This video shows all the weapons and a quickplay of Mr Autogun Online, a cool game that mixes platform, run and gun and free running where you'll take your guns and rampage through many levels shooting enemies and escaping from deadly spikes. As a bonus, it shows several of the levels variations and the boss.

- play Mr Autogun Online:
- Categories: free running, platform, upgrades, shooting, run and gun, HTML5
- Developer and/or publisher: Kiz10
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This video shows a quickplay of Basket Slam, a physics-based basketball game where you have seven balls and have to thrown as many as you can into the hoop, aiming, setting their power and using a platform to make them bounce.

- play Basket Slam:
- Categories: basketball, basket, physics, sports, html5, casual
- Developer and/or publisher: trezegames
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This is the full playthrough to FireBlob Winter, a Christmas-themed sequel to FireBlob, now with more levels, better graphics, new puzzles, speed run mode, and a final boss battle! Have fun with this retro-styled platform puzzler!

- play FireBlob Winter:
- Categories: platform, Christmas, HTML5, retro, pixel art, FireBlob
- Developer and/or publisher: NoaDev
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This video shows a playthrough to Zombie Run, a free running game that promises lightning-fast action you won't soon forget, as our hero chases down hordes of monsters across six incredible worlds, with lots of portal-hopping and guns blazing. It has almost one hour of gameplay and shows (almost) all the weapons, every kind of scenarios and the boss being beaten.

- play Zombie Run:
- Categories: zombies, free running, HTML5, mummies, upgrades
- Developer and/or publisher: PlayJolt
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This video shows a quickplay of Bitcoin Clicker, an idle game where you'll mine virtual bitcoins to amass a simulated fortune! It's about earning crypto through fast tapping, relaxing, investing and upgrading your mining rig. It's a bit bugged though.

- play Bitcoin Clicker:
- Categories: Bitcoin, Clicker, Idle, HTML5, Upgrades, Casual, Pixel Art
- Developer and/or publisher: TastyCherryGames
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This video shows the playthrough to all of the six single player maps from Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6, a thrilling first-person shooter battle between soldiers and bloodthirsty zombies, all made in a wonderful Minecraft-like world.

- play Pixel Gun Apocalypse 6:
- Categories: Pixel Gun Apocalypse, HTML5, Minecraft, Zombies, FPS, First-person shooter, Multiplayer Online
- Developer and/or publisher: BestCrazyGames
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- 00:37 - Apocalipse Begin
- 06:37 - Forest
- 24:20 - Infected Town
- 25:44 - Remps
- 46:43 - Sun Down
- 56:48 - Town

This video shows the full playthrough/walkthrough to John's Adventures, an online platform game where a fearless pirate has ventured to seek treasure in uncharted lands inhabited by creatures from another world, including the underworld. It has all of it's 10 levels being beaten.

- play John's Adventures:
- Categories: Skeletons, Platform, Pirates, HTML5
- Developer and/or publisher: trezegames
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- 00:15 - Level 1
- 01:58 - Level 2
- 04:24 - Level 3
- 06:10 - Level 4
- 08:56 - Level 5
- 11:50 - Level 6
- 15:57 - Level 7
- 19:00 - Level 8
- 25:01 - Level 9
- 29:27 - Level 10

Base Defense is an online strategy game set in the zombie apocalypse, where you will train troops to fight the undead. It features an interesting strategy gameplay, multiple levels, a hard rock BGM, and an upgrade system.

- play Base Defense:
- Categories: Strategy, Apocalypse, Hard Rock, HTML5, Upgrades, Zombies
- Developer and/or publisher: JulGames
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Here we have the playthrough to Biozombie Outbreak, an online third person shooter where a cute babe will take part in an intense zombie shooting on the city streets crowded with blood thirsty zombies.

- play Biozombie Outbreak:
- Categories: Third Person Shooter, HTML5, Zombies, Shooter, Babes, Action
- Developer and/or publisher: G55
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- 00:05 - Level 1
- 04:31 - Level 2
- 08:18 - Level 3
- 12:26 - Level 4
- 16:29 - Level 5
- 20:34 - Level 6

Rescue Helicopter is a casual and skill-based online game made for those who want to save people while flying a chopper. It features multiple increasingly challenging levels.

- play Rescue Helicopter:
- Categories: Skill, Helicopters, Hard, HTML5, Casual
- Developer and/or publisher: JulGames
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Vegas Clash 3D is a cool and fast-paced online third person shooter for browsers (HTML5) where a gang named Sassy Elvis is going to make an unfriendly visit to the underground vault of a Las Vegas casino which is full of cash.

- play Vegas Clash 3D:
- Categories: Casino, HTML5, Third Person Shooter, Upgrades, Action, Shooting
- Developer and/or publisher: Freeway Interactive
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Watch a quickplay and get to know Pinball Simulator, a cool online pinball for browsers that features score system with local leaderboard, two maps, nice graphics and good controls.

- play Pinball Simulator:
- Categories: Pinball, Simulator, Arcade, HTML5
- Developer and/or publisher: JulGames
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This video contains a quickplay of couple of levels from Super Jump Bros, an online platform game inspired by the timeless Super Mario Bros. where the Soldier Brothers will face scary zombie pirates and explore lots of challenging levels.

- play Super Jump Bros:
- Categories: Zombies, Platform, Super Mario Bros., Pirates, BestGaming, HTML5
- Developer and/or publisher: BestGaming
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This video has a quickplay we made on Zombies Outbreak Arena, a top-down shooter where you'll test yourself in battles in the city streets against zombies and no other less dangerous undead creatures. Try to survive as long as you can.

