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In this episode of Un-breaking The News we speak to Dr. Sam Dube who recounts the heroic rescue story of whistle blower John O'Looney from a hospital in the UK that refused to let him out.

John O'Looney recently exposed the pressure he was receiving from medical officials to falsify death certificates in order to inflate the number of Coviid deaths.

He is also well know for the Midazolam scandal where he exposed hospitals in the UK who were ordering nurses to administer lethal doses of the medication Midazolam to Covid patients which lead to even more deaths 'due to covid'.

To see Dr. Sam Dube's original interviews with John O'Looney you can go to:

The 5th Doctor – Ep. 6: British Funeral Director John O’Looney Exposes COVID Death Crimes – PART 1


The 5th Doctor – Ep. 7: British Funeral Director John O’Looney Exposes COVID Death Crimes – PART 2


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

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You did everything they said so life could go back to normal. You got vaccinated most likely not because you wanted to protect yourself but most likely because you wanted to keep your job or business. Watch this Documentary that follows the money and learn what big corporations like Black Rock & Vanguard don't want you to know in the documentary Monopoly - Follow The Money.
Then tell me, do you still trust your government?


In this 20-minute video recorded on August 12th, 2021, Dr. Sam Dubé speaks with emergency medicine physician Dr. Mark Trozzi (drtrozzi.com) and eminent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson. This evidence-based interview exposes the misleading information and lies of the breaking news concerning the Delta variant presented by mainstream media, many politicians, and public health authorities.

Welcome to Cnd doctors speak out!

In this video we have covered the latest updates on how and why the CPSO (College of Physicians & Surgeons) is launching investigations on Doctors that question government policies around topics like; the harm caused by lockdowns, questions about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, mask mandates and school closures, while at the same time trying to pass legislation so they do not have to investigate the high profile doctors that are responsible for the creation of the Covid policies.

You will also here about the incredible damage that the vaccine is causing to children and why these doctors and clinicians will continue to speak out regardless of the personal cost to them on behalf of the health and safety of our children and society at large.

While watching these courageous doctors who have risked their livelihood and medical license to speak out anyways, I want you to watch this interview with this question in mind.

“If you were a doctor who’s chosen purpose in life was to help heal people and do no harm in the process, but at the same time you saw government policies that are not grounded in science or common sense doing real damage to society at large and peoples health (especially the children), how would you feel?"

Dr. Steven Pelech is a full time professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia where he has been on faculty for 33 years, he’s also the and Chief Scientific Officer of the Kinexus Bioinformatic Corporation, which he founded 21 years ago. His research specializes the study of cell signalling systems and their malfunction in cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders. His lab has also been developing serological tests for detection of antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins, and the mechanisms that control the replication of the virus.

Dr. Paul Alexander is an epidemiologist, and an independent academic scientist and consultant With A Doctorate In Evidence Based Medicine And Research Methods. He is a former Professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine, and in 2020 he was a COVID Pandemic advisor to the WHO-PAHO as well as a former senior advisor for the COVID Pandemic policy in Health and Human Services for the US government. He’s also Studied bioterrorism and the weaponization and delivery of pathogens as a bioweapons at Johns Hopkins.

Articles by Dr. Paul Alexander:


Dr. Keren Epstein-Gilboa has been a clinician for nearly 40 years. Her background was in health care and her graduate work is in psychology. She was a university lecturer, she is a presenter at conferences and has several publications primarily on issues related to child development, parenting.

Dr Mark Trozzi is twenty-five veteran emergency room doctor and critical resuscitation instructor. He was on call in multiple emergency units, including a Covid designated site. After spending time researching about the so-called “pandemic”, he now refuses to participate in the unethical and unscientific practices imposed by covid politics, and has removed himself from all his normal clinical work, dedicating himself full time to research, public education and activism.

PLEASE VISIT DR. TROZZI’S SITE www.drtrozzi.com FOR HIS LATEST DOCUMENTARY ON: Covid Vaccines, Why Aren’t They Safe

Dr. Stephan Malthouse is an Integrative Medicine Physician, who has been practicing in British Columbia Canada for 42 years. He has taken a year off to investigate the dubious public health policies that have been rolled out across Canada and around the globe.

