Are these new tax law changes a potential backdoor firearm registration that will effectively skirt passed the 4th Amendment?

Tell me what you think? Too much tinfoil or something to be mindful of?

George Carlin on the illusion of security.

You can bash a Nazi, but if it's one of oppressed... Nazi or not... Different story.

Enjoy this glorious day. It belongs to you, your family, those you love and even some not so much. Many before you risked everything allowing this to be possible. Our liberty and freedom here is without comparison to any other Land in the World.

Celebrate together or celebrate in your own way, but remember that we really are in an awesome place as we recognize and remember our Independence Day.

Unhealthy culture for diversity of Thought.


"We believe we are on the right side of history"


"We are inclusive of those who [voted for President Trump] think differently"

The two do not mesh. The whole session is saturated with talking points and narratives that run counter to their statements that they are inclusive to diversity of Thought.


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