A song written by Nick Howarth, drawing from his experience as a section commander at the Internal Stability Division.
Images from the time period 1991 -1994.
Baptism of Fire
Young man you're not alone
You have your brothers in arms
Some day you'll be back home
Where nothing can cause you harm
Young man you're not mad
You have a right to be scared
You have a right to be sad
We are all the same when compared
War is no mans friend my friend
It will expose the darkness within
War is the 'why' we don't blend
Can we ever come back from the sin?
This is your baptism of fire
17 years old and you're in too deep
Smoke, petrol, bodies, burning tyres
Your part in this will forever wake your sleep
Diesel fumes and banging guns
Tracers rage across the sky
These men with me are someones sons
Mothers, wives and sisters know naught but cry
This is a piece of our lives never to be seen
Lives ruined by this baptism of fire
I wish we could wipe it all clean
Now the land belongs to the liar

The old South Africa was better for more people. The only people that are actually benefiting are the elites in the ANC government and their families, unemployment and poverty worsens by the day. Corruption and crime are the norms.

The Boipatong Massacre happened on 17 June 1992. The attackers were supporters of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), rival party of the African National Congress (ANC), in a apparent revenge attack due to the killing of their members by the ANC. At the time, the South African government and several other political groups were negotiating in the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) talks.

The Goldstone Commission appointed Peter Waddington to make an independent enquiry. His report was released on 22 July 1992. It stated that there was no evidence of police collusion in the killings.

We have to ask the question; who gained from this attack and who used this attack for international propaganda value?

This incident happened after the Units (ABS-ISD) and the regular army (SADF) were replaced by the National Peace Keeping Force (NPKF), chaos ensured and the Units and army were sent back into Thokoza. The National Peace Keeping Force (NPKF) was a big mistake, and many warned about the chaos that would happen if the ABS-ISD were withdrawn.

In 1991 Sgt. van Wyk was murdered by a crowd of African National Congress (ANC) supporters in Daveyton. The story is told by Nick Howarth, the author of https://www.amazon.com/War-Peace-Truth-About-East-ebook/dp/B075DJSKMT

Documentary about the terrorist organisation the African National Congress and how the leftist media promoted them.


A clip/slideshow made by Sunel Vermaak and sent to the ABS-ISD page. This quoted sent with clip, "This is how memories are made... by going with the flow.".

Approximately fifty people lost their lives violently in and around central Johannesburg on 28 March 1994. The present inquest is directly concerned with only nineteen of them. Some of the other deaths which occurred on that day were also connected with the events with which we are concerned but they have been the subject of other inquests. They have some relevance though to the evaluation of the evidence which is before us.


This was a highly specialized unit of the SARP. The SARP was 'disband' in 1985 and incorporated into the South African Police.



Some footage of the old South African Defense Force (SADF). Time period of footage around 1985 - 1987


Tell Tale suit case. Radio story from the old Springbok Radio 1968


A short clip of new members of the South African Police (SAP) presenting arms during there passing out parade. It was also the 70 anniversary of the SAP. Pretoria Police College

Clip of a pre-election political killing in Natal, South Africa 1994. Most killing was between the ANC and IFP


Old national anthem of South Africa


Song by Judas Priest

[Verse 1]
As the sun goes down, I move around
Keeping to the shadows
Life, hangs by a thread
And I've heard it said, that I'll not see tomorrow
If that's my destiny, it'll have to be
So I'll face the future
Running out of time
I'm on the line
But I'll go down fighting
Felt the hand of justice
Telling wrong from right
Threw me out upon the street
In the middle of the night
Cybernetic heartbeat
Digital precise
Pneumatic fingers nearly
Had me in their vice
Not begging you
I'm telling you

You won't break me
You won't make me
You won't take me
Under blood red skies
You won't break me
You won't take me
I'll fight you under
Blood red skies

[Verse 2]
Through a shattered city
Watched by laser eyes
Overhead the night squad glides
The decaying paradise
Automatic sniper
With computer sights
Scans the bleak horizon
For its victim of the night

They're closing in
They'll never win


[Verse 3]
As the end is drawing near
Standing proud, I won't give in to fear
As I die a legend will be born
I will stand, I will fight
You'll never take me alive
I'll stand my ground
I won't go down

[Verse 4]
You'll never take me alive
I'm telling you
Hands of justice
I will stand, I will fight
Never surrender
As the sun goes down
I won't give in to fear

Slide show of ISD members operational 1991 - 1994


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Will post slide shows and footage of the Internal Stability Division (ISD), which was a unit of the old South African Police (SAP). This will cover the township violence in the period 1991 - 1994.

I will also post Historical footage of the Republic of South Africa (pre-1995), police and military.