Martin, featured in many of the latest podcasts and films, including Planet Lockdown (which our own Freedom Hub co-host, Jim Grapek, worked on), is also a co-founder of the Mighty Networks, Activate Humanity Channel. Activate Humanity is about people connecting to build a brighter future. The core values are: Accountability, Equality, Transparency, Integrity, sustainability, and unity. Not – by the way – AI-controlled transhumanism!

Kim Green

Almost every professional occupation has been layered with bureaucracy. It’s called licensing. While no proof exists, that licensing adds value of any kind – such as more affordability, availability, or quality, and in fact, may do the opposite – licensing has been difficult to repeal, especially in medicine.

Fortunately, voters are learning of the uselessness of licensing and in some cases, have gotten licensing regimes repealed, for example, for hair braiders. And now, with many doctors losing their licenses for political reasons – such as prescribing early, politically unapproved COVID treatments – we now have an opportunity to free doctors from this dangerous, political mechanism. Sure, they can try going through the courts, but why not replace licensing?

Enter “private certification,” where professionals who meet the criteria of registered certification organizations could bypass the need to be licensed. What about fraud? State attorney’s general would prosecute for fraud in instances where a member of that organization violated the criteria.

Ms. Green believes certification solutions, as they stand today, are not the perfect solutions. What if, for example, we’re just replacing a licensing monopoly with a certification monopoly? After Colorado introduced private certifications and state licensing for massage therapy, both organizations ended up taking more control over the practitioners.

Instead, Kim would love to see SAFE HARBOR approaches used in more states. It is a way that has been tested and legitimized through many years of study and application. The Safe Harbor concept offers a more effective and protective infrastructure – to enable health providers (in this case) to do their jobs without being controlled by politics, counter-productive rules, or mounds of red tape.

Paula Muto - Founder UBERDOC & Owner Muto Vein Center [email protected]

It’s easy to just use the specialist recommended by your primary care doctor, but what if you want to take more control in this decision? Or, what if there’s no referral available from the primary doc; or insurance paperwork gets in the way; or the recommended specialist appointment can’t happen for months? Or their online reviews were terrible? Enter the Sharing Economy.

The Sharing Economy exploded with Uber – to give us more choices than just a taxi – and AirBnB – giving us more accommodation choices when traveling. Dr. Muto started UBERDOC with the same idea in mind; to give people an easy and quick way to book a consultation with any specialist listed in the Uberdoc app.

The bureaucracy of today’s overburdened health system makes it virtually impossible for a person needing quick, urgent care to get an appointment with the best specialists in a timely manner.

Eating up one-seventh of the economy, healthcare is a top-heavy cartel. Join the conversation to hear from another entrepreneur who is bypassing the red tape – and enabling families and doctors to connect WHEN an appointment is needed – rather than months later.

Josh Yoder - Cofounder of US Freedom Flyers

Early in the 2020 Declared “Pandemic” Emergency, one commentator opposed the rising, draconian lockdowns, urging instead to let international trade wear the Covid virus out via natural immunity. Science since has recognized lockdowns as the worst historic failure in Public Health, resulting in zero abatement of spread but definitely sabotaging whole economies and the livelihoods of millions. No one showed, on the other hand, any spread via what remained of a decimated airline industry. Through subsequent mask and vaccine mandates, the dark money behind the order drove a wedge among humanity, setting us up for behavioral tracking that the current Freedom Convoys are seeking to stop.

For the pilots and passengers specifically, and indeed for all users of transport nodes, Josh Yoder has sought to protect the rights of unvaccinated travelers against the mandates of government and corporations. Delta imposed unvaxxed surcharges on employee benefits. United fired pilots on an “approval” from the Food and Drug Administration that never produced any available shots, an act so outrageous that it’s poetic justice that pilots seeking religious exemption gained reprieve in the courts. Hawaiian Airlines employees tried to block their mandate but were denied by a judge. Frontier imposed a mandate. Plenty of countries forbid travel for the unvaccinated. Truckers and shippers face similar limits.

Wonderfully, transportation workers have taken matters into their own hands. They faced down Canada’s vicious government. With the PEOPLE'S CONVOY Mr. Yoder will present how we all can assert our rights for freedom and health - and to travel unimpeded by politicized science.

Barry Friedberg, Pioneer of Brain Monitored, Goldilocks anesthesia

It must have been terrifying for humanity up until the 1600s to have little more than opium or willowbark to relieve severe pain. From that century up to the 1800s, the blessings of sedation via chloroform and ether lessened the terror for the growing field of surgery. It wasn’t until the late 1800s, though, when ether allowed anesthesia to really prevent pain during operations.
In the 1900s patients had it better with heroin and morphine, but their addiction potential led in the 1960s to the professionalization of the Pain Management field. Medicating the brain - as anesthesia does - has risks (including death or postoperative cognitive disorder) that has leading doctors and scientists struggling to find the right amount of medication - the Goldilocks principle - to enable pain-free surgery without putting patients at risk.

