Joga Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga is a Discipline.
All exercise takes a discipline to consistently practice.
Why should you consistently practice?
Because instinctively you know that to stay healthy you must move to exercise the body.
Improving ones outlook and fitness of the mind.
This is Yoga because it is universal and everybody knows it, but everyone practices it to varying degrees, along with guilt and obsessions.
Consistent dedication brings focus to your life .
and at the same time it's giving you license to play like a child again.

Salute to the Sun Series,
as in Bishnu Gosh Lineage System.
Practice 2 Sets.

Half Spine Twisting Pose.

Seated Exercises for maintaining health.
People incapacitated find without adequate movement the muscles loose fitness and soon atrophy.
Exercises to keep body and soul together.
One must move and breathe to live free.

Yoga Sun Salutation
Feet together Grounded
Look ahead, Spine Chest Head upright
Stomach In, Hips a bit foreward
Weight in the Heels more, Thighs Legs contracted
Bring Hands up in front of Chest in prayer
Salute Sun bring Hands out in front in prayer position
Shoulders down dropping Elbows down toward the floor
Keep weight in the Heels, Push Hips more forward and lift up Chest and back in a Backward Bend
Keep lifting Chest Sternum Ribcage up and back to Breathe lift Chest up more
Reverse Backbend out to come Forward to Hands to Feet Pose
Grabbing the Heels Calves, pulling the Chest down with the Head toward the Toes, roll forward onto the Toes more
Continually pulling the Elbows behind the Legs, Exhale, let go, Inhale and
Sit into a Squat or Awkward pose, try keeping the Heels down
Hands on the Floor
Bring Forehead to the Knees, Breathe
Extend Right Leg Back, balancing on the Toes
Look up
Left Leg Back, holding Plank
Chaturanga Down hold, and Push up
Right Leg bring it Forward
Next to right Palm
Bring Head down to Knee
Left Leg Back, next to left Palm
Press up into Hands to Feet posture
Reverse up out like a backbend, Inhale to lift Chest, keeping stomach In
Hands in prayer and bring over Head for Back-bending pose
Close with hands in prayer in
Mountain pose.

Post Malone -Stoney (2016), in background.

Moving Meditation and Exercise.


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