We should not be focusing on race right now.

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This is how we win. The whole game is banking. Ellen Brown is a treasure.



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For more on this topic watch:

Hitler's Coup - The German War Against Globalism (part 3 of 3 in response to Pam Popper)

This is how we win.


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For more on this topic watch:

Hitler's Coup - The German War Against Globalism (part 3 of 3 in response to Pam Popper)

Public Banking on the March: Ellen Brown (2 of 2)

This describes the crux of the problem we face. There were originally 3 parts, and I assume the original presentations are still out there somewhere, but this is the only one Kurt still links to. He also removed some parts of this original presentation. My guess for when this was made is 2006.

The keyword in the 14th amendment is actually "subject." He glosses over it. I am subject to no man, nor any man's law.

General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code


Season Of Treason: History. Kurt Kallenbach's website is here
If you're tired of trying to figure out why nothing seems to make any sense... Watch this video!!!

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This is a sample from a daily radio program that some may be interested in.

5-7pm est and 8-9pm est weekdays.

Archives: (about a month behind at the moment.)

This is one of the best channels I've found discussing the psychological operation that is Covid19 so far. Delve into some of the other presentations on this channel.

Windows On The World

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The common vision. I guess we know what the ghost cities are for now.

Brendon O'Connell

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I'd say between this video and the last, we have been notified what the plan is. The ball is in our court.

Brendon O'Connell

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Another by Max Igan


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Does the presstv logo look like a Corona to you too?


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Al Quds Day - Max Igan - Harry Vox - PressTV May 22nd, 2020

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Zionist Report

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"Oklahoma stands with Israel ūüáģūüáĪ
HB 3967 makes it clear Oklahoma will not do business with companies that boycott Israel & declares them as a prominent trading partner with our state. Thank you Rep. McBride & Sen. Weaver for your hard work!"

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David Irving is a "controversial" character to many, but not to me. When digesting his information it is important to realize that he has three bodies of work: before figuring out the holocaust narrative was fake (pre 1988,) after, and after being tortured for a year in an old Austrian prison (2006.) Pretty simple. I recommend watching and reading everything he has ever put out, and keep this timeline in mind.

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Being anti-White and perpetuating lies "Inspires" this woman.

Just a little spring cleaning here. I've looked a bit more into Pamela's work. She has a regular spot on PBS and she disables comments on every video. She offers some good information for us to use, but ultimately in my opinion she is not to be trusted. In this little piece, found at the end of one of her recent videos, she is found unabashedly pushing lies.

Lie # 1: Stanford Prison Experiment.

This is a study is apparently a fraud. The often taught conclusion of this experiment, as Pam explains, is that any human who comes into great power becomes a sociopath: power corrupts. Basically this argument implies that the (((controllers))) who are perpetrating crimes against all of us are nothing special, it is just their power that makes them so evil.

I strongly disagree with this and feel that innate Europeans, for one, are basically good and capable of sharing and creating just and balance systems based on love and generation. Those who want to have power over others have created a system that good people want nothing to do with, and sociopaths claw their way to the top of it.

Here is one article about this study to get you started:

Lie #2: Germany had designs to occupy Britain and Churchhill was a hero working for the good of all.

This is thoroughly debunked by part 2 of this presentation. This lie is evidence that Pamela is pushing a common agenda that has had a major resurgence with this Covid Psyop and the near complete "lock down" of search engines and jewtube. Germany was in fact fighting the same enemy that we are being attacked so ruthlessly by today. The first thing Germany did in the early 1930s was take control of its own banking and money creation. This is why they were attacked. Such a paradigm of prosperity could not be allowed to continue as a model for the world. This is covered in part 3.

Be assured that people have contacted Pamela to inform her of her error, and I have little doubt that she will NOT change her toxic and anti-European disinformation. Inserting this kind of lie into her narrative leads her followers only to confusion and apathy. She is preaching the (((satanic))) opposite of reality. In my opinion we need to have an overall understanding of real history to end this cycle of pathology that has plagued us for generations or millennia.

Pam's phone and email are easy to find in the public domain if you want to let her know how you feel about her role in the disinfo campaign or just ask her some questions, but I have decided not to include them here. If you notice she recants her position, please let me know in the comments below this video. I will not be keeping track of her work henceforth. (One down, 5,999,999 to go.)

If you haven't seen the presentation on Patton, watch it:

WWII - General Patton "We're fighting the wrong enemy" (by Dr. Peter Hammond) (3 of 4)

If you haven't seen the presentation on the bolshevik revolution, watch it:

EUROPA - The Last Battle 1 (2 of 4)

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Supporting Documentation:

Windows On The World

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To cover our mouths also means "shhhhhhhhh."

No link for this one. I found it on 153news.net .

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Thanks to the commenter who pointed me to this information


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Update 5-22-20
Watch "Pamela Popper's Anti-German Rant (1 of 3)"

Pamela is the go to source for information about this (9/11 2.0) covid fraud. This video has it all.

Pay special attention to the minute starting @16:50

Pamela Popper

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Jon talks about the joy of knowing the "law," however it is the "fraud" that he is revelling in learning about. It is all fraud and there aren't enough people in most towns that comprehend the actual law to man a jury. The Bill of Rights is the people's only written law in the united States of America.

JonLevi Off Topic

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Here's why Trump's plan is called "operation warp speed." Any Trekkies in the house?

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I searched "Iran" on duckduckgo and clicked the first story under news. I ran it through the fake detector and the response was: "we are quite sure this was created by a machine." I would say this has already ruined the internet for all but the most discerning minds. Most general search results have been compromised for some time.

GROVER - A State-of-the-Art Defense against Neural Fake News

Direct Link to HQ Video on the POS channel VOX

Computers just got a lot better at mimicking our language.

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Imprisonment is NOT the penalty for treason.


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One thing I know. We are dealing with sorcerers who control the television, Hollywood, media and everything else that is important world wide. They are using our energy to create a nasty reality. We need have our own vision, so protect your mind from the degenerate garbage they are putting out and conceptualize how YOU want to live.

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