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Prof. Maria Nikolakaki from Greece joins me in a continuation of our discussion about Nazism in Ukraine; the spread of the ideology in the Balkans, Europe, and the USA; and the ultimate goal: the strategic defeat and Balkanization of Russia.

Dr. Jan Carnogursky, JD, and former Prime Minister of Slovakia joins me to discuss the attempted assassination of the current Prime Minister, Robert Fico. What is the impact on the current government? How are the people in Slovakia reacting to this? We also discussed the fact that Robert Fico, along with Viktor Orban of Hungary, and Alexander Vucic of Serbia all oppose sending more money and weapons to Ukraine, and thus going against the EU, NATO, and the USA.

Garland Nixon: Empire managers explain why the campus protests scare them and the problems they pose for the empire they run.

Prof. Maria Nikolakaki discusses in detail how the Nazi ideology did not die at the hands of the Soviet Red Army, because its seeds were planted in Ukraine and other European countries.

Trade between Russia and China has skyrocketed and 90% is in the Yuan and the Ruble. What does this mean for the USA and western economies? Depression, Recession or complete collapse. Inflation soaring, fiat money, and a $34 Trillion debt.

Costas Isichos, Blaz Kavcic, Bruce Gagnon discuss Russia strong message to UK, France and USA; USA duplicity towards Israel; The "Resistance" Strikes Back: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Hamas, PLO, and Iran.

It is far more than a military parade for it is a solemn remembrance of the enormous sacrifice the Soviet people maid in the Great Patriotic War. It was the Soviet Red Army that defeated Nazi Germany and end WWII, not the USA and its allies.

Dimitri Lascaris discusses Netanyahu giving the order to attack Raffa; the obscene violence and mendacity of Netanyahu. We will also discuss the ass whooping the UK and French ambassadors got behind the Russian Foreign Ministry woodshed, but the message was really directed at the psychopaths in Washington: we can strike you anywhere including Washington, Paris, London and Brussels. Russia backs up the talk with snap exercises of its strategic nuclear weapons divisions.

Garland Nixon joins me to discuss the University protests, police violence, the new anti-Semitism Act, the Resistance in the Middle East, ATACMS to Ukraine, and NATO troops in Ukraine.

Eric Arnow, born and raised a Jew in the USA, living in Chaing Mai, Thailand, comments on the Israeli obscene violence on the Palestinians, and exposes the myth of anti-Semitism.

Sylvia Demarest returns with a continuation of our discussion in the impact the Zionism has on US Israeli policy specifically as it relates to the unabated, obscene violent genocide of the Palestinian People.

Bruce Gagnon joins me to discuss the genocide in Gaza; the US continued support of Israel; Economic collapse of USA is imminent and hardly anyone is paying attention; the Space Race.

Stas Krapivnik discusses the $31 Billion aid gift to Ukraine; what the ATACMS and Storm Shadow long-range missiles will be used for; Kiev's recruitment dilemma, draft dodgers and desertions; update across the frontlines.

Sylvia Demarest joins me to discuss how everyone in Israel and the IDF have been brainwashed to believe all Palestinians are animals, not humans. This causes severe mental and emotional illness resulting in obscene levels of violence and dishonesty.

"The Crew," Jan Casnogorsky, Hendrik Weber, Blaz Kavcis, Maria Nikolakaki discuss the new aid package to Ukraine; Ukraine desperate for new recruits;
Chaos in the USA.

Don DeBar joins me to discuss the ugly reality of Sleepy Joe & The Orange Man, Freedom & Democracy in the USA, and the scourge of world-wide Zionism.

US pondering using Russian assets for Kiev; Medvedev: "...American bastards."
Orban says EU leadership must go as EU is one step closer to sending troops to Ukraine. US government approves spying of citizens.

Prof Maria Nikolakaki from Greece joins me to explain how and why WWIII has already begun on multiple fronts. The globalists are risking Armageddon to hold onto their power and their goal for world domination. Russia, China and BRICS+ are standing in their way.

Dimitri Lascaris provides his analysis on what happened and what can we take away from it. Will Israel stand down? Will the USA stand down?

Jan Carnogursky, Hendrik Weber, Blaz Kavcic discuss Iraniana retaliation, Al Quds fire 40 missiles into Israeli settlement near Gaza, Zelinsky's new draft law, 100 French Legionnaires arrive in Ukraine.

Pete Clark joins me to discuss living, working, and voting in Russia, plus his views and analysis on Russian and global events.

Dean Henderson joins me for another fascinating analysis of today's top stories and their connection to the CIA, MI6, The City of London, aka The Crown. The Roman Empire never ended.

Don Hank provides daily updates on Russia's massive missile strikes on Ukraine, plus, the Resistance is winning in the Middle East as Houthis attack ships, and other fronts opened against Israel.

Hendrik Weber, Blaz Kavcic, and Stanislav Krapivnik discuss the ongoing investigation into the Crocus City Massacre; 100K Russians enlist as contract soldiers since January, and 16K alone after Crocus City; US and Allies beginning to accept the worst in Ukraine.

Dr. William Makis, MD, renowned oncologists, has been collecting and recording the millions of deaths and injuries sustained after vaccination. The results are horrific and undeniable.


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