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Gathering Of Eagles In Llangollen to Expose U S Baby Murderers

As we approach end of business of 28 February......Nancy Pelosi will be unable to avoid arrest if she and the rest of the treason artists of the Democrat party cannot get Trump's Emergency cancelled; which of course they cannot.

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Short Old Jewish Cheater Scores

Sexual deviants stick together and lie for each other; U S Congress and Senate, for example. Trump and his 4 Marines push back as The CHILDREN'S CRUSADE confers in Llangollen N. Wales 19-25 March,2019.

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A Gathering Of Eagles Descend On Llangollen, N. Wales

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Droopy Dopey Pelosi Is Going To Take Our Guns? Fat Fucking Chance

Pelosi, Schumer and Other Dolts Think They can mistreat veterans, Patriots and Christians and they make us think they can take our guns. It is more likely I can take implants than she or Upchuck can get within 2200 feet of my guns. I am asking anyone who agrees Pelosi is a deranged post menopausal hyena please send any memes or images that are as ugly as the thumbprint for this show. [email protected]...... Nancy, you want my guns, fine, molon labe and you will get my lead first, capeche? Oh, Hillary and O'Crazio challenge you to a fart lighting contest.

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Nancy's Rehab @ Gitmo After Other Democrat Women Wear White Surrendering To Trump And His Adults

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8558616

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Nancy's Rehab @ Gitmo After Other Democrat Women Wear White Surrendering To Trump And His Adults

Facelift caves in, signals surrender to Trump and his adult learders in house and senate. Reasonable Dems cheer news of Nancy's transfer to Gitmo to join "blabbermouth" Obama as Kristine Marcy refers to the gay mulatto.

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Pre-order Andy & Gobsmack's book ($50 + $5 shipping). All proceeds from sales will go to Andy and Gordon. https://abeldanger.org/merchandise/product/andys-book-preorder/

If Super Bowl 53 does not suffer a terror attack a class action lawsuit to claim $3 Trillion in punitive damages is being assembled by The Magnificent 7 of airline pilot whistleblowers in the "post 911 era".

Those plaintiffs may include: Field McConnell, Dan Hanley, JS, MD, ND, JM and WOW. 9/11 was commissioned by parties known to Field McConnell and was more about pedophilia than transferring financial center of the world from NYC to City of London. The NOTICE OF INTENTION TO RE-FILE CIVIL CASE !:08-1600(RMC) will be published on this radio show. Defendant listed in INTENTION TO FILE will be anchored by General Electric and ALPA. Others involved will include Waumandee State Bank, USAA, State of Wisconsin and others. Forget the Super Bowl.....watch the shit hit the fan 4,5 and 14 February.

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Pre-order Andy & Gobsmack's book ($50). All proceeds from sales will go to Andy and Gordon.

Abel Danger To Facilitate Publishing A Book To Invite Luke 4:18 To Be Put INTO ACTION

Abel Danger has committed 100% of our broadcast time to THE TRUTH TRAIN pulling into the Llangollen Railroad Station on 19 March 2019. Our purpose to to make young family members safer from Pedophilia and other harms to them by servants of Satan. It is an open meeting and no tickets or persons unwelcome. We intend to has a life changing book available at the Llangollen. We are reconfiguring our total order of our original edition from 100 copies to 200 copies. We will continue to increase FIRST EDITION until 3 March when all paid FIRST EDITIONS will be order. We will have autographed FIRST EDITIONS bearing a certificate of authenticity inside front cover at time of delivery for the FIRST EDITION. The Truth Train Is Engineered by Andy, Dispatched by Gobsmack and Conducted by Field. Get on board!!!

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8545424


On 18 November 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued the papal bull Unam sanctam[a] which historian Brian Tierney calls "...probably the most famous of all the documents on church and state that has down [sic] to us from the Middle Ages."[1] The original document is lost, but a version of the text can be found in the registers of Boniface VIII in the Vatican Archives.[2] The Bull lays down dogmatic propositions on the unity of the Catholic Church, the necessity of belonging to it for eternal salvation, the position of the Pope as supreme head of the Church, and the duty thence arising of submission to the Pope in order to belong to the Church and thus to attain salvation. The Pope further emphasizes the higher position of the spiritual in comparison with the secular order.

Hillary Rats Out New York BABY KILLER as Pelosi's CRS Revealed by Leading Proctologist Dr. Cadaverino

Baby Killer Cuomo appears more like a Khazarian Jew than a kool aid drinking Catholic; FaceLift Obstructionist blinded by the Right, George Soros seeks George Soros DOPPELGANGER

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From Thursday's show 1-24-2019

More reading:


Google: jason goodman + 2017 + george webb + tricia

Our first guest tomorrow has changed as he can explain the Coup in Venezuela and how that is related to the financial implosion of Senior Executive Service and how that may impact the implosion of Serco.

Gobsmack will come on after Agent Juan O. Savin and Sir Vexy.

Pelosi and Schumer *ucked With The Wrong Marine: Senior Executive Service KAPUT; Serco Targeted For Elimination 6 March 2019

Pelosi and Schumer were fucked on 29 July 2015 but their heads were so far up their own asrses that they did not realize it until 17 November 2018. Operation SIDE CAR is now officially concluded as USA Corporation officially dead. By the way Facelift and Upchuck, the Fiji Faggoti has ratted you two and Brennan out at Gitmo. Chuckie Poo, kiss my ass..

