It has been a year and a day since I started this channel and this is the last video. I feel I've gotten a lot of important information archived, and I'm not going to push my luck. Start at the bottom and survey this channel. It is basically set up as bookmarks to many important ideas and content creators. There are 496 videos here.

Thanks to all those who contribute by commenting. I've learned a lot during this process. The main thing I've learned is that the Common Law supersedes even the Bill of Rights. Do no harm; don't violate the public peace; don't violate the public trust. Simple. God is in our hearts, even if many choose not to remember.

This particular video was very difficult to post. I made 6 attempts before stripping the written text from the original presentation and getting the new file through censorship. I won't miss dealing with Bitchute, but I will miss you people.

I love you all.

Rosette Delacroix

Happy Fryan New Year! We offer this reading to you, from various tribes of Frya of a most sacred book. Hail Wralda! Unite the clans!

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#holland #history #aryan

Rosette Delacroix

If you've been watching my Flat Earth series you will notice that my thoughts have changed on particular things. Learning is an ongoing process and with more researching and then more reflecting, I change my mind about things I previously thought were correct. I hope you do this too. There is no way to get to the truth without this learning process. You will notice in this Part that I have made some pretty heavy revelations. When you think you finally made it to the end of the rabbit hole, and then, surprise surprise! Ha ha. More truths appear that totally change your view. So I am sharing my truth journey with you. Remember, being here is voluntary. If you don't like my research and thoughts you can just find something else to watch on YouTube. Nobody is forcing you to be here. With that said... Part 10 here is on the revelations I have made when reading the Oera Linda book several times over. I will be doing a Part 11 soon too, with my good friend Scotland Sean, where we discuss the working of God's Creation. Take care, God bless.

Here is a link to the written article on my website: http://rosettedelacroix.com/?p=33993​

And here is a link to the video on my Bitchute channel: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BduXzrh4Srm9/

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Link to creator not provided.

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This is such a bad job of hoaxing. I think they are trying to even out the number of hoaxers to non-hoaxers to get a better division of the population. This is just a clip from a much larger video.


Found at:


Direct link to full 1+ hour video:

Boulder shooting was a false flag!

#gun #grab #boulder

I am very surprised this man's channel is still up. I give it another week.

Hey Europe! If you want to send some motivated manpower our way, please do, though I'm not sure they'll let you through if you are White. Pick up a can of brown shoe polish or something for the crossing. This is ground zero for the world.

Senator James Lankford

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, Senator James Lankford (R-OK) visited the US-Mexico border in Rio Grand Valley area in Texas.

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#invasion #usa #mexico

Just because there can't be enough copies of this posted on the web... You can search for it on jtube, but you probably won't be able to find it (even though it is there with 4.5m views.) If you do find it, you may have lots of trouble downloading a copy. If you still watch ANY talmudvision, you are being mind controlled.

Reminded of this by:

Mainstream Media Exposed Coordinating Identical Mass Shooting Narratives For Different States


Dan Smoot #556 - A Republic, Not A Democracy (1966-Apr-18)


Andrew W

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In the Heart of the old soviet union...


Excerpt from:


"The Pyramid of Peace expresses the spirit of Kazakhstan, says the official PR release, ‘where cultures, traditions and representatives of various nationalities coexist in peace, harmony and accord.’ Bathed in the golden and pale blue glow of the glass, 200 delegates from the world’s main religions and faiths will meet every three years in a circular chamber — based on the United Nations Security Council meeting room in New York. The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation was conceived as a permanent venue for the Congress and a global centre for religious understanding, the renunciation of violence and the promotion of faith and human equality."

The Perestroika Deception How Communism 'Played Dead' to Infiltrate and Subvert the West


Born to Wander

The crazy city of Astana in Kazakhstan makes for epic drone videos. It's full of weird buildings like the Bayterek, the Khan Shatyr and the Place of Peace and Reconciliation. This was shot on a DJI Mavic Pro over a period of two months.

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#nwo #jwo #khazaria

I argue that Israel is largely a proxy to draw fire away from the real centers of (((bolshevik))) power: soviet states and the U.S.


