New lyrics to my song are, "STEEM will be worth, $400 dollars each, in the next two years, Because of SMTs" great lyrics right? I love expressing myself as an artist and NOT a financial advisor ! #steem #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #cryptocurrency #money #ditty app allowed me to make this incredibly easy animated video with ai autotuned song voice! @ditty free app lets your dreams become #memes #workathome #makemoneyonline #makemoney

If you dont havr at least 1000 SteemPower then I havr no Respect for you #ditty App produced instant #meme about #steem #cryptocurrency and how i dont have any resprct for you if youre into crypto and you havent even earned or just bought what is now only around $1,300 US dollars worth of Steempower! STEEM is on fire sale right now and so is bitcoin and eos so dont miss out! BUY at least 1000 steem and power that up and youll earn at least 30% APR in new liquid steem yearly if you lease out all that steempower delegation. And more if you use it right and impress the right people! BUT in dollars youll 10x when steem goes back its $8 all time high in january becausr we eill go back there and far beyond its all just a matter of time. #bitcoin #blockchain #steemit #steem #crypto #workathome #workfromhome #makemoney #makemoneyonline #cryptocurrency

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Here is actual video of Dan leaving

I will be uploading this to and

5 steem i am offering to Professor Prempeh's class around $20USD or 100 ghanian cedis for reports on expansion of infrastructure internet and electricity #steemit #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #enockagbo1 #ackza


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Ackza's Cryptocurrency Steemit Bitcoin Channel! I discuss Bitcoin Steemit Blockchain technology, Extra Terrestrials, Ancestor Simulations, The Breakaway Civilization, Secret Space program, Hiddentechnlogy, free energy, Basic Income via Ripple and Steller type Crypto Currencies, and other futurisms that will lead us into the new golden age! and sign up to mine altcoins FREE using your existing hardware with minergate!