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1960's psychedelic garage rock band from Los Angeles, CA
fronted by Sky Saxon, with Daryl Hooper, Rick Andridge, and
Jan Savage.

00:00 • Mr. Farmer
02:50 • Pictures and Designs
05:32 • Tripmaker
08:18 • I Tell Myself
10:48 • A Faded Picture
16:06 • Rollin' Machine
18:38 • Just Let Go
22:57 • Up in Her Room

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American psychedelic rock band founded in 1968 in Davis, California.
They released only one album in 1969.

Dehner C. Patten - lead guitar, vocals
Gary Lee Yoder - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoutic guitar
Joseph D. Damrell - bass, sitar, tambourine, vocals
Christopher A. Lockheed - drums, tabla, harpsichord, maracas, vocals

00:00 • HCO 97658
01:37 • Everything's Changing
05:44 • Electric Sailor
08:51 • Disbelievin'
12:50 • I've Got Time
16:29 • Flowing By
20:25 • Bryte 'n' Clear Day
24:10 • Trieulogy
24:10 • (I) Golgotha
27:20 • (II) Mirage
29:26 • (III) Rain
32:20 • Lemonaide Kid

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Founded in 2006 in San Francisco.
Their 2009 LP "Dos" on Holy Mountain.

00:00 • Motorbike
04:48 • For So Long
09:28 • Down by the Sea
20:19 • Aquarian Time
26:42 • Fallin'

From Los Angeles, CA, their sole 45 issued in 1967 on Challenge.

There is very little information available on Jefferson Handkerchief,
a band that released a total of one single during their brief existence.
The humorous “I’m Allergic To Flowers” was released in 1967 and
pokes fun at the flower children of the era. The song has Jefferson
Airplane-esque guitar along with Mamas and Papas style harmony on
the vocals. The song was written by Dave Burgess, formerly of the
Champs, and is about a guy who wants to be a hippie, but can’t
because of his allergy to flowers.

Now with video!

Live Psych Vol. I
2020 Acid Vault compilation (AV-004).

For Veronica

00:00:00 • Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman (Avalon '66)
00:03:59 • The Great Society - White Rabbit (Matrix '66)
00:10:12 • Country Joe & The Fish - Section 43 (Monterey '67)
00:15:18 • The Electric Prunes - Long Day's Flight (Til Tomorrow) (Stockholm '67)
00:18:50 • Cream -White Room (Oakland '68)
00:24:48 • H.P. Lovecraft - Wayfaring Stranger (Filmore '68)
00:35:10 • Iron Butterfly - Are You Happy (Filmore '68)
00:39:54 • It's a Beautiful Day - Love for You (Filmore '68)
00:46:35 • Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love (Filmore '68)
00:50:49 • Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (Winterland '68)
00:57:01 • Quicksilver Messenger Service - Mona / Maiden of the Cancer Moon / Mona (Filmore '68)
01:08:33 • Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (UK '69)

2009 Remaster - SACD-SHM-CD 24-192 Source

00:00 • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
05:44 • A National Acrobat
12:01 • Fluff
16:16 • Sabbra Cadabra
22:12 • Killing Yourself to Live
27:53 • Who are You
32:07 • Looking for Today
37:05 • Spiral Architect

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

1996 American science fiction comedy film and film adaptation of the
television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, produced and set
between seasons 6 and 7 of the show.

From the 2019 remaster of their 1968 LP, "A Saucerful of Secrets."

1966 performances at the Avalon ballroom in San Francisco,
broadcast on KSAN in late 1977.

Disc 5 of the 2009 Charly Records 10×CD, Limited Edition Box Set
'Sign of the 3 Eyed Men' (IA#14CD).

• Everybody Need Somebody to Love
• Before You Accuse Me (Take a Good Look at Yourself)
• You Don't Know (How Young You Are)
• Splash 1
• I'm Gonna Love You Too
• You Really Got Me
• Fire Engine
• Roll Over Beethoven
• The Ward
• Monkey Island
• Roller Coaster

Single from 1966. The Pandas were from San Antonio, Texas.

Wink Kelso (vocals, harmonica)
Will (Bill) Bellamy (guitar)
Pat Wellberg (bass)
Jimmy Taylor (drums)

Originally starting out as a four piece basement band from Newark, New Jersey.

Their 1967 Electric Prunes cover.

Formed in May, 2004 in Austin, TX. Their 2008 release
"Directions to See a Ghost" on Light in the Attic Records.

For Veronica.

00:00 • You on the Run
04:53 • Doves
09:22 • Science Killer
14:07 • Mission District
19:20 • 18 Years
24:45 • Deer-Ree-Shee
30:35 • Never / Ever
39:09 • Vikings
43:47 • You in Color
49:40 • The Return
54:11 • Snake in the Grass

Psychedelic Anthems Vol. 2
2020 Acid Vault compilation (AV-003).

1000 subscriber special. Veronica and I would both
like to thank you all again for your continued support,
positive comments, and feedback.

