Dear friends – I am excited to share the news that Part 1 of my book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation,” is now available in PDF form.

I have decided to release the first half of the book now for multiple reasons, but mainly because I feel an urgency to get the information out to the public so that babies and children might be protected from further harm. The threat we are facing from radiation exposure is very serious and 5G is closing in at warp speed. I am not exaggerating when I say that entire genetic bloodlines are at risk of becoming extinct if we do not deal with the radiation issue now. Please understand that ultrasound is part of the radiation issue and our developing babies are at great risk of being born with some form of genetic damage from exposure to this technology. I am hoping that the information I have shared in Part 1 will awaken people to the facts and motivate them to make changes right away.

Part 1 of the book contains the following information:

What is Ultrasound? – Ultrasound is Radiation
What is Radiation
Artificial vs. Natural Radiation
No Discernible Difference Between Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation
A Single Exposure to Ultrasound Causes DNA Damage Similar to 250 Chest X-rays
Ultrasonic Heating and Birth Defects
Ultrasonic Cavitation Boiling the Internal Contents of our Babies While Leaving No Sign of Damage on the Skin
Infertility – Ultrasound Stops Sperm Production and Irradiates all Female Eggs – Genetic Damage Gets Passed on for Ten Generations and Beyond
In Utero Growth Retardation – FDA Finds Ultrasound Causes Low Birth Weight; Raises Allowable Output Limits Anyway
Is Non-Ionizing Radiation Really Safe or Have They Been Lying to Us All Along?
The last chapter is approximately 80 pages in length and covers technologies like cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, smart meters, solar energy, and the threat of 5G. This chapter is a must read for those who wish to learn the facts about these technologies.

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I chat with, Jason Woodforth about the police state being built around the COVID-19 PSYOP.


Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion.

On today’s podcast show i plug in with Ralph Fucetola and Dr Rima to cover the COVID-19 PSYOP, the vaccine push and your right to informed consent.

Rima E. Laibow, M.D. is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation. She is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1970) who believes passionately in the right every American to choose a personal health path that is free of government or corporate interference.

Ralph Fucetola, JD, is a retired lawyer (1971–2006), teacher, and writer who offers legal consulting services to the natural-products-and-services market through his website, He graduated Rutgers University in 1967, B.A. with Distinction, and from Rutgers Law School in 1971.

i chat with investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport about his incredible work covering the COVID-19 PSYOP.

Jon takes us through all the bullet points of this operation and we chat about the medias roll in manufacturing huge mounts of propaganda.

Jon Rappoport has worked as a freelance-lance investigative reporter for 30 years.


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