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More tunes from the Pauls, McGrattan and O’Shaughnessy. The first is from the latter’s mother and so might have a Donegal provenance. The second is a common tune but the lesser of two tunes called by this name. The third is a tune version of a very old song, if what I seem to have learned is correct. I learned the last from Bulmer and Sharpley’s Music of Ireland, but their source was unnamed Dubliners, and the setting is awfully similar to what the Pauls play, so...

Three reels, the last track of O’Shaughnessy and McGrattan’s “Within a Mile of Dublin.” Slow medium and fast.

A very rare, difficult clog in that switches from F to B flat, and goes into second and third positions, from Ryan’s Mammoth Collection. Played slow, medium, and fast.

A set of slip jigs, from Paul O’Shaughnessy and Paul McGrattan. I teach (play at slow and medium speed) only the first, which is also called “O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick.” The second and third are from Donegal sources.

Three reels learned from Paul McGrattan (flute) and Paul O’Shaughnessy (Dublin, with a Donegal style), “Within a Mile of Dublin.” Great CD.

From Ryan’s Mammoth Collection/Cole’s 1000 Tunes, a new tune type for me: a “clog,” apparently which originated from the factories of Lancashire, England. I think this is a very nice one, although there’s a difficult quick slides up to and down from third position.

This is a Donegal tune, different from a similarly named tune. I believe I learned it originally from the playing of John Doherty, as here: but many Donegal players play it. B-flat hornpipe, somewhat challenging. Sorry for occasionally straying out of tune!

An unusual and difficult hornpipe in the unusual (for Irish trad music) key of E flat, learned from Ryan’s Mammoth Collection/Cole’s 1000 Fiddle Tunes. This was apparently by an Italian composer and a famous version called “The Banks” was popularized by Scott Skinner. The Ryan’s version seems to be the original of “Morgan’s,” as nicely played on “Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure,” but there are differences, and I follow Ryan’s rather than Enda McNamara’s playing.

Three challenging B flat hornpipes learned from “Cole’s 1000 Fiddle Tunes” aka “Ryan’s Mammoth Collection.” I’m conceding to YouTube I guess, for now, after a long break in protest.

Tunes learned from the Fiddle Music of Donegal, Vol. 1 (publ. by Cairdeas na bhFidleiri)
From Francie Mooney:
The Quaker's Wife (single jig) - slow 1:14 med 2:42 fast 4:38
The Humours of Baile na Fead (double jig) - slow 6:57 med 8:16 fast 10:07
Dúlamán na Binne Búidhe (highland) - slow 12:25 med 13:32 fast 14:36
Róise Bheag Róise Móire’s (german) - slow 17:03 med 20:54 fast 23:55
Prionnsias Ó Maonaigh’s (german) - slow 18:52 med 22:33 fast 25:16
From Paul O'Shaughnessy:
The Frost is all Over (double jigs) - slow 27:57 med 29:15 fast 34:06
Frank Cassidy’s (double jigs) - slow 31:41 med 32:48 fast 36:01

Tunelist coming

Tunelist coming

Tunes learned from "The Fiddle Music of Donegal, Volume 1" published by Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí.
From Martin McGinley:
Con Cassidy’s Waltz - slow 1:42 medium 9:14
The Speaking Waltz - slow 4:35 medium 11:03
From Mick Brown:
An t-Eas (aka The Waterfall; hornpipe) - slow 16:40 medium 22:57
McCahill’s (hornpipe) - slow 20:13 medium 24:47
Con Cassidy’s (highland) - slow 27:01 medium 29:46 fast 32:39
John Glackin’s (highland) - slow 28:05 medium 31:08 fast 34:04

More tunes learned from the long Mickey Doherty recording re-released as "Garvin Hill," CD 3:
The Enchanted Lady (reel) - slow 0:25 med 1:25 too fast 2:35
Tatter Jack Walsh (aka Father Jack Walsh; double jig) - slow 4:16 med 5:26 fast 7:05
Tá Do Mhargadh Déanta (aka The Bargain Is Over; or Who'll Be King but Charlie; double jig) - slow 9:44 med 10:59 fast 12:20
The Gravel Walks (reel) - slow 14:43 med 15:40 also too fast 17:22
St Patrick's Day (set dance) - slow 19:00 med 20:02 "Mickey speed" 21:13

Tunes learned from Mickey Doherty's three-CD "Garvan Hill." Tunes learned from CD 3.
Clare's Dragoons (march/song) - med 0:03
National March - med 2:23
The Jaunting Car (single? jig) - slow 7:44 med 11:00 fast 11:43
Off She Goes (single? jig) - slow 9:20 med 11:54 fast 14:56
The Fermoy Lasses - slow 16:55 med 18:14 fast 19:30
The Wild Irishman - slow 22:04 med 23:02 fast 24:33 very fast with Mickey 26:45 (I might not be totally in tune with him...)

Last selection of tunes learned from the long Mickey Doherty recording "The Gravel Walks," re-released as "Garvin Hill," CD 3:
The Star Of Donegal (Air) - 0:50
Belphegor (March) - slow 3:08 medium 4:54
The Rocky Road To Dublin (hop jig) - slow 7:35 med 8:42 fast 10:10
The Stack Of Barley (hornpipe) - slow 12:14 med 16:43 fast 20:39
The Corn Rigs (special dance) - slow 15:07 med 18:43 fast 22:38

Tunes learned from Mickey Doherty's three-CD "Garvan Hill." More tunes from CD 2.
The Cuckoo's Nest (hornpipe) - slow 1:15 med 5:46 fast 9:33
Paddy's Trip to Scotland (reel) - slow 3:22 med 7:47 fast 11:30
The Harvest Home (hornpipe) - slow 14:28 med 16:24 fast 18:24
The Jolly Widow (double jig) - slow 21:28 med 23:02 fast 29:43
No Other Fellow as Happy (double jig) - slow 23:11 med 27:25 fast 31:10
My Love She Has Deceived Me (march) - med 33:15
Unnamed (march) - med 34:47

Tunes learned from Mickey Doherty's three-CD "Garvan Hill." More tunes from CD 2.
The Reeks (Rakes, Knights) of St. Patrick (double jig) - slow 0:51 med 2:32 fast 4:09
The Geese in the Bog (double jig) - slow 6:47 med 7:57 fast 9:14
The Blackbird (set dance) - slow 11:57 med 14:34
Paidin O Raifeartaigh (Paddy O'Rafferty; double jig) - slow 18:13 med 19:47 fast 21:21
Dulaman n Binne Buidhe (highland) - slow 24:05 med 25:13 fast 26:31
Stirling Castle (highland) - slow 29:29 med 31:28 fast 33:13
The Flowers of Edinburgh (reel) - slow 35:27 med 37:09 too fast! 39:09




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