Please visit www.canadahealthalliance.org to support those who are standing up for your health freedoms and of course……… take action!


The College is aware and concerned about the increase of misinformation circulating on social media and other platforms regarding physicians who are publicly contradicting public health orders and recommendations. Physicians hold a unique position of trust with the public and have a professional responsibility to not communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing and anti-lockdown statements and/or promoting unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19. Physicians must not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations.

This Week July 14, 2021 on The Business Of Covid Dr. Roger Hodkinson will cover 6 New Breaking News Items:

The new research on masking children and how the Carbon Dioxide levels experienced by children as a result of masking is above 3 times the acceptable environmental standards for the work place and this interferes with their cognitive function.

Children are being coerced with no informed consent in to get an experimental injection that is marketed as a vaccine.
How and why the harm from vaccinating children far exceeds the benefit and it’s become clear that there is chemical evidence in the blood of blood clotting having taken place after the injection. The activation of the blood clotting system occurs on the inside of the blood vessels and leads to heart attacks and strokes. With the inflammation of the heart called myocarditis in children, there is death in the cells of the heart which cannot be regenerated. This is a serious condition, not only at the time of the inflammatory response, but could pre-dispose the child to heart failure in the future that would not have otherwise happened.

Dr. Hodkinson touches on the evidence provided by Pfizer about fertility issues possibly occurring in children in the future and how this could be an unexpected disaster.

How and why as a result of the vaccination process, anti bodies are reacting in the placenta in a way that could cause premature miscarriages or abortions. In fact according to the Vaers Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, to date since the experimental injection began, there have been 985 Miscarriages, 4,108 Menstrual Disorders and 1,507 Vaginal/Uterine Haemorrhage (All Ages)

We now know that we have existing immunity to Corona virus and that only 2% of the population will manifest an infection.

There are a growing number of cases of Guilaine Bare – inflammation of the spinal column which results in neurological issues in the arms and legs can sometimes result in a permanent condition

How and why Ivermectin and Hydrochloriquinine are being suppressed in Canada, and how that is causing unnecessary illnesses and deaths. How out of approximately 600,000 deaths in the United States 500,000 of deaths could have been prevented by using Ivermectin.

How the general public is being propagandized through the mainstream media.

All about the College of Physicians and Surgeons effectively gaging doctors through threatening them will disciplinary action and attacking those who speak out about the dangers of the vaccine and other Government policies around Covid.

While more transmittable, the Delta variant produces a milder version of Covid that is not life threatening.

Dr De Villa only reads and stays on script. This lying script has not changed. It's time to give her the boot. You decide!

JE SUIS CANADIEN mais ce n'est pas mon Canada Cela fait plus d'un an et notre pays n'est plus le même. Nous avons été divisés et déchirés en tant que familles, amis et communautés. Nous en avons assez. Il est temps de reprendre le contrôle du Canada.

A basic examination of the last year an a half of mistruths, lies and misleading information that has brought our society to its knees

In this episode of Canadian Doctors Speak Out, you will hear the latest updates on the Covid vaccine, the dangers of giving this injection to adolescents that include myocarditis and blood clots, the risks of flying if you or your pilot has had the shot, profound implications of the USA Red Cross excluding covid “vaccinated” persons from donating convalescent plasma to treat covid, the strange phenomenon of vaccine "shedding", and the ongoing persecution of doctors who speak out against harmful public health policies.


Go to WWW.TakeActionCanada.CA where we have all the information you need to make a difference.

Sign the petition for the Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth at WWW.CanadianPhysicians.Org/

Visit the Canada Health Alliance at WWW.CanadaHealthAlliance.Org and become a member or simply use the library.

For physicians who wish to participate in Dr. Charles Hoffe’s coagulopathy study measuring D-dimers in patients Pre- and Post-Covid Vaccine, please contact Dr. Hoffe at [email protected]


Dr. Paul Alexander is an epidemiologist with a doctorate in evidence-based medicine and research methods. He’s worked with the Canadian Gov for 12 years as well as international organizations such as the US Government and World Health Organization as a Covid Pandemic Consultant. He’s also studied the weaponization and delivery of pathogen as a bioweapon at Johns Hopkins.

