Glenn Diesen, professor at South Eastern Norway University, regular contributor on RT, expert at Valdai Discussion Club and the St. Petersburg Economic Form discusses how the U.S. Think Tanks hijack EU policymakers; his new book: The Think Tank Racket-Managing The Information War with Russia; and how the U.S. uses its military in 90 countries around the world, sanctions and often military might to advance its interests around the world. Propaganda is really marketing. A fascinating discussion. Please see the Rand Corporation report of 2019, the National Endowment for Democracy, a cover for the CIA funded by Congress, and a host of NGOs involved in America's effort to maintain its hegemony and unipolar dominance of the world. But, 85% of the world, led by Putin and Xi, are working feverishly towards creating a multipolar world based on the sovereignty of all nations.

Dr. Vladimir Kozin discusses and analyzes the Avian Bird Flu released from the US biolabs in Ukraine; the Ukrainian counter offensive over the weekend; and Yevgeny Prigozhin sending his Wagner army to defend the city and people of Belgorod on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Dimitri Lascaris, activist, journalist, lawyer discusses the historical context behind the recent elections in Greece. A fascinating historical, pollical and economic account of the massive Greek debt crisis that led up to the current situation in Greece. We discussed Greece's long history with Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, and the larger geopolitical events shaping our world.

Dragana Trifkovic joins me in an important history lesson about the origins of Serbia's problems today and with Kosovo. The dirty hands of the USA are visible everywhere. Nothing knew, but Serbia is not what you think it is and the people don't like it.

Dan Kovalik joins me again to discuss his book, The Plot to Overthrow The World - How the US spends billions to change the outcome of elections around the world! 81 different times and this is not including coups!

Dam also provided a history lesson in how the US has meddled in its own elections and provided, for me, an eye opening account of the treason Ronald Reagan committed leading up to his election against Jimmy Carter by secretly making a deal with the Shah of Iran who was holding Americans hostage. And, shortly after Reagan was inaugurated, all of those Americans who had been held captive for over a year were suddenly released.

Ben Toth joined me in an important and informative interview ranging from Viktor Orban in Hungary not toeing the US/NATO line; cracks in the EU/NATO; Russia's goals for the SMO repeated; where did the drones come from that attacked Moscow today, May 30, 2023 and who is behind it?; Serbia/Kosovo tensions rising; Avian flu from US biolabs in Ukraine attacking Russia.

Natalya Saghiyan, a member of an opposition party, looked unfavorably on the "peace deal" struck in Moscow this week and hosted by Vladimir Putin, between Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijan President Ilhman.
This was an intense lesson in the history of this dispute that goes back to the beginning of the 20th Century. The "deal" is still not final. Stay tuned.

Robert Morningstar returns to share his thoughts on the Fall of Bakhmut, the JFK Assassination led to where we are today: the rise of the Fourth Reich - Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, the reemergence of Fascism/Nazism in the USA, across Europe and in Ukraine! 83 nations meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia intent to leave the US Dollar. Meanwhile, the European economy is collapsing as is the USA.

Dr. Vladimir Kozin explains the significance of the fall of Artyomovsk, once known as Bakhmut. Russia has been and is moving decisively across the frontline, albeit slowly to reduce its own casualties as well as those of ordinary Ukrainian civilians. We talked about F-16s, the Prighzhin-Shoigu row, and Blinkin, Sullivan and Nuland greenlighting Ukraine to attack Crimea.

Bradley Blankenship is an American journalist, columnist and political commentator. He has a syndicated column at CGTN and is a freelance reporter for international news agencies including Xinhua News Agency. Follow him on Twitter @BradBlank_

Brad is an outstanding journalist and political analyst who talked about China bringing the Saudis and Syria together. And then, the UAE invited Syria to attend COP28 climate summit at the end of this year.

Coupled with Russia and China making deals with OPEC+ and the Saudis, this means that the US in losing influence in the region and it doesn't like it.

We talked about the effect this will have on Israel, as well as the large global issues moving at warp speed.

Lisa Savage and Luke Brooks-Shesler discuss how their anti-war in Ukraine protests have grown over the past months. They shared their list of demands and their summer schedule of monthly protests around the state.
A shinning example of how to organize, recruit, and sustain their protests.

Attorney Dan Kovalik who recently visited Moscow, St. Petersburg and Crimea shares his views. He is the author of several books, all of which can be found on
His is an amazing story of a young, very Catholic, patriotic American who discovered the "Truth" on two trips to Nicaragua during his first two years in college.
You can find him on Twitter: @danielmkovalik

Dimitri Lascaris, Canadian attorney of 30 years presents one of the most lucid, understandable and compelling cases for the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine. He argues that even something legal may not be moral or ethical. He emphatically states that "we (in the West) are at war with Russia." And, the USA and its allies have provoked this war over many years.

