Two takeaways on this video:
1. He has been living in this apartment for 17 years and doesn't speak English?!
2. Is he entitled to special treatment since he is a "Holocaust Survivor"? This local news report gives this impression.

Link to the original video:

While we agree that helping married couples remain intimate is a positive thing, we take issue with her comments starting here - 0:42

America's Rabbi (her father):

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#TelAviv #Morality

"This video was shown at the 2019 Golden Door Awards to honor Representative Jared Solomon, State Representative of District 202 in the Northeast. We are proud to honor Representative Solomon's strong welcome to his immigrant constituents and partnering with HIAS PA to meet the needs of the refugees and immigrants in the community."

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#HIAS #Migrants #Philadelphia

3:36 -- Rabbi Schneider says it's because "the Devil hates the Jewish people!" Oy Vey!!!

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#Jerusalem #Jews #EndTimes

So, we must ask what about the JIDF and Hasbara?!

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#Censorship #Jews #ShutItDown

No, the West didn't teach you Feminism solely.
It came from the Frankfurt School, and those who taught there hardly shared traditional Western values.

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#Feminism #FrankfurtSchool #CulturalMarxism

"President Donald Trump said Jews who vote for Democrats are either ignorant or disloyal after two U.S. congresswomen were blocked from entering Israel because they support a boycott of the country over its treatment of Palestinians.

“Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat -- I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty,” Trump said Tuesday during an Oval Office meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

The president’s comments echo remarks he’s made about the two freshmen Democratic representatives -- Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar -- saying they “hate” Jewish people and Israel. Trump had encouraged Israel not to let them into the country, a move that was ultimately criticized in Washington by Democrats and Republicans alike. Trump has called Tlaib and Omar the “face” of the Democratic Party.

American Jews have historically voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. In the 2018 midterm elections, 79% of Jews backed Democratic candidates, according to Pew Research Center.

Israel said Friday it would let Tlaib visit her elderly grandmother in the West Bank, but the congresswoman declined, saying the terms of the trip were too restrictive."

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#Trump #Israel #Jews

"Blind hatred," says StandWithUs... nope, it isn't blind. It is either a fake hate crime or someone who is on to their lies.

"Antisemitic incidents are up by 82 percent in New York City.
Blind hatred must be stopped!"

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#NYC #NYPD #TheGoyimKnow

"Rep. Brad Sherman at 20th memorial for victims of neo-Nazi shooter of 6 in L.A. suburb. The 1999 Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting occurred on August 10, 1999, at around 10:50 a.m. PT, when white supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr. walked into the lobby of the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills and opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon, firing 70 shots into the complex. The gunfire wounded five people: three children, a teenage counselor, and an office worker. Shortly thereafter, Furrow murdered a Filipino mail carrier, fled the state, and finally surrendered to authorities."

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#Jews #BDS #BradSherman

For the record, we of course don't support Trump. And, if you are wondering where Trump really stands on immigration, question Kushner - he is running and formulating this policy. *Take a close look at this illustration this Jewess is holding and see what number is in the center*. Just a cohencidence here...

"Several Jewish community groups came together Sunday at Suburban Temple Kol Ami in Beachwood making a plea to lawmakers and showing their solidarity with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers."

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#IllegalMigrants #ICEBorderRaids #IllegalImmigrants

Link to Prince of Zimbabwe's channel:
"Youtube has removed my honkler video for "hate speech", I'm trying to get in back but in the meantime, you can download it here Reupload wherever you want🤡"

Just a couple of points on this video:
1. "Teenage Boys"? How do they know they are teenagers if they don't have their IDs confirmed?
2. Maybe the Black community in NYC is waking up about who ran the slave trade and who exploits the music business and who exploits low-income housing?
3. Or, are they paid off to create these "hate crimes"?
4. "More security" Who is going to pay for that?
5. Diversity is our Strength. Stop complaining Jewish community of NYC!

#NYC #HateCrimes #Jews

These 3 "intellectuals" really can't figure out WHY Anti-Semitism is happening... Oy Vey!

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#Kvetching #Jews #Israel

Some Christian Zionist propaganda that, of course, will never ask WHY it is happening.
Nonetheless, at least the Goyim worldwide are waking up!

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#Zionism #ChristianZionism #Brussels

"Dying of Whiteness" - a recent publication of Jonathan Metzl:

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#DaytonShooting #Censorship #GunControl

As we said many times before, move over Muslims! Whites are now Public Enemy Number 1! And, as we said well over a year ago, 2019 will be a year of the ramp-up of censorship. It is coming... get ready.


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Please note while we commend Ilhan Omar for calling out the elephant in the room we don't support her whatsoever.

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#IlhanOmar #Jews #Zionism

A couple of takeaways from this video:
- Open borders for thee, but for not for me
- Orangeman Bad (however, we all know the Orangeman is a total compromised shill). This is to keep the Goyim stuck in the left/right dialectic and Haaretz is complicit, naturally, in doing so.

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#NYC #Immigration #Migration

Do they ever really ask why Anti-Semitism is happening?

"On Sunday, July 28, 2019, we held our first-ever March Against Antisemitism. Thank you to everyone who joined the fight to stop the hate! "

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#NYC #Christians #Jews

You may not agree with everything E Michael Jones has to say, but we can all agree that Dr. Michael L. Brown is such a good Shabbos Goy.

Link to original video:

#ShabbosGoy #Shill #WakeUpGoyim

We attempted to upload this video on YouTube, but it was immediately taken down -- a bit strange considering it is still up on a couple channels.
Regardless, this is an eye-opening compilation that is a must-see!

"Hasbara is a form of propaganda aimed at an international audience, primarily, but not exclusively, in western countries. It is meant to influence the conversation in a way that positively portrays Israeli political moves and policies, including actions undertaken by Israel in the past."

Marco needs to read some history -- the United States was founded on boycotts! Remember the Boston Tea Party Marco!?

Link to original video:

#MarcoRubio #BDS #FreeSpeech

Hollywood brainwashing at work.

"Saturday night, July 27, 2019, in North Hollywood -- Peter Musurlian wins his third Los Angeles Area Emmy since 2012, for the 52-minute documentary, "Holocaust Soliloquy," featuring the life of Hungarian Holocaust Survivor Peter Fischl. Earlier in the year, the documentary won a First Place Award from the Los Angeles Press Club for VIDEOGRAPHY. There is a website dedicated to Mr. Fischl.

Since 2002, Peter Musurlian has won 24 RTNA Golden Mikes and has been nominated 10 times for Los Angeles Area Emmys. Much of his work can be found at:"

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Add Tod Wolters to the long list of traitors that will be served justice.

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#USMilitary #Israel #Zionism

"An anti-Semitic flier targeting Jewish places of worship around the country has surfaced at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Northeast Ohio."
PS - check out the address of the synagogue. Odd coincidence there...

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