Dr Mark Trozzi is twenty-five veteran emergency room doctor and critical resuscitation instructor. He was on call in multiple emergency units, including a Covid designated site. After spending time researching about the so-called “pandemic”, he now refuses to participate in the unethical and unscientific practices imposed by covid politics, and has removed himself from all his normal clinical work, dedicating himself full time to research, public education and activism.

Go to WWW.DrTrozzi.com and read as well as get the science behind Why The "Vaccines" Are So Dangerous

Dr. Stephen Malthouse is an Integrative Medicine physician, who has been practicing in British Columbia Canada for 43 years. He has been investigating Canadian public health policy since the start of the "pandemic" and is the current president of the Canada Health Alliance.

Dr Hoffe has been a rural GP and emergency physician for 31 years. He spoke out after seeing many of his patients injured by the covid vaccines. He has therefore been threatened, discredited and punished by the medical authorities, for the crime of causing vaccine hesitancy. And is now no longer permitted to work as an emergency physician. All vaccine injuries are medically induced disease. So Dr Hoffe is researching the cause of the injuries to his patients."

Dr. Patrick Phillips is a Family & Emergency Physician in Englehart, Ontario Canada who continues to remain courageously outspoken about the way our politicians and health officials have handled the COVID measures, vaccines and lockdowns as well as safer forms of treatment for Covid which include Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D and Ivermectin.

In this video Dr. Mark Trozzi breaks the latest news on why the Red Cross is not accepting blood from the vaccinated in certain circumstances. (See the full story on our upcoming video of Canadian Doctors Speak Out Ep. 2) Dr. Trozzi also shares with us why present day Covid treatments here in Canada are so expensive, sometimes up to $3100 per treatment course verses $80 of a more effective course of the off label drug Ivermectin. You will also hear why future treatments with a drug in Development by Merck will be exceedingly more expensive - up to $800 USD per treatment course due to a deal that the US Government has just made with Merck for 1.2 Billion dollars to purchase their new drug Molnupiravir that has already failed in hospital studies.

Dr. Paul Alexander is an epidemiologist with a doctorate in evidence based medicine and research methods. He’s worked with the Canadian Gov for 12 years as well as international organizations such as the US Government and World Health Organization as a Covid Pandemic Consultant. He’s also studied the weaponization and delivery of pathogen as a bioweapon at Johns Hopkins.

In this video he will share with us his concerns about the vaccine, especially when it comes to children. How children are not necessarily affected by the Covid virus. How the PCR test is not proven to be accurate and how we are suffering from a Casedemic situation rather than a pandemic situation. Dr. Alexander also explains the nature of viruses and how we don't need to fear the variants. Dr. Alexander also sheds light on the faulty reporting from the CBC who's 'science and health panel' claim the vaccine can crush any variant.

Dr. Francis Christian continues to be attacked in the mainstream media. His crime - following the science and speaking the truth about the assault on science, using fear to condition people and his concerns about the Covid Vaccine. Under normal circumstances an experimental injection would not be permitted to be used on the public because of it's inherent unforeseen dangers. Legally this injection was permitted to be used under emergency order. Dr. Christian who was one of the most pro-vaccine Doctors there was except for this one. He began to grow more and more concerned concerned as we began to see the numbers in deaths due to the vaccine climb at a historical all time high. He is concerned most about the harms this will do to children who do not get or transmit Covid. To date only 19 children under the age of 19 have died from Covid RELATED deaths here in Canada.


But this is not my Canada

It has been over a year and our country is not the same. We have been divided and torn apart as families, friends and communities. We have had enough. It is time to take Canada back.

Please share this video.

I don’t live in an Igloo, and don’t know a lumberjack or a fur trader

I do know a Jimmy, Sally and Susan from Toronto..and yes they are nice people…really nice

I do have a prime minister …but he is beyond incompetent.

