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Kanye is going so based that I don't know what to think anymore. Could he really be this good? It seems too good to be true. Here, he says a lot of things. Things like "I love Hitler", "I'm a nazi" and "Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews". It's also interesting to see how jüdisch stooge Alex Jones has toned down his love for Jews and Israel, knowing that the last time he did so openly, he lost a ton of viewers.


Rick Wiles, from TruNews AKA Jewnews, wants to see a law against anonymity online so that you cannot speak your mind freely without repercussions. He wants people to not only know your name, but also where you live. What do you think about this idea? 🤔


It's like watching a star fall, whenever you find someone you thought were a decent man sink this low. It's a sad feeling. I can only imagine that this is what many Americans felt when they discovered that Donald Trump wasn't fighting for Aryans at all, but only fighting to protect his Jewish shekels while bowing to the enemy of America, the Jews.

Context: The day before yesterday, former Jew namer but now disgraced, Rick Wiles was angry when he saw Kanye West speak well of Adolf Hitler. This caused GAB to completely destroy his post after which Rick Wiles made another post, a post that was ratio'd beyond recognition.


When did the Jews get to Rick ⁉️
Something clearly happened. How did this guy go from hero to zero in such a short time ⁉️
Why does Rick suddenly display a Menorah with a cross in it on his website ⁉️


Jewish demon worship again? What daaa? 👻🔥


In a debate which included Kanye West (Ye), Nick Fuentes and Tim Pool, Kanye West casually ends the debate by leaving the room when Tim Pool refuses to name the Jew.


Walter Lübcke was a radical German politician, who bowed to Jews and who supported welcoming millions of refugees, who worked alongside Jewess chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and Israel, on the goal of flooding Germany with immigrants from the third world.

💤 Lübcke's hopes and dreams of a subverted Germany, for which he worked tirelessly to achieve, ended abruptly 2.5 years ago by Stephan Ernst, a Rossi .38 revolver and a point blank headshot just outside of his home.


At least he's up there. If you haven't seen this video, you MUST! Most Muslims are based but this righteous man, this Palestinian Muslim, is so unfathomably based that not many are even worthy of untying his sandals.


This is the story of how Jewish ADL was founded. It started with the Jew, Leo Frank, who brutally raped and murdered Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old white girl, and then pinned it on a black janitor. Frank was sentenced to death but because of his powerful friends, his sentence was commuted to life in prison by Georgia's governor. However, the American people would have none of if. So, they broke Frank out of jail and lynched him. This is how the ADL was formed. To protect Frank, and other Jewish criminals like him.


Bizzle - Bamboozled (Revelation 2:9). Rap is destructive but these are some good lyrics.


"I'ma kill a nigga"
"I'ma kill a Jew"
One of those are wrong, one of those are cool

Just be aware of wickedness in high places
Claimin' they Jews but they the synagogue of Satan

"But you don't think the devil's real so you can't see it
So, you'll never understand why they hate Jesus (nope)"

All lyrics:

In my personal opinion, there are only two ways to free ourselves from the hook-nosed Jews. The first is to find someone local who is willing to go all the way, then rally behind him. The second is to do it by force. No more elections and no more voting. The latter is more sustainable, and also what is insinuated in this video.


Several clips with some honorable Muslim brothers who call for a war against the Jews and/or the complete destruction of Israel.


Black man is impressed by Adolf Hitler's economic miracle, referred to as the greatest economic miracle in history, where Hitler brought almost 7 million unemployed Germans back to work.


Upscaled with neural networks. Mind-blowing footage from San Francisco and a trip down market street, April 14, 1906. We have edited in video footage from today to show the difference before and after the Jews completed the destruction of San Francisco as they did to other parts of America too. Watch this and reconsider your options. What country do you wanna live in?


Compare how fantastic America looked back then and compare it to today. Upscaled with neural networks. New York footage taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern, in 1911, on a trip to America.


If you haven't seen this classic debate, or maybe if you have just seen parts of it, you must. One of the funniest debates in history. An African transgender, pastor Ssempa who is armed with vegetables to prove sexual degeneracy and a host who doesn't know what to think. Yes, It's a mess. But it's so funny.


What do you think? Jews all over the world meet with nationalists and tell them to only speak badly about Muslims and Christians. Some choose only Muslims, some reject the Jews altogether. Personally, I don't believe her. Not even close. What do you think?


