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TTL032, Broadcast: 11/7/19

Dr. James Brown, computer and environmental scientist and I talk Darwin, coywolves, and motorcycles. Do animals have empathy? Peregrine falcons and fish gills are amazing.

TTL005, Broadcast: : 4/4/19

Do not miss Dr Rares Cocioba as he talks about the state of modern healthcare, psychotropic medications, the ethics of first contact, and the prevalence of doctor suicides. Also vaccines, self experimentation, and of course Rick and Morty!


CGP Grey machine learning
Freakenomics capuchin monkeys
Elon Musk Harambe rap!

No guest to distract you from the cold hard cynicism of the weekly Dystopia report. Just the news for technocrats.

Broadcast: 10/24/2019

Join Arnold Stillman as he explains the tech and business model behind of Poem technologies. IOT, blockchain, black holes, bad science abound.

Sorry about the delay. The live stream was interrupted and a lower res backup copy was needed in part. Wanted to keep as much 1080p as possible.

Satoshi on Bitcoins relationship to Hashcash

The Story of Karl Schwarzchild

Bittrex NY bitlicense problems.

Broadcast: 4/11/2019

Tune in with the amazing Paul Trapani. Creator of the digital Ballpark and president of Listnet. We dive deep on free speech covering everything from prohibition to shadow banning. Not to mention the Commodore 64, minecraft, failure virgins, and of course tech incubators.

Broadcast: : 4/18/2019

Closed source, remote databases, paper trails. Can we trust computerized voting machines? Is this the best democracy can do?

Comedian and actor, Nigel chews the rag and makes fun of everything, and ends up even more paranoid. Serious tech to pop culture. Bug-snakes to the robot takeover. 3 hours of dizzying laughs.

Will AI happen? Will it try and kill you? Should you be ready for the robot army? If AI doom is coming, is it still funny?

How do cybersecurity departments classify and organize data. Via SIEM or Security Information and Event Management. Everything has a signature, but more importantly, what do you do once you recognize it.

Computer science, Victory motorcycles, the zen of motorcycle repair, and the core of civgene. Bob may well be the originator of 'the customer is always right.

Lennie the squirrel,, Tall tales, Time travel, CRISPR, and the structure of education

Austin Andrews, John Uhl, George Portugal, Tom Mennecke, Examine and debate the dark side of runaway technological progress. Now including cautious optimism. :)

The Technocrat Live's first panel. #1!

Brutal science, the ruination of 'geek', and minorities in tech. Meritocracy, flat earth as a gateway for professional scientists, and advanced persistent threats. The technocrats life can get real gritty.

Cameras are growing. Nothing will stop it.

Remote exploits with no patch path is a huge problem.

What is technologies biggest culture shock for non technocrats?

What is your small business top fail?

Open source Art? Is it trivializing the trivial, or impoverishing talent.

Should open platforms like Raspberry Pi be encouraged or required for IOT device main boards?

Bitcoin. NY Bitlicence Fight, flight or fornicate?

Who suffers the worst at the hands of technocrats? (car hacking, walled gardens, S curves, democracy?, IP and pharmaceuticals)

What is a role model technocrat? What does moral look like?

What does a better IT security mode look like. Zone defense (cyber security) or man on man (design and logging)?

Are there really multiple universes? Can we travel to them?

Government regulation of social media? Yay or nay and why?

One tip for a beginning computer science student?

Steve's Linktree -
Hello Kitty drums -
Black hole sun -
This Day We Fight (8 bit) -
Crossing the Rubicon (8 bit) -
'What is a Technocrat?' cartoon -
Useless duck company robots -
Nicole Perez misbehaving robots -
Eargasm -

A neuroscientist and a maker, George tells the stories of repairing and reviving computer space and pong. Two of the earliest video games. Also complexity horizons and nurocongnitive disorders amongst the crowd.

Tom Mennecke talks about the heady days of the dot com, LAMP, law, justice and piloting planes. Now with more gravity and weather.

Original musician of many instruments and artist. Neo-Luddite, and technocrat. Please join our conversation about the technocracy.

Including 'The Dystopia Report.'

Don't miss Ariella Lester network engineer extraordinaire. Don't miss blow fiber, time sinks, and federations. Not to mention the 4 H's to end harassment.

Admin, DBA, programmer, and engineer. Community leader, musician, free thinker, there is nothing Matt Surico can't do.

Why do some people have 'the knack' while others don't?

Bill talks economics, code, and science ethics. Now with marshmallows, The TTL test, crayons, and space crime.

Join Walden Leverich the CEO of Tech Software on the Technocrat Live.

Join Jeannie and I as we dive deep into tech ethics, mental illness and how the human mind works. What does everyone think they are doing?

Race car driver, modder, mechanic and technocrat of JVR auto. Tech is moving fast.

Aziza Brown is the owner of Dynamik Focus. A competitive video game team.


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We live in, and are subject to, a growing technocracy. Join me and guests as explore it.

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