In this episode of the Neon Revolt Show, we trace the madness that has befallen Seattle and discover how an upstart warlord has already seized power over a fledgling Communist breakaway state which had, as its original intention, the goal of separating from the rest of the US - only to discover how quickly they want back in now that reality has set in, and how the Left is already attempting to clone this failed experiment in cities across the US, just so they can spite President Trump.

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The strange case of George Floyd gets even stranger as we dive down this new rabbit hole together and enter a world of money laundering, drug trafficking, and worse as a new potential political scandal begins to unravel before our very eyes.

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The Inaugural Episode of the brand new Neon Revolt Show!

In this episode, we delve into what exactly the Fed is doing and how Modern Monetary Theory may just fit in with QAnon's larger plans!

The Paranormies recently did a whole episode on Pizzagate and Jeffrey Epstein, and at the end of the show had a whole conversation about Epstein's investments in AI, robotics, and sci-tech think tanks.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the Paranormies are their own, and reposting does not equal endorsement.

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I forget where I found this video, but I wanted to mirror it here on Bitchute, since I can't find it anywhere any more. All credit goes to the original creator: Great work!!

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The time has come to #RejectRamtha!

Redpill78 interview with InTheMatrixxx and Shadygruve:

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Egg Shoes

#AOC has never seen a garbage disposal in her life. 

When confronted with one, she doesn't go, "Ah, a garbage disposal!" like a normal person would before moving on with her day. She hops on Instagram to call it both "bougie," and "terrifying" before wondering aloud over whether or not it's "environmentally sound."

How is this economically illiterate trainwreck still in Congress? Can her district have a #NoConfidence vote already or something?

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The feminists can keep him. We don't want him, either.

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"Just a broken guy, probably got a couple of screws loose."


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