Possumkicker Catch-22

Conservative Dad's Ultra Right 100% Woke Free American Beer Announcement !

Heaven on Earth & Address Unknown !

Shooting a Redneck @ Mall for not stopping with a stupid joke !

A Flint, Michigan black student knocked out their teacher by hurling a chair to back of her head.

Schumer: “McConnell and I have agreed to continue fighting for more economic and security aid for Ukraine.”

How the Deep States James Carville and Bill Maher actually feel about Trump voters.

Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled the fire alarm in the Capital building this afternoon and interrupted the official proceedings of the House as Republicans worked to keep the government open. I’m calling on the DOJ to prosecute him using the same law they used to prosecute J6…

Life is good stealing phones from train passengers in India.

Little Black Brother Hit And Run !

Biggest Rope Swing Ever into Water

Great Weather In Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY USA

The A Team Member Mr. T just got his COVID-19 Booster Vaccine!

Laser Beam Strikes Drug Lord House In Chile !

United States is an oligarchy, not a democracy it's dominated by a rich and powerful elite.

95-Year-Old Veteran Becomes HOMELESS After Nursing Home Room Given To Criminal Illegal Aliens By Biden Democrats.
Frank is a decorated Korean War veteran. Frank signed up to serve his country in 1950. He fought honorably. How have Biden Democrats repaid Frank for his service?

Frank was left HOMELESS to make way for millions of criminal illegal aliens that Biden Democrats welcomed into the country. Frank’s nursing home was converted to a “Migrant Shelter” because of New York’s “Sanctuary City” status.

In Frank’s own words he was “given 2 weeks” to leave his long term nursing home and was made “homeless” by Democrat open border policies.

Frank has been kicked to the street by Biden Democrats for a new population imported into America to give the Democrat Party more power.

A vote for Biden Democrats is a vote to make 95 Year-Old American Heroes Homeless


James Carville admits the truth. 'Let's assume the election was November 3rd. Trump would be a betting favorite. Somebody better wake the f--k up

There is a Kid’s TV show in the Netherlands called ‘Simply Naked’ where adults get naked in front of children. In this episode a transgender got undressed in front of 10 and 12-year-olds.

Having a good time looting in Philadelphia USA !


Biden gave the order to destroy Putin's Nord Stream pipeline after Ukraine invasion. Bombshell report claims Navy divers carried out mission to kill Russia's gas stranglehold on Europe in audacious mission overseen by Joe Biden.

Liquor store looting spree in Philadelphia USA !

Russian Wagner Group transport plane crashes on landing in Mali

Man caught his wife cheating...

Exposing Big Pharma and Fauci’s Lies This Covid 19 vaccination program is ineffectiveness


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