An incredible classic for you who have yet to see it. Pasta dokta Martin SSempa, from the national task force against homosexuality in Uganda explains what faggots do in the bedroom. It's so entertaining that it's almost ridiculous.


The reporter was never prepared for this. Jews are trying to subvert the world with faggotry and sexual degeneracy but Yoweri Museveni, president of Uganda, will have none of it.


According to former president Donald Trump, AKA Zion Don, you do not love Israel enough. You have to love them more.


Disturbing proof that the Jews are quietly deleting the internet.


The SS (Schutzstaffel), Adolf Hitler's paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist party, was not only comprised of God fearing Christians, but also Muslims from all over the world.



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🔯 How to Redpill ANYONE On The Jews

ℹ️ Read this and I am convinced that there will be no doubt in your mind that the guiding father of the Jews is satan. Now, most of you are based already. But this is GAB. You can copy it and reuse parts [or all] of it anywhere you want.

A: Start with what Jesus told the Jews. It´s important to understand the context.
🔗 What Jesus said:

B: WHAT. Understand what the Jews did.
🔗 A list:

C: WHY. Understand why the Jews did the above. The reason is that the Jews secretly believe in a different god.

Let´s go through it

0: As you can see from the print (print 1 below), child sacrifice to satan is allowed in the Talmud by passing the child through fire. This alone should be enough.

🔗 Source:

1: A Jew

👉 Founded: "The Church of Satan" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Founded: "The Satanic Temple" (Jew Malcolm Jarry)
👉 Wrote: "The Satanic Bible" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Wrote: "The Satanic Witch" (Jew Anton LaVey)

🔗 Here is a Jewish source confirming it:

2: The Talmud

The Talmud also allows for raping baby girls as long as they are younger than 3 years old (print 2 below) and baby boys who are younger than 9 years old. It also allows for women to be whores, to lie to, steal from and kill non Jews. Additionally, it allows for women to have sex with animals. A girl, or woman, who does so can marry a priest, according to the Talmud.

3: Jesus. The Talmud also speaks of Jesus, the Son of God, as a demon-possessed sorcerer who worshipped a brick and who's now in hell boiling in human excrement and semen. (Forgive me Father, for I have to speak the truth). Print 3 below.

4: Jesus told us 2000 years ago that the father of the Jews is satan. This has been true now for thousands of years, which explains the world you see today. There is not a single problem facing us, that the Jews did not found, fund and/or support. Like feminism, Antifa, BLM, NAACP, the civil rights movement, mass immigration, the faggot movement, faggot weddings, the pride movement, LGBTQ, drag queen story hour, the riots, fake news, the fake viruses, the fake and lethal vaccines, abortions, the porn industry, Hollywood, the music industry, the anti-Aryan sentiments, the wars, the bombings in the middle east, the banks, the federal reserve, pedophilia, the feminization of men, anti-Christian sentiments, anti-Muslim sentiments, satanism, atheism, the US congress etc etc.

Transgenderism also derives from the Talmud. In the Jewish Talmud, this is called "The Six Sexes of The Talmud".

🔗 Source:

5: Judaism is the result of Babylonian satanism. Here you will learn a lot from history and how it corresponds to today.

🔗 Ancient Jewish Satanism:

6: Learn from history. Jews have been expelled from 60 % of the countries in the world. (111 countries). In total, the Jews have been expelled more than 1000 times. Some of the most common reasons were that Jews practiced satanism, committed ritualistic murders, blood magic and always attacked God. As you can see in America today. They attack Christianity, they attack Jesus, they removed the Bibles from the public schools in America etc.

7: Jewish customs. Jews have several satanic customs A couple of examples:
a: Kapparot:
b: Metzitzah B’peh:

8: The Star of David. The so called "Star of David" on Israel’s flag is not the "Star of David". Nowhere in the Bible does it say so. It is actually the "Star of Remphan" (or Reifan) which is another name for the devil. (Print 4 below).

🗒️ FINALLY: Just like a father can never be friends with his daughter's rapist, a man or woman of God can never claim to love a Jew. You are to love what God loves, and hate what God hates. Do that, and you can do no wrong. The Jews are your enemy whether you ignore this or not. You can kiss their behind part all you want, but they still want your daughters raped, they still want your sons killed and they still want your country destroyed.