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Tribute compilation clip honoring the 55 year anniversary
(July, 2019) of this classic Animals track.

If she wore a "Biden 2020" hat, that wouldn't have been
"too political".

Published on Aug 20, 2019
Katie Jo Williams:

From their August 19, 1969 appearance on the Dick Cavett show,
immediately after their Woodstock performance. Second jam is
"Freak Out".

Live at the California Jam at the Ontario Motor Speedway on
April 6,1974. Track listing:
01:50 ... War Pigs
09:11 ... Killing Yourself to Live
14:50 ... Paranoid
17:25 ... Children of the Grave

Formed in Sacramento, CA, and previously known as The Hairem.
An all female sixties garage band formed by sisters Nancy Ross
and Sally Ross-Moore. From the 1999 CD comp "She ... wants a
piece of you!" on Big Beat Records [CDWIKD 192].

A quick look at top Democrat stories around the country.

Published on Aug 20, 2019
The United Spot:

From San Francisco, California. From their May, 1968 self-
titled LP. Comp "Long Years in Space" issued in 1997 by
Sundazed [LP 5023].

Heavy psych band formed in 2016 from Oviedo, Spain.
From their 2018 release "Moon" on Clostridium Records.

Holy Mushroom:

From his 1968 LP "Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital".
Re-issued in 2007 on Sundazed.

Classic tracks from their 1973 LP "Yessongs", originally
from from their 1971 LP "Fragile". From the 22 July,
2009 Atlantic SHM-SACD Japanese remaster [WPCR-13517/8].

From their 1970 LP "The Electronic Hole". From the 2004 Radish
reissue bootleg [A.S. 0002-A].

Possible studio band from Cleveland, OH, their cover of Donovan's
"Fat Angel" from his 1966 "Sunshine Superman" LP. From their
May, 1967 single on Smash Records.

From their April 17th, 1966 appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in September, 1967, and supported
The Jimi Hendrix Experience on their Scandinavian tour at the
turn of the year 1967/68. Track originally from their 1968 300
copy single on Eteenpäin (GN-5)‎. In 2007, Subliminal Sounds
released "Baby Grandmothers" (SUB-TILCD23), an LP which
combines studio recorded and live material.

Classic track from their 1972 double live LP "Made in Japan",
featuring their Mk II lineup. From the 2014 Warner Music
Deluxe Edition [R2-542476] remaster.

Recorded live at Mothers Club in Birmingham on
27 April 1969, and the following week at Manchester
College of Commerce. From their LP "Ummagumma",
released 25 October 1969 on Harvest.

British band formed in 1969. From their 1971 LP
"UFO2 Flying" on the Beacon label. All tracks recorded
at Nova Recording Studios, London.

Classic track from their 1970 LP "Paranoid". From the 2009
Sanctuary Deluxe Edition remaster [1782444] .

British psych band that were formed in late 1966 and
professionally active between 1967 and 1968. B-side
of their 1967 single on Deram.

From the self-titled debut LP from the Fort Worth, Texas
band, released on Capitol Records in March 1970.

The Downing of 8Chan featuring Jim Watkins, owner of 8Chan.

Dustin Nemos:

Founded in 1967, and based in Los Angeles, California.
From their self-titled debut LP. Recorded in 1967 and
released in 1968.

Experimental acid psych trio from Glasgow, Scotland, formed
in early 2017. From their third LP "It's All In Your Head" on
Captain Beefart Records and Little Cloud Records, released
August 2, 2019.

Garage band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 1968 cover of this Cream
track, from their debut self-titled LP. Originally issued in 1968
on Derrack, reportedly with only 100 copies pressed.

Formed in May 2004 in Austin, TX, they take their name from the
Velvet Underground song "The Black Angel's Death Song."
From their April 11, 2006 release "Passover" on Light in the
Attic Records.


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Best Acid and Psych of the last 50 years.

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