EUROPA - The Last Battle 1 (2 of 4)

Jerry V

"In May 1992, Story was approached by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who supported Story's analysis of the Soviet Union in Soviet Analyst. Golitsyn handed over to Story his memoranda to the CIA, which Story edited and published in 1995 as The Perestroika Deception. In an interview in 1995, Story said: "The purpose of perestroika has been to convince the gullible West that communism is dead, that the Soviet Union has collapsed." Story said that he agreed with Golitsyn that "the Sino-Soviet split was a deception which masked the continuing collaboration between the Russians and China."

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As we are so heartlessly attacked from every angle, remember what we are fighting for.


#WhitePeopleAreMagic ep81: 11 year old girl rescuing a Draughtboard Shark

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Piano cover)


Dan TheOracle

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Just coincidence I'm sure... This was originally published on 3/20/21. I believe the court ruling was made on 3/18/21.

Lead Therapy

Judge Blocks Boulder, Colorado Ban On Assault Weapons And High Capacity Magazines. Thanks For Watching Lead Therapy

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#boulder #law #guns

Walking in to get the Covid19 shot on 3/22. "Big pitch for gun control."

I smell a rat. 153news.net is probably the best site to use to learn about this probable hoax.
UPDATE: Yes, the 153news crew has already CRUSHED this one. I'll put all the links below for posterity.

If you're not used to these hoaxes, check out:

The Boston Bombing - An ADL Job

Related links:

Surprise, Surprise:/ Assault Weapons Ban introduced 10 days before

Goofy Live Feed Clip Shootering In Boulder Colorado King Soopers Store

**Colorado Shooting News Posted Before It Happened

Emotional crisis actor Boulder CO shooting

Part1 Live Feed Active Shooter In Boulder Colorado King Soopers Store

Part2 Live Feed Active Shooter In Boulder Colorado King Soopers Store

Part3 Live Feed Active Shooter In Boulder Colorado King Soopers

Crisis Actor in the Boulder Colorado shooting

Boulder Colorado Shooting.



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He was apparently banned from both jtube and bitchute.

Many of his videos can be found here:

Found at worldtruthvideos.org

#kelergi #immigration #europe

Me'tinks she needs to work on her accent.

Link to creator not provided.

Found at:

Polish woman Teresa Buczkowska from the Immigrant Council says she's no less Irish than anyone else living in Ireland because being Irish is about what role we play in society rather than our genetic background.

Her workshops on subverting what it means to be Irish show a clear commitment to being Irish, she claims.
Teresa also says the Arts Council of Ireland, which she is a member, designed a diversity, human rights, equality & inclusion policy and they force artists applying for grants to show they are implementing this policy into the work they create. She believes art should be used to subvert what it means to be Irish.
Teresa believes someone can be both Brazilian, Pakistani or Polish and Irish (conveniently).

#immigration #ireland #statism

Two corrections:

1. Palestine is Palestine, occupied territory; it is not a jewish state.
2. The jews have a state: Jewish Autonomous Oblast was founded within Russia in 1934, expanded in 1938. It's capital is Birobidzhan. (They don't like to talk about this; it doesn't fit the narrative.)

Lauren Rose
- She took down all her videos years ago.

Found at:


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#nationalism #nation #state

This is what the history books will say if we lose this battle. Here's what he doesn't tell you...

The 3000-year-old game of jewish usury:

Pay corrupt lawmakers to allow your scam >> create currency backed by nothing, give plenty to your (((friends))) >> loan lots to everyone else at interest >> create fake crisis >> close businesses >> when none can pay, take their REAL property >> constrict supply of currency forcing most into abject poverty >> rinse and repeat until you own the whole world. (Silly goyim.)

You have the privilege to see this whole fraud climax. Learn and Remember.




