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Im looking for information on the Gugwe or any Baboon type creature

A Wolfman Returns

A Neanderthal Saved My Life

Something Was Moving Around Our Camp 2010

I Saw a Shadow Person February 22, 2012

The Thrunton Woods Knocks and Noises

Followed by a Live Discussion

Please join me so we can discuss the latest Werewolf report to come into BBR, in our earlier premiere you will have heard Katies experience in Wantage UK

Map of Reports -

#UKBigfoot #britishbigfoot #woodwose #cryptids #creatures #paranormal

A Lumbering Beast Seen In Malton

We Heard a Loud, Deep Chittering, or Chattering and We Saw a Set of Red Eyes

The River Dove Bi-pedal Grey Creature 2006

The Carcass of a Sheep with its Spine Ripped Out

The Bigfoot Crossing the Road Fife Aug 2005

Mr Luke's Dundee Bigfoot Creature 1995

An Orange Eyed Bi-pedal Wolf. Is He Friend or Foe?

The Merthyr Monster 2021

A Canine Creature With a Twelve Inch Bite Killed My Cat

Mullaghbane Wildman Sighting Dec 17

A Big Legged Hairy Bugger

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BBR Witness Katie: "Hi Debbie I contacted you as I have an ongoing problem that is happening at home and I feel that it ties into some of the experiences I have had throughout my life. I was searching for answers online and your podcast came up on Audible and I felt compelled to contact you. The first case that I listened to was an encounter you shared that happened to a gentleman named Fred who saw a creature at his window. I was blown away when I heard what happened to Fred as it is not too dissimilar to what happened to me about a month prior.

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#wolfman #cryptids #creature #dogman #bbr

Tonight we will be discussing Wolfmen, Dogmen & creatures seen by dog walkers in the UK

We will also look at the connection between Cryptids and our Waterways

This live stream is in answer to the constant attacks I recieve online about my disability, my lifestyle, my heritage, my gender, my social status and much much more.

I have recently been in contact with two ladies who live in the North East of England on old mining land that have had encounters with what is now commonly called a Dogman, or a Wolfman, a creature that seems to be part human, part canine. Living anywhere else in the world these encounters would be seen as attacks, and yet in both of these situations both ladies encountered something that did not want to harm them and in one case actually warned one lady not to come any closer. Both witnesses have never met and both of the reports were taken before I introduced them to each other. There is a similarity between the events and the ladies themselves.

A Wolfman In Wearside Oct 21

You Don’t Want To See Me Summer 2023

And Other Wolfman Reports Fromthe UK

Polly's Experience -


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Deb Hatswell and Andy Wapshott chat about their joint paranormal experiences and Andy explains an experience he had at a Railway Station in Croyden that he is still looking for an answer to explain that day.

Did an event with a ghostly man who went to war in Japan connect to a Mystery Man at the railway station

Andys Podcast -

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Please join me after our usual Saturday Premiere. Ask Deb questions or chat with others in the chat box provided

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A White Faced Man In a Top Hat and Tails

A Cold Breath In The Attic

Children Scared By a Bigfoot While Playing Near To Their Home

The Minerva Monster 1978

The Creature Appeared to be Hunched Over

Two Boys Are Chased From The Woods By Unknown Hairy Creatures

Accounts of Wild Camping, Car Camping and Van life horror stories from the UK

There Was Just a Tent Between Me and It and I Prepared To Die

I Heard The Boys Screaming and I Saw The Tent Shaking

I never Camped There Again, The Police Said I Was Vulnerable Out There

I Heard a Loud, Clear, Guttural and Groaning Howl

My Fright Night in ‘Haunted Bothy' at Luibeilt Lodge

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#vanlife #carcamping #wildcamping #wildcampinguk #bbr #paranormal #supernatural #unexplained

Accounts of Wild Camping, Car Camping and Van life horror stories from the UK

There Was Just a Tent Between Me and It and I Prepared To Die

I Heard The Boys Screaming and I Saw The Tent Shaking

I never Camped There Again, The Police Said I Was Vulnerable Out There

I Heard a Loud, Clear, Guttural and Groaning Howl

My Fright Night in ‘Haunted Bothy' at Luibeilt Lodge

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#hauntedhouse #bbr #paranormal #supernatural #poltergeist #ghost #demon

I was recently contacted by one of the family members who shared the details of some of the activity taking place in the home. Jane's family like mine have lived in the area for decades and it has taken her sometime to finally reveal what the family are experiencing.BBR Witness Jane: "Hi Deborah, I’ve just seen your message asking me what area I used to live in when I saw the shadow-man on the stairs. It was our family home which was situated directly opposite a church in Salford. It remains the family home

It comes with great sadness and our deepest regret that I have to let you know our beloved friend Fred passed away peacefully at home during the first few days of the New Year. Fred had been poorly for quite a while now and he can finally rest and is out of pain.

I know many of you have given Fred and Steve a place in your hearts as have I. Meeting Fred and chatting with him was an absolute honour and a privilege and I was proud to call him my friend. Steve has been his rock for many many years and I know you will all wish him well and send your condolences.

I hope Fred has all of his answers now and is back with his loved ones and ancestors and no doubt he will be looking down on us and continuing to cheer for the team. So tonight please raise a glass, light a candle, say a prayer or remember Fred in your own special way, as I will.

#bbr #footprints #woodwose #supernatural #cryptids
Footsteps in the Snow. Tyrol 1983

What Cryptid Makes a Three Toed Footprint?

What Creature Left A Three Toed Footprints?

A Strange Set of Prints West Virginia 2011

Gigantic Footprints & A Dog That Was Found Dead Up In A Tree

Unexplained Footprints in the Snow Might Have Been Left by the Devil

Ancient Legend of Satan's Footprints Reawakened by More Footprints in the Snow

Shepard Finds Strange Prints in the Snow. 1988

Strange Tracks found in Glenorchy, Scotland

The Medway Footprints 2013

Lurchers Crag Followed by Crunching Footsteps 1945

The Yorkshire Mansion Footprints

The Creature Round the Cabin, and Footprints in the Snow. 1984

Belgium's Devil Tracks Jan 1945

#bbr #creature #cryptids #bigfoot #sasquatch_01 #yeti

Telepathic Sasquatch

Lost Creek Canyon Sasquatch

Mrs. Childress and the Blue-Belted Bigfoot

An Unseen Visitor, He Spoke to Me

A Man Is Attacked by a Succubus

The Lizard Man’s Rod

Bigfoot Encounters Blog -

#loupgarou #werewolf #dogman #cryptids #bbr

Virgil Candeil "It was in the middle of the night when I saw a creature that was very dark in colour and it was standing there. I find it hard to describe all of the specific details that I noticed but I am going to do my best to show you as much as possible what I saw and experienced that day. Even if it was very quick, very fleeting and lasted only a few seconds as I drove past her. I could see her clearly as she was caught in the full beam of my headlights. So I got a really good look at her. It was clearly not an animal I recognised or something like a panther that had escaped from the zoo. But I will explain more as we go on."

Virgil Youtube Channel -

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A Neanderthal Saved My Life 1998

Wild Camper Reports "someone had pulled my tarp right off the roof

A Ukrainian Wild Woman Was Seen By a German Soldier & That Soldier Was My Father

The Valley of the Neanderthal People

Hairy Dark Neanderthal like Creature In the Wood

‘Neanderthal’ Sighting in Finland

A Young Girl of 6 sees a Terrifying Monkey Man. Summer 1974

My Wife always saw them. They look very human


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