Drill Man the only pain in the ass in this game. We also get Toad Man done too but that was easy.

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This series is going to be a sort of in-between episodes of RiME. Mega Man is one of my favorite game series of all time and im starting out with the game that started it all.

Welcome back to Let's Play Rime, and today we end up solving puzzles in the desert to exploring the ocean in this beautiful game.

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I know it's been awhile but real life happens, but here's part 4 of our RiME lets play. we navigate a small desert and deal with the damn bird that tries to eat us.

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Welcome to part 3 of Rime we begin by doing exploration and puzzles in this beautiful landscape along with some interesting plot twists. sit back, relax, and enjoy

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Yea you guys are in for a long video due to the fact I can't watch the time and couldn't stop playing. while I could've split this into 2 separate videos I prefer a good stopping point. However, I have learned to find a decent stopping point in the upcoming videos.
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Welcome to part one of a lets play in which i blindly traverse this beautiful game. This was originally uploaded to YouTube hence the small update at the beginning. This is my first time actually using BitChute :)


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