A fan of mine saved me a copy of this and I know they wouldn't mind if I uploaded it for posterity sake here.

A Twitter staff person decided to record the President on the sly, just so she could insult him later on social media.

Here Emily was, at the August 11th evening march. Marching with the tiki torchers. Veering off from the Tiki Torchers to go to the counterprotesters. Complaining that more people didn't show up.

"Nick, I said I wasn’t in charge of shit. What I did was help organize and coordinate media appearances and worked with journalists, which is very public, given that journalists tend to publish things.

Maybe you should try learning the meaning of words."

I'm putting together an article on the Blitzchung/China/Blizzard fiasco. I made this for the hell of it and need to upload somewhere.

Here's sources/credit.

Uploading for posterity sake. Twitter staff would later delete the tweets shown on television because they declared the topic taboo.

I captured hours of footage on the train rides I took during my second trip to Austria. Then I compressed it down using something called Hyperlapse, and used that as a means of making a vlog.

Now YOU can experience the same train ride I took. Which, FYI, is a more entertaining journey THERE than it was for me on the way back home. Lol.

During my second time in Vienna I came across a few musicians.

On my way back from Austria, it was a long journey home. So much that I found myself asleep at a Greyhound Bus Station in New York City, waiting for my final ride back to Ohio.

During that haze, I awoke to find two talented gentlemen playing the nearby piano. What you are watching is their music battle.

I was in Washington DC during the 2019 July 4th celebration that Trump put together. With three fully charged batteries in tow, I captured as much as the experience as possible.

On November 6th 2018, I decided to seize the moment of the Midterms season and see Donald Trump at his rally in Cleveland Ohio.


Commercial breaks kept in to compensate for this piracy.

Hawley busted Google's balls when it came to getting answers about their relationship with China and censorship.

During my time in Washington DC, a lunatic old lady decided it was her time to shine, and protest a Trump campaign display that was hitched to the back of a vehicle. She screams RACIST and the names of U.S. presidents. Police get involved.

We all had time to chat with one another before the bus taking everyone to the event arrived. I used the opportunity to conduct a survey about political affiliations.

NOBODY said they considered themselves "alt-right," which bursts one HECK of a MSM narrative bubble.

An activist masquerading as a journalist from Slate is caught actively trying to deplatform the Proud Boys
Tim Pool mentions their Twitter feed as supporting evidence. That sounded important, so I opened up a tab and started reading her tweets. Then, the lass decided to make them private. That was a mistake.

REUPLOAD from YouTube:

"Not only did Jack spit in the face of public interest with this 12 hour lockout on my Twitter for talking about THE CENSORSHIP of the New Zealand shooter's manifesto, but NOW a "glitch" has made me unable to even BROWSE or COMMUNICATE during the last four hours of it.

When I saw Jack Dorsey's appearance on the Joe Rogan show i took him at face value and assumed he respected the process. Now I'm not even sure of THAT."

REUPLOAD from YouTube:

"And killing is bad. This is a video I made for a Twitter thread discussion

But a lot of work went into it so I decided to throw some music in the background and save it here on YouTube. (Song is Mama Cass Elliot - Make Your Own Kind Of Music)"

An August 2014 interview with the guy in charge of the organization. This was on someone's YouTube channel years ago. When they decided to delete their channel they also erased this significant moment of GamerGate history.

(Reuploaded from August 2014)

REUPLOAD from YouTube:

"Speaking with the UK Generation Identity's Tom Dupre to shed some light on what the organization is ACTUALLY about.

Tom's Personal Twitter:

Generation Identity Twitter:"

REUPLOAD from YouTube:

"Let's discover what successful socialism looks like in practice.

"In Venezuela, hungry child gangs use machetes to fight for ‘quality’ garbage"

Donate to Kaleb. Even if you donate a dollar, you'll make a huge difference thanks to inflation. Even by the time I finish this sentence, the exchange rates will have shifted enough to make that the case.



BTC et al:"

REUPLOAD from YouTube:

""Hey where's that awesome song from, my guy?"

- Be Me
- Wake up
- Find out my friends were detained in the United Kingdom.
- Spend all day calling and helping get the word out.
- Go to bed on Sunday.
- Wake up again
- See Lauren Southern was kicked out of the UK too.
- feelsbadman.png
- Now they're suing the United Kingdom
- fugg.jpg

I'm raising funds via Paypal so I can go see my friends in person over in Europe, and who knows maybe I'll get deported from the U.K. too? We'll see.

I'd love it if you donated. But it's fine if you don't. No worries. I mentioned it this far down in the description because it's not too important.

You can follow me on Twitter for free. I try to keep an eye on all the stuff that's going on. These days there's a lot of that to go around."

REUPLOAD from YouTube:

"The United Kingdom has a bit of a problem with this.


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