Jd sent me his work and here is the results. As you will see his work is amazing as usual :D

First here is the link for the mod - note that it's unfinished but jd and i decided it will be a good idea to release it anyways to help us testing it and find bugs we don't know about.

Also to run it you will need the latest GZDoom build to enjoy all the features

As always for an up-to-date information about this mod you can go here :

Thanks for viewing and your outstanding support :D

It's been a long time but here is a little update.

Since JD is MIA and his work on the mod seems to be compromised for the Predator class i had to rework some of the sprites myself to make it wide-screen friendly - don't expect extra-ultra-eye-candy stuff. My artistic sense is a bit ... lacking lol

Note that the Predator weapons sprites in this video are place holders till jdredalert sends me his work.

I will release the unfinished version of this mod as soon as i can without jd's work for testing and bug fixing purposes. I will also upload a video presentation of the 3 classes once it's done.

Thanks for watching and all your supports :)


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