I do believe in Peace and not police over-reach

I do believe in multi cultures and tolerance

I speak English and French (Say this in both language for both video)
My name is not Joe and I am Canadian…but this is not my Canada
It’s Time to Take Canada back

We all came at different times to this great land. We came for different reasons and built this great country.
We worked hard, we did our best, we embraced our differences but remembered our past.
We worked with each other. We respected each other. We got married. We had kids. We built a life.
No matter where we came from or the difficulties we faced we were all Canadian.
Sure we made mistakes along the way. We did some things we are not proud of but we learned, and we grew together.

Freedom, Respect, Community and Tolerance were the fabric of our nation
We were brave in face of certain death. We did what was right and not what was easy! We come together in times of trouble and moments of Joy
We lead the way for human rights, and religious freedoms, whatever your belief

But that has changed
We are being divided
Without data and justification we have been jailed
We have been bullied
We have been Arrested
We have been Shamed
We have been Muzzled
We have been lied to and deceived
Our police are ignoring their oaths and breaking the highest laws in the land
Neighbours are turning on each other with the encouragement of our leaders
Depression, Overdoses, Drinking, Child and Spousal abuse and suicide and are out of control
Our fundamental freedoms are under attack from all side all in the name of Safety and Health
And yet this has happened before. Now it is happening here
Reasonable voices are being censored all around us. When in History have the people doing the censoring been the good guys?
Censorship is un UnCanadian
Cancel Culture is UnCanadian
Bullying is UnCanadian
Shutting down businesses and schools is decidedly UnCanadian

How did we become so full of fear?
This land was discovered by courier de bois, lumberjacks, explorers, built by immigrants and an army of the fearless.

We need to take our country back!

Get informed
Get involved
Get organized

Its time to say enough with the lies and fear.

I am Canadian and I want my Canada back!

Fun Look at the things that irritate us.....

Do you have an employer who is trying to coerce you into getting the vaccine? Or, do you want to make sure you get informed consent if you've decided to Vax. Check out our Informed Consent Docs at: https://takeactioncanada.ca/know-your-vaccine-rights-get-letters-of-informed-consent/

Listen to Dr. Mark Trozzi on the harms of the vaccine for people in this giant experiment and testimonials coming from Nurse Whistle Blowers in Canada

This video, the third in a series, exposes the lunacy and incompetence of our Chief Medical Officers of Health. They are either corrupt to the core or they are beyond incompetent. Please watch the video and go to https://takeactioncanada.ca/filing-a-complaint-medical-officers/ and file your complaint against these "doctors".

In the USA, Covid “vaccines” caused more death in 4 1/2 months, than all vaccines combined in the past 17 years. In this interview Dr. Mark Trozzi will explain the science behind what his groundbreaking research has shown us about how and why these vaccines are maiming and killing people. Dr. Trozzi is both motivated and has a sense of urgency to get this information out because now Big Pharma, WHO, and their political operatives around the world have turned the campaign against children. Despite the covid virus representing approximately zero risk to children and young adults, and the fact that the injections are proving to be very dangerous; children are now being injected on mass while governments are denying their parents the right to object.To visit Dr. Trozzi's site and get the full article please go to: https://drtrozzi.com/2021/06/covid-vaccines-how-dangerous-are-they/

If you are being threatened or coerced or by your employer to get the Vaccine you can go to https://takeactioncanada.ca/know-your-vaccine-rights-get-letters-of-informed-consent/ and download our Letters of Consent.

And finally to take action against the Tyranny please go to: www.takeactioncanada.ca

The lies continue...Empty hospitals. Empty promises and a string of Lies
Christine Elliot is lying and the shit runs downhill.

Let's send this bastard to Prison Forever!

In this new bombshell emergency gathering of 5 of Canada's most outspoken doctors you will hear: about the dangers of the experimental vaccine that are now being seen in the emergency rooms, the highjacking and censorship of science around the Covid response, the gag order placed on Doctors by the College of Physicians & Surgeons and the lack of acceptance of vaccine injury reports submitted by these doctors to the Canadian Adverse Vaccine Reporting Center.

Doug Ford is a Liar.
Doug Ford is a demonstrable Bastard


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