Doctor Bhakdi discusses the COVID hoax and the governments lies. Yet again our friends at Planet Lockdown have provided a most informative interview.

A short cartoon which lists some of the side effects.

A song of resistance for the people of Palestine. Foreword is a poem read by Frankie Boyle. I am an old man and Israel has been murdering these people since before I was born. The average age in Gaza is 17 because Israel has already murdered most of the adults. Teenagers throw rocks against tanks and missiles. Israel calls that a war. Israel needs to give back all the land that it has stolen by violence. The evil leaders of Israel are part of the same degenerate satanic cult as our leaders. This is an old video but the horror never ends.

Reiner is interviewed by Planet Lockdown regarding the COVID hoax. He details some of the NWO lies he will be exposing at Nuremberg 2.

Doctor Mike Yeadon is interviewed by Planet Lockdown about the COVID hoax. This in depth interview is most informative.

This child is being suffocated by her parents in order to ride the bus. She can not breathe. The true horror of the Masonic NWO. Government tells them to suffocate their children with a mask which does nothing to protect, so they do it. These parents are clearly not fit to have children.

A documentary about what DARPA Hydrogel does in your body. The patents are examined in detail.
DARPA - Hybrid-INSECT MEMS. Yes DARPA has Insect Cyborgs.
He takes a close look at the microscopic "MASK WORMS".

A short advertisement for the office under the "New Normal". AI is taking control of employees activities.

The injection is not a vaccine, its a bioweapon. People are becoming infected with the man made mRNA from close contact with vaccinated people.
Doctor Christiane Northrup, Doctor Carrie Madej, Doctor Lee Merritt, Doctor Sherri Tenpenny and Doctor Larry are interviewed by Maureen McDonnell.

UKColumn is under attack by the UK government.
Their program which exposed the vaccine deaths has got the government panicking. Boris wants to shut down the UKColumn because they continue to expose his lies.
This episode continues to look at the horrific side effects of the fake vaccines.
Tony Blair telling COVID lies again.
Lee Dundas- US lawyer - fighting the COVID vaccine mandate with such passion.
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See for lots more uncensored news.

Reiner Fuellmich has started the legal actions against the WHO over their “crimes against humanity”.
“Nuremberg 2.0” has begun. This interview on is most informative.

UKCOLUMN banned for reporting the UK government's own statistics.
635 Vaccine deaths and 624633 adverse reactions.
The chaps look at the deaths and injuries caused by the fake vaccines.
The side effects of wearing masks are becoming obvious now.
Still no risk assessment has been done by the UK government on the harms of wearing the slave mask.
Media attack NHS workers who speak out about the vaccine.

See for more uncensored news.

Yet another virologist describes in detail why COVID 19 is a hoax. SARS-COV-2 is a computer generated virus, not a real virus. Worldwide, only three documents are used to justify the COVID hoax. All three documents are systemically shown to be nonsense. Links to all the information is shown on screen, so you can look them up.

David looks at exactly who is running the COVID hoax.

Doctor Cowan explains in detail exactly how the science was faked to produce a fake virus called SARS-COV-2. The evidence continues to mount up that COVID 19 does not exist. Many of my friends and family have been tricked in taking a poison injection to fight a disease which does not really exist. Boris Johnson is worse than Hitler for his ongoing crimes against humanity.

This is a war to the death. Doctor Coleman deals with the harsh reality of the COVID war.

The old man in the chair is back with a call to the sleeping masses. The entire Covid Hoax is explained in 17 minutes.

This video was created by concerned parents who are worried about their children's physical and mental health. The young people describe their experiences during lockdown and the damaging effects on their education and mental health. Forcing children to wear masks all day is child abuse. Masks do not stop viruses but they do harm to the person wearing the mask.

Mr Williams speaks about the duties of a police officer and the abuse of protesters by Met Police officers. If all police officers had his ethics, Boris and the masonic criminals would not have been able to enslave this nation.

It only takes Jordan 5 minutes to explain how Uniform Commercial Code made us all slaves. We are product and the Rothschilds own us all.
This is an old clip but still true to this day.

Doctor Mike Yeadon is interviewed by James Delingpole. Dr Yeadon discusses the fact that our government can not produce any live virus for testing proposes, it is as if the government never had any pure isolate. The dangers of the injection are discussed at length, it not a vaccine it is experimental gene therapy.
Dr Yeadon is on fire during this interview. He knows that Boris and company are lying about the whole COVID scam and he damn angry about it.

WTF? What did the German police do to this little girl? How did she become unconscious? Does anyone know if the little girl is dead or alive?

A Documentary about the World Freedom Alliance.

The Danish government tried to impose mandatory vaccination on the people.
The Danish people stood together, on mass, against their government. The government backed down. This is what democracy looks like!
A new political party was born of this resistance, JFK21.
This documentary also looks at the damage the facemasks, lockdowns and isolation is doing to children.

The Speakers in this documentary include,
Prof. Dolores Cahill
Maneka Helleburg
Dr. Mikael Nordfors
Mads Palsvig
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Mick Stott
Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Dr. Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR)
Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson
Dr. Scott Jensen
Dr. Heiko Santelmann
Dr. Elke F. De Klerk

Dr. Cole explains how the COVID vaccine program is in breach of the Nuremberg code on medical experiments. The phase 3 trials of the COVID vaccine will go on for another two years. Which means that all the people who take the vaccine are being used for medical experimentation without their informed consent.
Boris and his master Bill Gates are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Dr. Coleman explains exactly how the PCR Test Can Kill You and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You.


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