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A tour of Radionic And Radiesthesia in relation to building the germinal states of mind matter interfacing and etheric moral technologies of mechanical occultism described by Rudolf Steiner and Paul Emberson.

Thomas Joseph Brown lays it all out for us.

The entire universe is changing and our planet with it. 2012 was not a one time thing but the beginning of the most massive change we have perhaps ever known...

Clips from a lecture about the Breath Science known as Swara Yoga. You learn to sync the rhythms and directional flow of your breath in nostrils to resonate with specific elements. These are essential techniques to be employed in the psychotronic sciences. These techniques are also referred to in the Caucasian Yoga text, originally made available through Borderlands Research.


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Open Source Education of the Aetheric, Vital, Qualitative, & Psychotronic Arts and Sciences