You know how every sheeple in town is wearing masks everywhere....

Did you know that many of us suffer from severe panic attacks when we see people wearing face coverings everywhere? Does my health not matter to you? Is it because it doesn't fit in your fear mongering propaganda?

Youtube took down this video and gave me a warning for it, even though it is stating the truth and showing it. I put it on every single platform I have and since my youtube channel is very small we "imagine" the triDiots are the ones behind this, fake truthers, aka sheep on steroids, who troll other streamers, give them the thumbs down and cowardly report their videos stating truth~~~

Learn how to change your outer world by learning simple and yet very effective techniques~~~

Take some time out of your busy schedule to relax and regroup~~~

Describing the reaction of the masses in a nutshell~~~

Use Energy Frequency to wake up the sheep~~~ Love and Light work best against Dark Energies~~~

Learn how to achieve mind-heart coherence as you do this relaxing meditation~~~


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