Dimitri spent some 18 days in Moscow meeting with think-tanks, future Russian diplomats, the Valdai Discussion Club and ordinary people. He came to Crimea only to discover it was not "a war zone." His description of Ukraine's boast to retake Crimea by summer is delusional and he backed it up with what he observed of the defensive lines of the Russian forces and the tiny strips of land joining Crimea to Ukraine.

He came as one individual attempting to create a dialogue with Russians in the pursuit of understanding and peace.

Dan Yaseen hosts a radio show in Fresno, CA, interviewing well-known and influential people from the US and around the world. He has been an anti-war, anti-empire, and anti-imperialism since 9/11/2001. He's a member of Peace Fresno and Fresno Non-violence organizations. His focus is primarily on geopolitical issues, but has been covering the US war in Ukraine.

Natalya Saghiyan is an Armenian politician and soft power expert. In this interview she provided the background to the Nagarno-Karabakh conflict, and spoke extensively on the use of Soft Power in Ukraine and around the world. This lengthy interview was a fantastic history lesson as well. It is not so much the USA but the "globalist" in the collective west that are driving this agenda to create a one world government.

Agneta Norberg, a life-long peace activist, discusses the political situation in Sweden, US "listening station" in Sweden, NATO in Sweden and joint war games gaming a first strike on Russia. The media is "silent" on everything, and people like Agneta are alienated and defamed.

Parts of this discussion with Robert Morningstar may be disturbing to some, but he offers credible and well-researched information about an alien agenda that is afoot to destroy our humanity. In this interview we touched on a film in which Robert played a prominent role: UFOs, The CIA, And The Assassination of JFK. For those with an open mind and the stomach to view, here is the link to that film.

Dragana Trifcovic discusses the influence of the USA in Serbian culture, education, economy and military. A "cabala" of very wealthy figures who hide behind the curtain are behind this attempt to destroy our humanity and the sovereignty of individual nations.

Douglas Valentine, researcher and author of several books on the CIA. I first met Douglas in 2019 when I interviewed him at his home about his book, The CIA as Organized Crime, a riveting account of the inner-workings of the CIA. The capitalist, fascist class is desperate as they see their power and wealth diminishing rapidly with the scarcity of "resources" they need to maintain their wealth and power. We are a transitional period when they are doing everything to distract us from what it is that makes us human. Douglas says discovering our human values is the way to defeat this attempt to assume total control of the world.
His books can all be purchased at
Pisces Moon
The CIA as Organized Crime
The Phoenix Project
The Strength of the Wolf
The Strength of the Pack
The Hotel Palcoban

Ed Curtin returns to talk about dealing with stress, anxiety and fears. There are many ways, for example: reading poetry, listening to music, walks in nature, even playing a favorite sport. What are we here for if not to enjoy the grandeur and beauty the Creator has given us. We are meant to be silent and quiet. What is happening in our culture and in the world we live in is destroying our humanity, that which makes us human.
Link to the article, There is no escape from telling. Composed by Ed after a walk in the woods yesterday. This inspired me to do this show.

Eric Arnow from Chang Mai, Thailand, and a former Buddhist monk, shares many insights into seeking inner calm, peacefulness, and happiness. He also shared his views on the war in Ukraine, the threats of war with China, and how to deal with the anxiety caused with the turmoil in a world turned upside down.

Bruce Gagnon and Luke Brooks-Shesler discuss their involvement in protests against the "official narrative," and against the foreign policy of the USA. We talked about censorship and how people are alienated and punished for their views. The USA is risking nuclear annihilation with the war in Ukraine and the reckless threats and provocations against China and Russia simultaneously. We also discussed RFK Jr's position on Ukraine.

Автор книги Катя Шанан рассказывает о своей работе и жизни в США за последние 20 лет. Как из влюбленного состояния во все американское пришла правда о настоящей Америке, ее идеалах, истории и ценностях. Книга размещена на платформах Ozon, Wildberries, Литрес и др.

Jeff J. Brown, 16 yrs in China, author, businessman shares his knowledge of the history of this ancient land, its politics, and its world view. We discussed the fact that China never colonized, rather was interested only in trade, commerce, and the sharing of ideas, culture and technology. China's relationship with Russia will not treat Russia as a side-car, but an equal partner in advancing the unipolar world and the replacement of the US Dollar with their own methods for trade and payments. The US is an emperor with no clothes, but holds the future of humanity in its hands.

Andree is a medical doctor from Montreal Canada and one of the co-founders of Friends of Crimea Canada. She is an anti-war and peace activist. Andree recently visited Crimea to see for herself the reality of Crimea’s return to Russia. This is her second visit to Russia. The first was a motorcycle ride from Moscow to Vladivostok. She is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, beginning when she was only 13 years old.


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