A bit sketchy but it works. Good episode.

Been a while. I will try to get more out in spurts. My energies shift from projects a lot. But this is something I will see through to the end and beyond if Dragon Ball returns in any form. I also may do GT.

Ep 36 yall

Episode 35 of RECUT series. I will try to get them done faster. But when i have energy and time.

episode 34 of my RECUT series. I added in some non faulconer music again. mostly faulconer. lemme know what you think. thats 7/84 non filler episodes done so far. puts me at about 8% completion for the series. then ill go back and do the first two arcs, and then GT

Ep 33 of my recut series

Episode 32 of the recut series. I have added some more music other than Bruce Faulconer. Just a few here and there. I also left some original content in because it just fits better. All battle music will always be replaced with Faulconer music. Whimsical crap will stay here and there.

Reupload with some fixed audio, music is turned up during the Frieza slaughter.

I truly hate these adventurous episodes. They really don't need to be recut...but nonetheless. I skipped episode 30 as it is filler.

This one is a little sloppy...I loathe the slower episode because it's harder for me to choose and edit lax music into the weird vibes of the show.

Episode 28 of my Bruce Faulconer Recut of Dragon Ball Super. Trying to Make this mediocre series easier to rewatch with Toonami goggles form 2001.


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Welcome to Dragon Ball Super RECUT.

This series is a fanmade passion project that takes the original run of Dragon Ball Super, and edits in old school Bruce Faulconer music score.

I aim to give this series the original feel and hype that the original Cartoon Network Toonami run gave me when I was in middle school. Personally the music is what made this show stand out above the rest. It was so atmospheric and passionate. It really made the evil scenes more sinister, and the power ups more badass.

I realize not everyone likes the BF score, but this is for those who do. I appreciate positive feedback and spread the word!