• The Lemon Pipers - Through with You
• Ultimate Spinach - (Ballad of the) Hip Death Goddess

00:00:00 • The Lemon Pipers - Through with You
00:09:05 • Ultimate Spinach - (Ballad of the) Hip Death Goddess

00:17:22 • Blind Faith - Do What You Like
00:32:35 • Day Blindness - Holy Land
00:44:51 • Hunger - Trying to Make the Best (Lost Album)
00:52:28 • Quicksilver Messenger Service - Calvary
01:06:00 • The American Amboy Dukes - Migration

01:12:03 • Hawkwind - Seeing It as You Really Are
01:22:45 • Morning Dew - Gypsy

01:28:32 • Bloodrock - Breach of Lease

01:37:31 • Bent Wind - Riverside (Live Rehearsal)

01:43:49 • Country Weather - Fly to New York

The 1971 release 'Two-Lane Blacktop'. Two men drag-racing
across the U.S., in a '55 Chevy. Featuring the Beach Boys'
Dennis Wilson as the mechanic, and James Taylor as the driver.

Their October 1968 release 'Electric Ladyland', produced
by Jimi Hendrix. Depicted using the original banned cover

2008 Experience Hendrix Remaster (Japan SHM-CD UICY-90759).

• ...And The Gods Made Love
• Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
• Crosstown Traffic
• Voodoo Chile
• Little Miss Strange
• Long Hot Summer Night
• Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
• Gypsy Eyes
• Burning The Midnight Lamp
• Rainy Day, Dream Away
• 1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
• Moon, Turn The Tides...Gently Gently Away
• Still Raining, Still Dreaming
• House Burning Down
• All Along The Watchtower
• Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

May 14, 1967
Pink Floyd performed at the BBC Television
Centre, London, England for an appearance on the BBC 1 TV
program Look of the Week.

The broadcast performance included: Pow R. Toc H.(excerpt), Hans
Keller's Comment, Astronomy Domine, and Hans Keller's interview
with Roger Waters and Syd Barrett.

Neo-Surf/Acid Fusion group from New York, founded in 1999.
Their 2002 self-titled debut LP on Urko Records.

The Coffin Daggers:

• Psychonaut
• Breaking Tide
• Avenue X
• Dr. Guillotine
• Sandstorm
• Rumble
• The Cruel Sea
• The Forgotten Prisoner
• Hornet's Nest
• Stella Vista '69
• Alhambra
• Bombora
• Seduction of the Innocent
• Stampede
• Interstellar Overdrive

Format: CD, Hybrid SACD, Remastered, Digipak
Year: 1967
Hybrid SACD, Remastered: 2002
Pressed: UK
Label: ABKCO Records-8823002

"Without a doubt, no Rolling Stones album -- and, indeed, very few rock albums from any era -- split critical opinion as much as the Rolling Stones' psychedelic outing. Many dismiss the record as sub-Sgt. Pepper posturing; others confess, if only in private, to a fascination with the album's inventive arrangements, which incorporated some African rhythms, Mellotrons, and full orchestration. Never before or since did the Stones take so many chances in the studio. This writer, at least, feels that the record has been unfairly undervalued, partly because purists expect the Stones to constantly champion a blues 'n' raunch world view. About half the material is very strong, particularly the glorious "She's a Rainbow," with its beautiful harmonies, piano, and strings; the riff-driven "Citadel"; the hazy, dream-like "In Another Land," Bill Wyman's debut writing (and singing) credit on a Stones release; and the majestically dark and doomy cosmic rocker "2000 Light Years From Home," with some of the creepiest synthesizer effects (devised by Brian Jones) ever to grace a rock record. The downfall of the album was caused by some weak songwriting on the lesser tracks, particularly the interminable psychedelic jam "Sing This All Together (See What Happens)." It's a much better record than most people give it credit for being, though, with a strong current of creeping uneasiness that undercuts the gaudy psychedelic flourishes. In 1967, the Stones would go back to the basics, and never wander down these paths again, making this all the more of a fascinating anomaly in the group's discography."
(Allmusic Review by Richie Unterberger)

00:00 - Sing This All Together
03:47 - Citadel
06:37 - In Another Land
09:52 - 2000 Man
13:00 - Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
21:33 - She's A Rainbow
26:08 - The Lantern
30:32 - Gomper
35:41 - 2000 Light Years From Home
40:26 - On With The Show

Also called 'Sam Gopal's Dream', they were formed in the UK in
1967, recorded this LP in 1968, and released it in March 1969.

• Cold Embrace
• The Dark Lord
• The Sky Is Burning
• You're Alone Now
• Grass
• It's Only Love
• Escalator
• Angry Faces
• Midsummer Night's Dream
• Season of the Witch
• Yesterlove

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Formed in the spring of 1966, originally composed of five
freshmen from the University of Pennsylvania. Their 1966
single on A&M Records.

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