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8535922

Pelosi-Hillary Assassination Plan Aborted by ABEL DANGER?

Information has come to Global Operations Director of Abel Danger that George Soros and Nancy Pelosi contracted with a patsy to attempt to blow up the white house "AFTER" the C32 [ Boeing 757 ] had climbed above FL180 with all 3 cockpit altimeters set at 29.92 inches of mercury. However, someone 'standing behind' President Trump recognized the plot and signaled to 4 Marine general to standby to abort. Once Pelosi and Soros established their intent to BE GONE, Trump sprang the trap. This is an exact replay of 9/11 when Henry Shelton tried to go on a 757 to Europe but was forceably caused to take 61-2669 instead of C32 [ 757 ] If Trump were killed and Pence indicted, Pelosi as SoH would become President. Credit Trump's 4th Marine

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8530900

Agent LoCo joins Abel Dangerettes.

Twitter: @dangerettes
Email: [email protected]
GAB: @dris0015

Tango Foxtrot 19 Exposes Justice Ginsberg's PROSTATE Cancer

Justice RBG has died of prostate cancer. It is unusual as prosstate cancer is common it old men but in most cases they die with it, not from it. Mr Ginsburg was the widower of Martin Ginsburg, also a queer. Mr. and Mr. Obama sent a buttplug once owned by Al Capone of Chicago as a going away gift. It appears Mr. and Mr. Obama are vacationing at the Crowbar Hotel is Cuba where the BOLD PAC iwas scheduled to arrive SOON prior to their collectively BENDING OVER for Trump and accepting a conditional deal. For background on Peg-Boy Obama's butt plug google this combo:

G: Obama + buttplug + al capone + chicago hotel + FIELD MCCONNELL

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8527190

We will discuss many things including why Obama used Kalfus, Michael Huerta and Delta to coverup 9/11. We will broadcast in Spanish if anyone sees evidence that RBG is alive somewhere other than Gitmo where she may appear to be alive and hearing cases remotely, capeche?

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8522713

Today's show will have Gobsmack interviewing Gordon Bowden and I hope they discuss what may have caused Barclay's Bank to sell a brand new Gulfstream 650 immediately upon delivery?

G: Jana Ryan + BBA + 9/11 + FIELD MCCONNELL === Why Have Wisconsin POLS Pro... on Livestream


Google Search: Abel Danger + Serco + Hook + CROOKED BILLET + 9/11 .... G: Janna Ryan + BBA + 2000-2002 + 9/11 + FIELD MCCONNELL ==== Abel Danger Exposes

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8518788

THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE sets in place technology to have our inaugural meeting at Llangollen N. Wales, 19-25 March 2019 live on YouTube for those who would attend in person but cannot. The video will be free for all to get a sense that they are attending in person although from thousands of miles away.

Crusaders to answer any questions: Gobsmack in UK, Eager Beaver in Canada and Denise & Field in US.

Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8513835

THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE will join with Daniel Patrick of California and Timothy C. Holmseth of East Grand Forks, Minnesota to expose the evil of pedophilia which still grips the government of the USA, UK and other evil governments. We will hope to find some common ground to plan a conference in the US to complement our gathering in Llangollen N. Wales 2019.

Link to the original Livestream Broadcast: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/8513962

As evolution from AD to BSM to THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE causes impressive growth in viewer ship we are offering our new "insider" Agent W and his Mexican gumshoe ally to call into all futures shows until such time as a new Congress is seated. Likely dates are 3 Jan 19 or as late as 16 April 2019. It depends on how many Congress critters and Senatorial misfit take the offer of voluntary resignations or tribunals for Treason.

We believe that RUMMY, Big Dick from Wyoming and Kristine Marcy and Hillary are early arrivals at Gitmo as Operation RECTAL BLEEDING has caused Mike Pence to save himself from Gitmo by flipping on the Bush, Obama, Clinton and Marcy net works. Field McConnell's offer to be a witness for the United States in his sister's Tribunal or to serve as a lay pastor if she has already suffered an unfortunate accident. Beware the GREAT HARVEST of 5 Jan 19


First of all Agent MARCY had new computer operational just prior to SHOWTIME and I did not know that Agent W would call until after
I told her that I felt that today's show would be the best ever. It was. Much of the credit to W, Gobsmack, MARCY and MAD DOG. All credit God and Jesus.We are enjoying exponential growth in show views and if today's show becomes a youTube I have little doubt it will prosper at that outlet. Denise,Marcy and I went to dinner at Molly's in Plum City and now Marcy, Denise and I will spend some time with neighbors Phil and Mary and yet Deniseand I should be home and snug in our bed before 2018 ends and 2019 is ushered in.

I look forward to Good News early in the new year as God demonstrates his Victory over Evil.

I will be communicating with The Gales Hotel to see how many of their 15 rooms will be available for nights of 19-24 March as AD BSM The Children's Crusade will be holding an organizational meeting during that 6 night part of March 2019.

Field, Denise, W, Gobsmack, Marcie, Phil and Mary, M4S, Mad Dog, Telford wish all around the happiest NY ever.

Sweet Dreams and God Bless as we Soldier on for Christ.



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