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Formed in 1963 in Riverside, California. From the 1982 comp
"Before the Dream Faded". Track recorded in 1966 in London at
Fontana Studios and IBC.

H.P. Lovecraft's LP "Live - May 11, 1968", released in 1991
by Sundazed. Recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco,
California on May 11, 1968.

00:00 - Wayfaring Stranger
10:24 - The Drifter
18:48 - It's About Time
23:43 - The White Ship
30:45 - At the Mountains of Madness
35:18 - The Bag I'm In
38:54 - I've Been Wrong Before
41:48 - Country Boy & Bleeker Street

From their 1967 single on GNP Crescendo.

Los Angeles indie-psych band formed in LA in 2002.
Their 2004 debut LP, released on Emperor Norton [ENR 7073-2].

Evolved during the mid-sixties from the R&B band 'The
Mustangs', based in Neath, UK. From their 1969 single on

Their sole LP, originally recorded circa 1969, but unreleased
until 1995 on Rockadelic vinyl [RRLP-18], and remastered by
Shadoks in 2002 [SHADOKS 029].

Pre-Heavy single recorded during the time when IB's
Heavy lineup was in flux. 'Possession' recorded at Johnny
Otis's Studio in Hollywood, the first recording they ever did,
according to Ron Bushy. From their single on Janus
Records, released in the Netherlands in 1970 [JN 2119].

Lineup according to Doug Ingle:
Doug Ingle - Keyboards
Darryl DeLoach - Vocals/Tambourine
Erik Braunn - Guitar
Lee Dorman - Bass
Ron Bushy - Drums

Garage outfit from Los Angeles, CA. From their 1965 single on
G. I. Records.

H/T to V. for her assistance with this.

Garage band from Angleton, Texas. From their 1967 single on
Psychidelic Sound.

Formed in 1969 in Alliance, Ohio, and morphed into three
diferent line-ups, two of which appear on this LP. Title
track from their 1972 debut LP "The Only Truth" on Starshine
Records. Reissued in 2010 by Sundazed.

Their second LP, released February 1, 1967. From the 2013
Legacy RCA Box Set reissue [88883743592].


00:00 - She Has Funny Cars
03:08 - Somebody to Love
06:03 - My Best Friend
09:02 - Today
12:00 - Comin' Back to Me
17:15 - 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
20:55 - D.C.B.A. - 25
23:31 - How Do You Feel
27:00 - Embryonic Journey
28:52 - White Rabbit
31:22 - Plastic Fantastic Lover
33:56 - In the Morning*
40:16 - J.P.P. McStep B. Blues*
42:52 - Go to Her (Version 2)*
46:54 - Come Back Baby*
49:49 - Somebody to Love (Mono Single Version)*
52:48 - White Rabbit (Mono Single Version)*

*Bonus Track

Tempe, Arizona outfit formed in Tennessee. June, 2013
Newtown radio performance filmed and recorded at Swan7
Studios in Brooklyn, NY. From their 2013 LP "Deep Trip".

Formed at Catholic school in Trenton, NJ. in 1962, and won
the First Annual Rock ‘n Roll Olympics on Labor Day 1965 at
St. John Terrell’s Music Circus in Lambertville, NJ. A and B side
of their 1967 single on RCA Victor.

From Houston, TX., evolving from an outfit named United Gas.
Originally released in 1970 as a 200 copy limited pressing LP
on Metromedia. From the 2007 Gear Fab reissue.

Formed in 1990 from a trio of madrigal singers based in London.
Mono audio track removed, and remuxed with the LP stereo version.
From their 1993 LP "Suspiria" on Mute.

Eric Ciaramella is the censored name of the "whistleblower".
A career intelligence officer who has served in both the Obama
and Trump administrations.

Published on Jan 5, 2020. The Truth Factory:

Established 1965 in San Fernando Valley, CA. From their 1966
LP "Hey Joe" on Mira Records.

Monty Python's Communist Quiz from their Hollywood Bowl
show, released in 1982. Sketch originally from the 1970 Monty
Python's Flying Circus, Series 2.

St. Louis, MO. outfit, starting out as the Extremes
and altering their name to The X-Treems circa 1965/66.
B-Side of their single "Substitute" released in 1969
on the Star Trek label.

Psych band from Millbrae, CA, founded in Portola Valley, and
part of a KYA sponsored concert held at the San Francisco
Civic Auditorium in 1965. Previously unissued track featured
on the 1995 Sundazed anthology "Feel the Vejtables"
[SC 11031].

Neo-psych band founded in 2006 in San Francisco.
Recorded 8/27/2011 live in the KEXP studio.
From their 2011 LP "West" on Thrill Jockey.

Track List:
(00:19) Black Smoke Rise
(05:18) Lazy Bones
(09:58) Home
(15:10) Flight

From Dallas, TX., A-Side of their 1966 single on Mark.

Formed in Los Angeles, California in 1965. From their 1967 LP
"Vol. 2", reissued by Sundazed in 2001.

Formed in Montreal, Quebec in 1968. From their 1969 LP
"In the Beginning ...".

Formed in 1990 from a trio of madrigal singers based in
London. From their 1992 EP "Iris" on Mute.


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Best Acid and Psych of the last 50 years.

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