Epic Economist

A dramatic bank meltdown might soon occur as the economic fallout of the health crisis has greatly shaken global financial stability. America has fallen into such a steep recession that previous crises now look like "good times". Up until this point, over 70 million jobless claims were registered, and at least 10% of the entire U.S. workforce remains unemployed. The amount of debt accumulated by households and businesses all across the country has made banks record roughly $1 trillion in losses, with hundreds of billions more forecasted. Simply put, the U.S. bank system is on the verge of disaster, and mounting difficulties could spark a bank collapse that is likely to push America even deeper into the economic meltdown. That's what we're going to expose in this video.
The challenges ahead are complex and the path is uncertain. Unemployment rates largely exceeded Great Depression levels, hundreds of thousands of businesses have permanently closed, and over 25 percent of small businesses predict declaring bankruptcy in the next six months. Industries such as oil and gas, travel, and retail, were the hardest-hit by the recession and are likely to be completely restructured. For its part, banks were affected by record-low interest rates and a flattened yield curve, which means net interest income has significantly declined. Credit losses are expected to exceed $1 trillion. And the effects of it will extend over many years, perhaps more than a decade..... (visit link below for full description)

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#currency #money #usury

This, together with the related links, patches together a good picture of one of the main limited hangouts the enemy is using to war against us with this covid hoax. This is indeed a soundbite with no context, but this is all the information about this man we need. All vaccines are poisonous. If not, why not hold the jewish-owned companies who create them liable for the damage they do?

Read the article below.


Firestarter Radio: RFK Jr. is a Kosher Shill (9-3-20)

Vaccines are jewish poison:
UnSpun 115 – Holly and Jan “Salem Research Update: The Witch's Cauldron" (2 of 3)

The jews created the vaccines that are going to save humanity

Truth Hertz: The Strange Death of Hale Boggs (1-18-16)

Truth Hertz: Jackie O as the Assassin (1-19-16)

Truth Hertz: The RFK Assassination (1-20-16)


Wouter Raatgever

Facts about the Kennedy family and Robert F. Kennedy: he is NOT the vaccine fighter you think he is:

1. JFK started the implementation of the vaccine courts already in 1962, advised by wrong doers. These vaccine courts gave the vaccine industry a free ride to keep putting new poison in people. They could not be sued.
2. After JFK was murdered by the deep state, by the hands of his own wife and allowed by the FBI and CIA, his brother: Robert Kennedy truly implements the vaccine courts.
3. Ted Kennedy; the senator that was in senate for more than 40 years, in the 80's let a young woman drown in HIS car, while he was already a senator, after a party in Chappaquiddick. He was saved by lying sheriffs and his staff. If you or I were to do something like that we would have been in jail. He was the one who gave the vaccine courts the power to use taxpayers money to pay off a maximum of 250,000 dollars after a vaccine caused death. TAX PAYER'S MONEY.... The vaccine industry is NOT LIABLE. Sadly, because they just go on with their brutal agenda.
4. And then about Robert F. Kennedy in this little clip:
- he was a long standing heroine addict
- while he was married he had 44 (!) mistresses that he all called J. (!)
- when his wife told him to stop this, he told her to kill herself if she did not like what he did. And she did, sadly.
- Her parents filed a lawsuit against RFK and he had to tell the whole story under OATH; so we know this for sure.
- RFK is in the ROLODEX of Jeffrey Epstein: the child trafficking child murderer. RFK frequented the island of Jeffrey Epstein on many many occasions.
- RFK says he is for safe vaccines... the truth is that there are no safe vaccines and he is earning money on TWO sides: lawsuits against the vaccine industry that he always loses AND earning loads of money with speaking engagements of minimal $25.000 while flying in on a private jet. People who are already damaged with vaccines PAY HIM to see him. And he does not get any result. Because he is controlled by Hillary Clinton which he endorsed three times for president of the USA. Hillary Rodham Clinton is PRO-VACCINE and Is being paid by the vaccine industry and MONSANTO. And many more big companies.
- After Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai EXPOSED RFK for what he really is; RFK started to attack Bill Gates. He never did before. Attacking Bill gates is easy. Attacking Hillary Clinton is NOT and he WILL NOT.

My conclusion: this man is controlled opposition, extremely dangerous and a waste of time. Dell Bigtree is walking in his footsteps. He is profiting from the same game. They are this in my humble opinion: The CORE OF EVIL.

Direct link to video on bitchute:

#cointelpro #agents #vaccines

This one's for you, though I'm sure you've seen it.

Nine noble virtues: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance.

Found at:

#white #aryan #virtue

"Covid skeptic" is a weaponized term. Note former bank of Tanzania governor Benno Ndulu was taken out too. Hmmm, I wonder why?


Tanzania tests motor oil, plants and various animals for corona with amazing results.