The only way to get not 'too much,' not 'too little' but 'just the right amount' of anesthesia for your brain is to directly measure it's response. Brain activity monitors evaluate individual patient brain responses, eliminating the practice of routine anesthesia over-medication. Older patients, especially those with other medical problems, are vulnerable to anesthesia risks. Seventy million Baby Boomers are entering their 'Golden' years. As 10% of them will have surgery every year, they pose a substantial potential postoperative problem for their families and the health care system.

Americans must become their own patient safety advocates. Americans must insist on brain monitoring with anesthesia. Dr. Friedberg will explain if no brain monitoring is available at the facility where your surgery is planned, calmly explain to your surgeon (or administrator or anesthesia provider) that you will seek another one where this type of monitoring will be done. Monitoring virtually eliminates the need for postoperative opioid pain relief along with the risk of postoperative opioid addiction.

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Jared J. Wallen MD MBA - Direct Care Urologist & Fierce Patient Advocate

A recent study on the new law prohibiting hospitals from hiding prices revealed that patients actually get better pricing than the insurance companies. This might be surprising to some, but based on the economies of scale and the MarkUP/Discount Game that hospitals and insurance companies play, insurers who have a lot of patients to bring to a hospital should be incentivized to get, and offer, discount pricing. Yet, it turns out this isn’t the case. Why?

And why do some patients still struggle to get affordable cash prices, despite this study saying they do better than bulk purchasers?

On the flip side, many doctors complain that hospital (and insurer) interference hinders how they practice medicine, yet too few take the plunge into the independent market – which would afford them more flexibility and better payment from cash transactions.

Dr. Wallen of YOU & WEE Direct Care Urology took the plunge and began seeking patients directly – promoting competitive, price shopping. He’s also working to educate both patients and providers on how to shop on price and quality. Wallen is the sole owner of the Self-Directed Medical Education series and works to empower and educate patients to become savvy, medical care consumers; empowering them to save money and get the highest quality care in the marketplace. (And they’ll never end up having to ‘fight the system.’)

See how a young entrepreneurial surgeon from humble Midwest origins is quietly becoming a major player in the independent, cash specialty market. And find out why he thinks the best way to restore the “Holy Grail” of medicine - the patient-physician relationship - is for Patients and Healers to stand together; to rise up against the corrupt, pay-for-play corporate behemoths before they wipe out whatever good remains in healthcare.

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Peter Nelson - Senior Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment

One of the highest profile failures of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - i.e., “ObamaCare” - entailed the saddling of middle-class families with outrageous premiums that cost a mortgage, and equally huge deductibles. Less widely known were the limits on choice, as networks insurers formed to afford covering sicker Americans had to exclude the better hospitals that wouldn’t agree to the low reimbursement.

Government masked the former problem with subsidies paid by taxpayers, but not enough to stop a million mostly smaller entrepreneurs from abandoning insurance for the exploding market in Medical Cost Sharing. The Biden Administration beefed up these subsidies to stem the exodus from the failing ACA exchanges. His “Build Back Better” Act seeks to make permanent these premium subsidies, which will fool Americans into not acting in their interest for a better system.

Working in the previous presidential administration, Mr. Nelson tried to expand access despite the failures of the ACA. Via arrangements for group health plans to individualize policies, to easing access to more affordable temporary bridge plans, Peter improved the health plan infrastructure that already is revolutionizing options for small businesses and families buying on their own.

But what about sick people? While Obamacare guaranteed them coverage, the offered plans limit who one can see if suffering from cancer, heart disease, or bad accidents. Access to average doctors probably beats no access, but surely America can do better?

Prior to the ACA states experimented with risk pools. Heck, even prior to Medicare families kept their private catastrophic insurance until death. Mr. Nelson has his work cut out for him. The health cartel utterly has failed humanity over the past year’s C/19 hysteria, and it suffered deficiencies prior to C/19. Everyone is ready now for a much better health system.

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Bryan Ardis - Cofounder of Ardis Labs & host of "The Dr. Ardis Show"

Early last year hospital protocols killed the father-in-law of Dr. Ardis, and now the hospital Treatment Death Rate is 25% (compared to just a 1% COVID death rate).

Early last year hospital protocols killed the father-in-law of Dr. Ardis, and now the hospital Treatment Death Rate is 25% (compared to just a 1% COVID death rate).