Protip: this game has too many damn ads in the middle of the battles and they won't even pause them, which means you'll be sitting duck for the zombies and they'll most certainly kill you. So, whenever some stupid ad starts playing, press the space bar and it will pause the game by opening the upgrade shop. Very poor and dumb decision of whoever made this to allow ads while in action. If it gets too annoying anyway, just play the original Zombie Outbreak Arena ( It won't do that to you.

- play Zombies Outbreak Arena:
- Categories: Zombies, Top-down shooter, Shooter, HTML5, Undead, Survival, Upgrades, SAS: Zombie Assault
- Developer and/or publisher: RedolApps
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Watch the gameplay of Zombie Sniper, a FPS where you will use your cool sniper rifle to shoot the undead down in an apocalyptic ghost town. Try to make double or triple kills and head shots!

- play Zombie Sniper:
- Categories: Apocalypse, First Person Shooter, Head Shot, Sniper, Zombies, HTML5
- Developer and/or publisher: PlayJolt
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Pirate Defense is an tower defense game where you need to strategically place and upgrade your turrets to stop incoming pirates in 15 challenging levels. Watch a quickplay of this game so you get to know it before playing it.

- play Pirate Defense:
- Categories: Tower Defense, Strategy, Pirates, Upgrades, HTML5
- Developer and/or publisher: BeedoGames
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- Pirate Defense quickplay @ YouTube:

This vídeo is a full walkthrough/guide/spoiler/playthrough to Stone Smacker, a cool retro-styled and Zelda-inspired puzzler where a young redhead dude will push stones into holes to clear the paths to the treasure chests.

- play Stone Smacker:
- Categories: Retro, Zelda, Sokoban, Puzzler, HTML5, Pixel Art
- Developer and/or publisher: JM Neto Game Dev
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- 00:28 - Level 01
- 00:55 - Level 02
- 01:44 - Level 03
- 03:19 - Level 04
- 06:30 - Level 05
- 09:52 - Level 06
- 12:37 - Level 07
- 15:03 - Level 08
- 21:56 - Level 09
- 25:20 - Level 10

This video brings a quickplay of Platfoban, a cool retro-styled online game where you need to collect all the coins on every level, but sometimes you'll have to switch between the platform and Sokoban modes in order to progress.

- play Platfoban:
- Categories: Platform, Sokoban, Puzzler, HTML5, Retro, Pixel Art
- Developer and/or publisher: bestphysics
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This video brings the playthrough to Kingdom of Ninja, a short and pleasant platform game where you must help a stealth warrior to go through 10 levels collecting emeralds while avoiding traps and monsters.

- play Kingdom of Ninja:
- Categories: Platform, HTML5, Ninja, Short, Pixel Art
- Developer and/or publisher: FBK
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Here we have a quickplay with the first 5 levels from Ringo Starfish, a cool and retro-styled online Super Mario-like platform game where you'll explore it facing various enemies and traps while collecting all crystals scattered throughout the territory.

- play Ringo Starfish:
- Categories: Platform, HTML5, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario, Retro, Pixel art
- Developer and/or publisher: Magnific Studios
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Crazy Bunny is a fast-paced online platform-puzzler where you need to switch blocks from a solid to intangible states (or vice-versa) in order to make way for your rabbit to collect the carrot on each of its 30 levels.

- play Crazy Bunny:
- Categories: Puzzler, HTML5, retro, pixel art
- Developer and/or publisher: Magnific Studios
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This is the full playthrough of Ninja Frog, an online Super Mario-like platform game with colorful pixel art graphics, retro style and five increasingly challenging levels. This online version of Ninja Frog is quite good, but has two major flaws: TOO MANY UNSKIPPABLE ADS and it doesn't prevent the arrow keys, which are used for controls on desktop, to scroll the whole browser page. We had to make a jerry-rig hack to make it playable at our website.

- play Ninja Frog:
- Categories: Platform, HTML5, retro, Super Mario Bros., Ninjas, Super Mario
- Developer and/or publisher: kidsgamesplay
- Follow us: (social media)

- 00:13 - Level 1
- 01:55 - Level 2
- 03:46 - Level 3
- 05:18 - Level 4
- 06:57 - Level 5

This is the full playthrough of Barbarian VS Mummy, a short online platformer for browsers inspired in Super Mario Bros., Sonic and Donkey Kong (mostly Mario) which is quite cool and pleasant to play, but could have arrow keys support for controls. The dev should just prevent the browser to scroll when pressing these keys in-game.

- play Barbarian VS Mummy:
- Categories: Platform, HTML5, Barbarians, Mummies, Super Mario Bros., Sonic, Donkey Kong
- Developer and/or publisher: JM Neto Game Dev
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* 00:12 - Level 1
* 01:27 - Level 2
* 03:24 - Level 3
* 05:14 - Level 4
* 06:58 - Level 5
* 08:40 - Level 6

This is the playthrough of Counter Craft Zombies, a third person shooter which combines Counter-Strike and Minecraft. As a special forces soldier, you'll shoot hordes of blocky zombies and try to survive until the timer goes to zero.

- play Counter Craft Zombies:
- Categories: Third person shooters, Shooting, Zombies, Weapons, Undead, HTML5, Minecraft, Counter-Strike
- Developer and/or publisher: G55
- Follow us: (social media)

* 00:11 - Level 1
* 06:11 - Level 2
* 12:15 - Level 3

This video brings the gameplay from the first 15 levels of Imposter Clash, an Among Us themed and fun and engaging 2D online strategic puzzler (Clash-style). It's fun and addicting, but has too many ads, which is always a stupid decision on the part of the developers or publishers.

- Play Imposter Clash:
- Categories: Puzzler, Among Us, HTML5, Strategy, Clash
- Developer and/or publisher: DobGame
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