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Brandon gives the real lowdown on Isis

Rothschild machinations...what else don't we know?

Sassy Teens and Null 2.1 Legendary Level battle vs Arch Lich Morokei. The ladies are not immortal and need to use teamwork to survive. Null 2.1 uses Ordinator Vancian Magic and runs out of spells midway and depends on the teens to take the fight. He jumps into a convenient pool of water to escape death only to be attacked by an opportunistic slaughterfish. Watch till the end as Mikki goes fishing for the treasonous trout. Mods downloaded from NEXUS and easily installed. Recorded in 1080p60fps.

Sassy Teens and Wizard Null 2.1 battle Spectre Deathlord and others in route to the Arch Lich Morokei in the bowels of Labyrinthian. The teens are not immortal and use teamwork to stay alive. Teens are outfitted with HepsyBasicWear and Null 2.1 uses Ordinator and Apocalypse Magic downloaded from NEXUS. Recorded in 1080p60fps on an Asus G752VY 980M.

Legendary Level boss fight Lich Morokei vs Cara, Mikki, and Magic User Null 2.1. 1080p60fps. Null 2.1 is using Vancian Magic perk and runs out of spells mid fight and depends on the Sassy Teens to keep him alive. I disabled follower immortality so they can be killed.

My posse getting warmed up before an adventure. HepsyBasicWear SSE on Nexus.

Sassy Teens spell it out

These mods are available on Nexus and in game Skyrim SE mods. The armor is AC54, can be enchanted, and looks cute but tasteful with a hint of sexiness (but not slutty). Low shoulder line sets off necklaces and circlets.

Pt 1. 2nd Level Beta Noob desperately needs the help of the Sassy Teen Girls to stay alive. He previously met Mina at the College and she felt pity for him and joined up.

2nd Level Beta Nooby desperately needs help so recruits the cute but very dangerous SASSY TEEN GIRLS. Got Mina (Wizard) at the College and barely made it alive to the carriage outside Windhelm. Then 50 gold got the noob to Falkreath to get the beautiful and powerful Cara (Fighter).


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