Current Hospital Protocols are the #1 cause of death of all Americans treated for Covid, NOT the virus or its variants. To protect innocent Americans from being poisoned and vented to death in ICUs, Dr. Ardis will explain the documents to prepare beforehand to deliver to the hospital, directing the staff and administrators how they will and will not treat you or your loved one. Learn what you and your loved ones need to be armed with NOW to prevent medical kidnapping and hospital harming of you and your loved ones.

Since that fateful family tragedy during the Covid hysteria, Dr. Ardis has been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans, in many of our "institutes of health". Through his TruLabs and "The Dr. Ardis Show" ventures - and the Texas Healing Center for which he consults - Bryan exposes corruption in the medical system and empowers a worldwide clientele struggling with personal health issues.

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Matt McCord – MD - Founder of Health Value Solutions

In the ten years since the Affordable Care Act, we have seen no real movement to value what the famous law promised. Further, Bloomberg wrote, “take-home wages have stagnated for more than 40 years because employers shell out so much more for worker health insurance.” Health care is eating wages.

To add insult to injury, one common cost-saving strategy employed by employers is shifting more of these rising benefit costs onto workers in the form of copays and deductibles. Workers cannot afford these added out-of-pocket liabilities. Consequently, they avoid care which makes them "functionally" uninsured.

There is a movement of enlightened Benefit Advisors, called the Health Rosetta, that eschews the status quo arrangements and business models. To help employers buy care like the largest corporations in America, these new strategies include Advanced Primary Care, a value-based reimbursement environment, and high-performance specialty services. This allows employers to buy on value, save money and improve their worker’s health and care experience.

A tragic example of our broken US healthcare system is our opioid crisis.

This is a uniquely American problem 30 years in the making. This has claimed at least half a million lives and half a trillion dollars. It has eroded the blue-collar workforce to the breaking point. Opioid dependence begins, innocently enough, with a doctor’s prescription. Solving this crisis will require a multi-pronged effort AND it should start where it begins; by minimizing opioid use in acute care.

Opioid sparing and opioid-free surgery may be a great opportunity for providers to engage directly with employers and enter High-Performance Specialty Care or Centers of Excellence care arrangements. There is much interest in opioid-free or sparing surgery programs from large buyer organizations. What providers will step forward and provide this advanced care?

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David Levien – Surgeon - Financial planner & President - American College of Healthcare Trustees (ACHT)

With health care already top-heavy before Covid, the past year's pandemic hysteria saw the special interests in medicine collude with bureaucrats, media heavyweights, and politicians to sabotage any progress on upgrading the health market that better serves our health entrepreneurs and demanding patients.

For a decade ACHT has sought better ethics - and governance and decision making - among the "trustees" of the health market: essentially, any professional member marketing in health goods and services. David has built the organization into a multi-faceted engine for events, education, and innovator-support. In this week's webinar, Dr. Levien - a longtime surgeon - will explain ACHT's programs that allow its "fellows" to create content that promises better ethics for the future of medicine.

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Diana Girnita - MD, PhD, Founder of Rheumatologist On Call, and Co-Founder of Direct Specialty Care Alliance

A recent poll found 90% of employment opportunities for specialists lie in hospitals, yet only 20% of physicians wanted to work there. If possible, doctors prefer to see patients in private clinics. Why the disconnect?

Is hospital employment really that undesirable? Physicians can work easier hours in hospitals while escaping some liability and business overhead. But hospitals leave many doctors dissatisfied with limits on their discretion to practice medicine - a dynamic which affects the quality of care. Employers increasingly skip hospitals in their benefits if they can find private practices with which to directly contract, and patients are avoiding hospitals for a variety of reasons if they can find better care in independent centers. And what about the doctors?

Dr. Girnita believes specialists are ready to upgrade the medical market to one built on the above direct contracts with employers and families. At the Direct Specialty Care Alliance, she is finding great demand for her organization's guidance in educating physicians on how to restore their relationship with patients - which improves the market too around transparent pricing. Join our discussion this week on how to make healthcare more accessible and affordable via direct specialty care.

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Frank Wells - Founder/CEO - Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care

In the mad dash of CEOs to upgrade health benefits to please workers, one service they increasingly are offering are clinics located as near as possible to the company, charging as little as possible to avoid unnecessary delays in needed care, and making it as easy as possible to book appointments convenient to the employee.


Sickness hurts productivity, and Out-of-Pocket costs, as well as appointment delays and distance, hurt sickness recovery. Mr. Wells is part of a small and growing subset of clinic entrepreneurs solving all three problems.

Personally dedicated to healthy living, Frank envisions a way for these low-cost, well-located, and readily available clinics to offer continuously improved services. This is what entrepreneurs do, not waiting for the government to fix healthcare. If these are solutions employees want, why delay the upgrade?


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