Found at:

- currently my favorite channel @ worldtruthvideos.org



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Softball Pfizer Vaccine Rollout Interview Goes Horribly Wrong

UnSpun 115 – Holly and Jan “Salem Research Update: The Witch's Cauldron" (2 of 3)

Looking into the lives of 81 people who took the [email protected] BY DANA ASHLIE

No link to creator provided.

Found at:

#covid #corona #virus

Update: There is a big difference between "inalienable rights" and "unalienable rights." The former are granted by government, the latter are given to us by our creator.

I use: http://webstersdictionary1828.com/ , though it is not exactly clear on this matter.

Found at:

Pirate Pete

from my bit-chute channel
originally from 153Newsnet
Staceyskywatch channel

Direct link to video:

Murdered for daring to defy the jew.


Tanzania tests motor oil, plants and various animals for corona with amazing results.

Tanzania COVID Skeptic PRESIDENT DIES Hugo Talks #lockdown


President John Magufuli of Tanzania went missing a few days ago and now the fake news main stream media is saying he died from covid-19. He was the only world leader who fully exposed the entire pandemic.

His security team advised him early last year to check the quality of the PCR tests. They sent in tests to a lab from a goat, a bird, a durian, and a papaya. The tests had real names and all came back positive. He then stopped all testing March 2020 and exposed this to the world in a speech. He then opened up Tanzania for travel without PCR tests or quarantine measures. He went against the vaccine agenda and didn't have plans on poisoning his citizens. He was also very against wearing masks and told people in Tanzania not to wear them.

No link to the creator provided.

Found at worldtruthvideos.org

#covid #motor #oil

Update: I don't usually delete comments unless they are repeat spam, but this set of videos garnered the "you're a piece of shit" type comments right away and I feel like it kept away anyone with anything valid to say. The topic of the nature of this planet seems to draw out the uneducated thuggery. WHY? If you comment total garbage under these 3 videos, I'm just going to delete it.

Vibes of Cosmos

Direct link to HQ video

#antarctica #moon #research

Update: I don't usually delete comments unless they are repeat spam, but this set of videos garnered the "you're a piece of shit" type comments right away and I feel like it kept away anyone with anything valid to say. The topic of the nature of this planet seems to draw out the uneducated thuggery. WHY? If you comment total garbage under these 3 videos, I'm just going to delete it.

Vibes of Cosmos

Direct link to HQ video

#maps #moon #history


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In this age of psychological operations, everyone is an agent. Tough world eh? I'll do my best to provide different points of view and valid information according to my current comprehension. In sharing concepts, there is no doubt that I will share things by people who are actively working against Nature. I've decided this is better than not sharing my perspective at all.

One thing I know: we are dealing with sorcerers who control the television, Hollywood, media and everything else that is important world wide. They are using our energy to create a nasty reality. We need have our own vision, so protect your mind from the degenerate garbage they are putting out and conceptualize how YOU want to live.

Learn about American Common Law as enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Law is simple and beautiful and the only law an American National must obey comes from our creator as enumerated in the 1st amendment to the Constitution: the 10 articles of the Bill of Rights. Keep it simple and know the ground you stand on.

Here are some important videos I've posted in order:

Origins and Solutions to Judicial Corruptions

Dead In The Water Maritime Admiralty UCC

Kary Mullis Creator of the PCR Test on the AIDS Scamdemic (1997)

Germ of Sovereignty - Kurt Kallenbach (Jan, 2020) (2 of 4)

Niki Raapana : Communitarianism - Dialectical Tool of the NWO

*STATE OF OHIO and SEC Coup'ed America With COVID 19 FALSE FLAG

Why is the Government UK LTD dissolving? And snapshot of debt dealings (1 of 2)


*Cities of God [Steven Spiers]

A Telephone Conversation [Steven Spiers]

*Bill of Rights Common Law Explained 7th Article

*Public Banking on the March: Ellen Brown (2 of 2)

Season Of Treason 1860-1940

HEADS UP, Rural America! The @[email protected] Elements are Headed Your Way! ~ Rex Reviews

Reposts: Videos that magically stop playing:

Iran's FM Denounces US Support for Israel - Max Igan - Harry Vox - PressTV

Federal officials announce charges against Ohio House Speaker Larry Household