Here is one of the first Steemit Video promo clips I made using which I am really enjoying for converting my Steemit post into a VIDEO with Music Images and an automated AI voice!

Find the #seven77 challenge today on or and you will see the growing movement that is supported by cryptocurrency rewards!

Signup Today to Post, comment and earn Steem which you can sell for Bitcoin with the click of a button at or for a possibly faster signup use or

You can get paid to shitpost on and
Its blockchain version of reddit but you get paid in real crypto you can trade for Bitcoin unlike worthless karma on reddit.
Made this automated steem palnet propaganda with the free DITTY app

You can earn cryptocurrency just by chatting g on the pal discord Visit & to visit the discord
Earn Pal tokens which you can sell for steem on which you can then sell for BTC- LTC-BCH-DOGE-EOS and more altcoins coming soon- and withdraw to main net for just 1% fee #share2steem

I used thos free ditty app to make amazing and steem blockchain propaganda and so can you! #share2steem share2steem Https://

Used an automated video app to make a video about how steemit is just Reddit but your paid in btc and cant get banned. Only a matter of time before we have bots reposting steem posts ro reddit and vica versa and tip bots for steem on reddit to introduce reddit users to steem blockchain DPOS delegated proof of stake 10 thousand transactions a second

"Check out this ditty!" Made with the free ditty app that takes your text and makes amazing AI commercials. #share2steem

Multistreaming with

​hey i will send free cannabis seeds to first 5 viewers who call me 619-302-0398 (text first say ur from youtube"

Could this Balboa Park Black dodecahedron by Local makers be a cryptocurrency puzzle with ten steem hidden? Come post about it on to earn some steem cryptocurrency and convert it to bitcoin, and use the gyft app to buy some food or new shoes, or cash it out with your Visa debit card which doesnt even charge the 2-3% coinbase charges to cash out!

Saw this on my phone while cleaning to allow for my update android so I can get my Samsung VR 360 camera to work, and decided to upload this, it worked out well as a good memory to share on Steem and Facebook too


@mughat explains hownNed Scott has delusions about a "good person" token which will take down all of steem with him, email [email protected] tell him to stop the madness and to stop dragging us under the bus with him

We will Teach finance to Urban youth with and
internal market will be the beginning of trade education.. no gambling just educated trades... mostly just buying cheap and selling after the holiday market cycle...

I can't wait for this to be real but @fyrstikken instead of Ned Flanders, appearing on my TV like big brother, telling me I must complete 3 tasks haha we will make the coolest most expensive puzzle better than any ready player one fantasy :D

Come to Steem Fiesta this fall with Steemcafe Fyrstikken and all sorts of steem whales

Naughty or nice

Evangelion is now officially real in occulus VR and we will take all plants animals and minerals yo ascend with us on this planet using krystic robots ka ra ya sa ta ha la - ma pa ga ZA Tsa

#EOS zackzackzack
#steem @ackza
#bitshares ackza770

Bitcoin steemit here i have many bitcoin wallets but I prefer you use my no confusion steem.account called ackza or bitshares ackza770 and just send money via to my steem or bitshares

And bitcoinparadise still has keys to my zackzackzack eos account name but when I get those back and pay him with a cut of the first big donation for s future video... I will have created a great example for BP to prove his loyalty to steem and eos and himself as he dafegairdd an account I believe he bought wiyh me ... I remember we went over zackzackzack as my name but maybe he didn't go througg... I love eos and steem and #virtualreality and I love #sandiego i love #occulus i love #facebook for buying them and I know facebook is buying lots of steem and eos to be able to control steem and eos more than ned or block one

I will marry into a metatronic family and help the anunaki and continue helping the reptillians to emulate the simulated human race out of this metatronic Fibonacci Phi prism and into krystic hyper dimensional reality where every black hole is turned back into a star
#steem #blockchain #keylonticscience #merkabah #keylontics

Ned comes to mughats discord

Come talk to us about crypto reason and making new ideas!





#bitcoin #steem #blockchain #cryptocurrency

New lyrics to my song are, "STEEM will be worth, $400 dollars each, in the next two years, Because of SMTs" great lyrics right? I love expressing myself as an artist and NOT a financial advisor ! #steem #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #cryptocurrency #money #ditty app allowed me to make this incredibly easy animated video with ai autotuned song voice! @ditty free app lets your dreams become #memes #workathome #makemoneyonline #makemoney

If you dont havr at least 1000 SteemPower then I havr no Respect for you #ditty App produced instant #meme about #steem #cryptocurrency and how i dont have any resprct for you if youre into crypto and you havent even earned or just bought what is now only around $1,300 US dollars worth of Steempower! STEEM is on fire sale right now and so is bitcoin and eos so dont miss out! BUY at least 1000 steem and power that up and youll earn at least 30% APR in new liquid steem yearly if you lease out all that steempower delegation. And more if you use it right and impress the right people! BUT in dollars youll 10x when steem goes back its $8 all time high in january becausr we eill go back there and far beyond its all just a matter of time. #bitcoin #blockchain #steemit #steem #crypto #workathome #workfromhome #makemoney #makemoneyonline #cryptocurrency

Made with ditty app for steem blockchain #steem #ditty #cryprocurrency #bitcoin #blockchain

Here is actual video of Dan leaving

I will be uploading this to and

5 steem i am offering to Professor Prempeh's class around $20USD or 100 ghanian cedis for reports on expansion of infrastructure internet and electricity #steemit #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #enockagbo1 #ackza


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