We dusted off the archives and reloaded this harmless parody of what an immigration board game might look like. This video was previously banned from YouTube and was produced by Kevin James, formerly of NSM Media. If you're quick, you might see me in the video.

During my Arizona - Nevada - Utah vacation, we drove through Zion National Park, once we got through the traffic jam, at the fee area. Even after Labor Day, congestion in our parks and recreation areas is still an issue... so plan accordingly.

A short video utilizing various clips, mostly of my canines, Bailey and Blondie. Blondie, who was 14, just passed away on July 4,2019. She was the first US Border Guard (USBG) canine and was instrumental in deporting illegal aliens and protecting our forward patrol operations in the Sonoran Desert National Monument. She retired from border service in 2012 and survived a quintuple homicide. She also managed to NOT get shot, after biting a law enforcement officer. She was an excellent watch dog and great friend.

June 24, 2019, 11:15 am: Long before the recording started, we noticed this tractor, traveling eastbound, from Ralston Road. The operator seemed to have quite a bit of trouble keeping his vehicle under control. Then, right before our eyes, the driver took a drink. his body language also looked a bit odd. On most mornings, during the picking season, one can find dozens of Meloneros, enjoying a breakfast of a 32 oz. Cobra(s), at the local Farmers Convenience Store. Apparently, this person was having a liquid lunch?

November 5, 2015, While traveling to the NSM rally in Tupelo, Mississippi and as part of our ongoing cultural enrichment studies, we decided to visit West Memphis, Tennessee, which is one of the 20 most dangerous cities in the USA. It didn't take long to experience blight, decay and diversity in "da hood."

December 7, 2016: After making a brief stop in Baker, California, we ventured into Death Valley National Park. Apparently, December is the "off season" and we had most of the huge park to ourselves. We went, from 282 feet below sea level, at Badwater Basin (the lowest point in North America) to 6000+ feet above, at the charcoal kilns.

September 27,2016: During our border operations, it's a normal thing to come across rattlesnakes, especially in washes. They are there for a reason, so we leave them to do their thing... in hopes they help deter drug and human smugglers, who opt to use this route.

On October 13,2916, During one of our border operations, inside the infamous Interstate 8 Corridor, a Japanese television outfit paid us a visit and documented some of our activities. Civilian border watch organizations were of considerable interest to them.

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, the National Socialist Movement held a public rally at the State Capitol in Atlanta Georgia. A group of unruly counter protesters showed up and before the rally even started, at least one foul mouthed person was arrested and escorted away, from the venue.

On November 20, 2012, during one of US Border Guard's Pinal County smuggling corridor recons, we came across a badly wrecked vehicle. We stopped and checked for casualties. During our investigation, we discovered personal items, belonging to a Mexican. Part of our border operation's objectives is to render assistance, if possible. After completing this stop, we continued on, with our patrol.

On March 1, 2018, a recon was conducted along the interstate 8 Corridor in western Pinal County, Arizona. this area is very well known for drug and human smuggling. It didn't take long for us to find sign of such activity.

After the Memorial Day flag raising ceremony was over and everyone else departed, I stuck around to watch the Millar Airport guys load their WWII vintage half-track on to a trailer.

On December, 5, 2018, we were driving along the US/Mexico border on a road that was NOT marked "closed to public" and were stopped by a contingent of National Park Rangers, inside the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, near Lukeville, AZ. This encounter lasted approximately 25 minutes and is in a very fluid and active section of the border.

On November 10,2012, the National Socialist Movement held a public rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of the counter protesters arrived, dressed like clowns and engaged in silly conduct. Also in attendance were members of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

January 20,2017: At the State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona, various Communist elements, Antifa and the John Brown Gun Club staged a protest in opposition to the Trump inauguration. Some of the participants were obnoxious and unruly. Some miscreants even harassed some Asian "White Supremacists."

August 2, 2018: During one of our local day trips, we encountered the historic Gillespie Dam Bridge, along Old Highway US-80, north of Gila Bend, Arizona. It was a hot day, so if you are planning on making this trek, prepare according and bring plenty of water. Services are limited to non-existent, between Gila Bend and Buckeye.

On July, 20 2011, an urban photographic safari was conducted in parts of Mesa, Arizona. It came as no surprise to discover vast expanses of blighted areas, mostly inhabited by illegal aliens. This is the future of a Third World America.

November 27,2019: In western Pinal County, inside the Sonoran Desert National Monument, we discovered a cartel lay up - load out area. Also present was a marked plastic jug,often left by so called humanitarian groups, like No more Deaths.

Friday, April 5, 2019: On day #2 of our multi-state excursion, we made it to Moab and Arches National Park in Utah. We encountered a massive traffic jam, on our way out of Arches, so it really paid off to arrive early and get out, before all of the tourists showed up, with their "mobile monstrosities" and over-sized vehicles.

On Friday, April 5, 2019, our multi-state road trip brought us to I-70, where we drove through Glenwood Canyon and the Eisenhower Tunnel, which passes under the Continental Divide. Luckily, the wrong way truck guy stopped, before entering the freeway.

On March 18, 2017, "Col. Chuck" opened his Millar airport, in Hidden Valley, to the public for the annual Spring Break Extravaganza... a car show and fly-in. On hand, were an assortment of vintage and collectible cars. Pilots arrived and put their aircraft of display. A small military museum is also located on the Millar Airport grounds.

On March 25, 2017, during the Falcon Field, Mesa, AZ Open house, the Commemorative Air force's B-25 bomber MADE in the SHADE fired up her engines and prepared for flight.

On April 23,2016, Members of the National Socialist Movement, Klansmen, pro-white groups and supporters held a rally in Rome, GA. Afterwards, a party and lighting ceremony were held at the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, near Temple, GA. Standing alongside me, while shooting this video, were many national and international news organizations. This video was banned on YouTube, while the mainstream versions were not held to the same criteria and remain on that platform.

February, 17, 2017: After dealing with drug and human smugglers for nearly a decade, it was idiotic Bernie Sanders supporters, who were the first to fire shots at us. Always know what's behind your target and NEVER ever indiscriminately fire into stands of trees in the Sonoran Desert, or anywhere. Remember, they fired at us. If I had opted to return fire, there was a 100% chance that I would have been the "bad guy" in the courts.

On October 10, 2015, various motorcycle clubs and patriot groups held a rally at the Islamic Cultural Center in Phoenix, Arizona. True to form, the local Antifa attacked two men, just for walking on the sidewalk. Following the incident, the victims were held by the Phoenix Police Dept, while their attackers went free. While I was shooting the chaos, police officers mistook me for the DHS.


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