sucks that I got dced on the last race of gp 3

Sadly this run didn't count on the leaderboards due to NTR.

This was fun

I'm using Mario this time.

This was fun

My 2nd run in this category

Another improvement

Improved a bit.

I used the mii on the mach bike.

This happened back in 2017.

Enjoy these CTWWs w/Handcam.

Here are some Worldwides w/Handcam.

Wasn't expecting this

Here's Ep. 18. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas

Sheldon is a bit of a nerd. Lol

Sting Rays


This was awesome

Happy B-day Tiffani

This was fun

This was very interesting

Spooky King wins the race/

This was fun.


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