TTL015 full episode. Join Rocco and I as we talk cars, code, and crypto-currencies.

Ed Eisenstien and I contemplate, logic politics, democracy and near science. Your only source for modern Q.

Mike Mundy and Matt Santarpia of the everyday nonsense podcast contemplate their digital naval. Radioactive mugs!

Join Matt, Rares, Lee, Walden and Steve in a rare look into the mind of the technocrat. Too many topics explored to list.

Louisa Petsitis - Cyber security manager and packet watcher.

Geek news, silly fun, and deep dank databases. Join Brad on the Technocrat Live.

What happens to musicians when the global stewards of copyright are more interested in swinging the ban hammer than nurturing new art.

Paul Trapani on encouraging diversity in computer science and technology.

What happens when culture clashes with oath. What is more important for a patient's well being?

Arnold Stillman explains why you care about the interstellar doughnut picture.

Is data science?

Joe explains the methodology of Site Reliability Engineering. Resource budgets have some nice advantages over devops.

How do you shift from a full time tech worker to a full time tech consultant? Lee lays it out in 5 steps.

What is a flow state? How you can study in your sleep for better results. From 'The Technocrat Live' TTL002

Izaac Falken explains DNS cache poisoning. From 'The Technocrat Live' TTL001

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