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Join Ed and I as we talk about aliens, making matter from thought, legalizing marijuana, addiction (including algorithms), civgene, how time works, what is metal, how does prayer work, Unhinged, psychopaths, morality 'training', and good intentions.

TTL094, Broadcast: 2021-04-01 Mark Mendoza of many talents, but best known for playing bass in the world famous Twisted Sister joins me for the second time. Several exclusive stories and insights in Marks mind and life.

Comedian and actor, Nigel chews the rag and makes fun of everything, and ends up even more paranoid. Serious tech to pop culture. Bug-snakes to the robot takeover. 3 hours of dizzying laughs.

Richard Siena, entrepreneur, programmer and market annalist, teaches and talks about Elliot wave, flow, database optimization, and telekinesis. Disclosure, monkeys, punch tape, and market manipulation.

How to reach Rich
Cyber Security Summit

Show Notes:
Jesse Livermore
Umps Fwat
Wolf of Wall St.

Joe Goldberg dives deep into workflow, open source, the commons and and web 3.0. Serious discussion of censorship and new language vaporlock! Don't miss AI, Bitcoin mining viruses, containerization, car hacking tools and of course the technocracy.

The esteemed Lee Wilbur, Windows specialist, consultant guru, and secret marketing genius. Don't miss Lee's consulting tips, angry refrigerators, post it note password management, and the problem with paywalls.

Reaching Lee

Lee's consulting Tips.

1 Learn cost analysis (how much to charge.)
2 Network pinch hitters (other consultants.)
3 Bill everything. Forgive for good behavior.
4 Set up a managed service model. (flat fee, not per incident)
5 Solve the problem over knowing the answer.

Experts Exchange
You're so vain (tiered stegonography)

Izaac Falken, world famous hacker extraordinaire talks pen testing, STEM, and the engineering mindset. Don't miss falling server racks, thinking meat, Segways and skywhales.

Izaac sent me a link to New Math ROTF LMAO!
No joke electric scooters are EVERYWHERE in Salt Lake City.

TTL091, Broadcast: 2021-03-11

Interviews are back! 'That Windows Geek' Lee Wilbur joins me for Dystopia Report and we wander through the rigors or Covid life (and the ethics of course) Windows, the cloud, idiocracy, and halfnium.

TTL093, Broadcast 2021-03-25 Mike from 'Tales From The bottom of the Ocean' Dives deep on personal philosophy, martial arts, the impact of the Corona Virus, and of course the magic of memes.

TTL092, Broadcast: 2021-03-18 Join Laura May in her first public interview. Includes the weekly Dystopia report. We discuss the ethics of marketing, The Apple car, Free archetypes, and the direction and utility of NFTs. And of course psychopaths. Don't miss it.

TTL090, Broadcast: 2021-03-04

What is The Civilization Gene? Civgene is a group of science theories with complex ramifications for socio-economics. Dedicated 1 hr description of the basics of civgene with some complex examples. Tune in if you are interested in collapse, human rights, our decent into authoritarianism, or just how psychopaths work in general.

For more info.

TTL032, Broadcast: 11/7/19

Dr. James Brown, computer and environmental scientist and I talk Darwin, coywolves, and motorcycles. Do animals have empathy? Peregrine falcons and fish gills are amazing.

TTL005, Broadcast: : 4/4/19

Do not miss Dr Rares Cocioba as he talks about the state of modern healthcare, psychotropic medications, the ethics of first contact, and the prevalence of doctor suicides. Also vaccines, self experimentation, and of course Rick and Morty!


CGP Grey machine learning
Freakenomics capuchin monkeys
Elon Musk Harambe rap!

No guest to distract you from the cold hard cynicism of the weekly Dystopia report. Just the news for technocrats.

Broadcast: 10/24/2019

Join Arnold Stillman as he explains the tech and business model behind of Poem technologies. IOT, blockchain, black holes, bad science abound.

Sorry about the delay. The live stream was interrupted and a lower res backup copy was needed in part. Wanted to keep as much 1080p as possible.

Satoshi on Bitcoins relationship to Hashcash

The Story of Karl Schwarzchild

Bittrex NY bitlicense problems.

Broadcast: 4/11/2019

Tune in with the amazing Paul Trapani. Creator of the digital Ballpark and president of Listnet. We dive deep on free speech covering everything from prohibition to shadow banning. Not to mention the Commodore 64, minecraft, failure virgins, and of course tech incubators.

Broadcast: : 4/18/2019

Closed source, remote databases, paper trails. Can we trust computerized voting machines? Is this the best democracy can do?

Comedian and actor, Nigel chews the rag and makes fun of everything, and ends up even more paranoid. Serious tech to pop culture. Bug-snakes to the robot takeover. 3 hours of dizzying laughs.

Will AI happen? Will it try and kill you? Should you be ready for the robot army? If AI doom is coming, is it still funny?

How do cybersecurity departments classify and organize data. Via SIEM or Security Information and Event Management. Everything has a signature, but more importantly, what do you do once you recognize it.

Computer science, Victory motorcycles, the zen of motorcycle repair, and the core of civgene. Bob may well be the originator of 'the customer is always right.

Lennie the squirrel,, Tall tales, Time travel, CRISPR, and the structure of education

Austin Andrews, John Uhl, George Portugal, Tom Mennecke, Examine and debate the dark side of runaway technological progress. Now including cautious optimism. :)

The Technocrat Live's first panel. #1!

Brutal science, the ruination of 'geek', and minorities in tech. Meritocracy, flat earth as a gateway for professional scientists, and advanced persistent threats. The technocrats life can get real gritty.

Cameras are growing. Nothing will stop it.

Remote exploits with no patch path is a huge problem.

What is technologies biggest culture shock for non technocrats?

What is your small business top fail?

Open source Art? Is it trivializing the trivial, or impoverishing talent.

Should open platforms like Raspberry Pi be encouraged or required for IOT device main boards?

Bitcoin. NY Bitlicence Fight, flight or fornicate?

Who suffers the worst at the hands of technocrats? (car hacking, walled gardens, S curves, democracy?, IP and pharmaceuticals)

What is a role model technocrat? What does moral look like?

What does a better IT security mode look like. Zone defense (cyber security) or man on man (design and logging)?

Are there really multiple universes? Can we travel to them?

Government regulation of social media? Yay or nay and why?

One tip for a beginning computer science student?

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